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The Strategic Direction Of Toyota Marketing Essay

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The company has been operating in the car making tools and techniques and it has been overcoming all the hazards related to the road trips for instance. With the great sustainability and heavy metal body of the cars, the company has maintained its utmost capability of being the high quality brand of the world. The plan of integrity and communication of Toyota between the society, people and the global environment has turned the brand the best of its quality due to large practices of customer service relationship harmonies. The company is still making the absolute innovations in the designs and thus the brand with the perfect metal body has turned the company into its great infrastructure. (History of Toyota, 2013)

The company has been resisting the lacking and poor planning with the stance of making the brand upgraded with the arrival of every new model. For instance, the creativity and the innovation in the cars are the foremost criteria that have been followed by the company. The following aspects that are being taken care of are (Sustainability Report, 2013)

Quality: The Company has the promising quality structure of the car designs which has been improvised by the total quality management techniques and the integrity in internal/external communication of the quality. The foremost technique that has been devised by the company is to increase the shareholder value.

Environmental steps: the Company has devised the plan to make expansion and development of future generation of environment friendly vehicles including cars and trucks for instance, the next step is to forward the environmental action plan for Toyota. The major objective of the Company is to introduce carbondioxide reduction procedures in the cars and vehicles which would increase the sales and the brand name.

Contribution to society: the company has the planning to contribute to the societies and economies in emerging countries with the perspective of making innovative cars. Furthermore, the initiatives regarding employment relating to changes in production and economic activities has turned the concept of Toyota into vigorous and productive outcome based strategies. The contribution of the company in the society and economy of different countries has been initiated by the perspective of expanding the business globally with the main purpose of extending economic growth and productivity.

Toyota is the famous brand and with the purposeful designs, the extensive research has been initiated to make error free products which would enhance the customer satisfaction and increase the customer loyalty at large. for instance, the company has maintained the aspect of increasing considerable growth in the field of creativity in the designs and thus it has been sustaining its overall productivity and growth stance to move in the future with pride and integrity.


Any person, group or defined organization which shows minimal or large interest in any company constitute the stakeholders and those can affect directly to the company’s different decisions, policies and objectives. Stakeholders include employees, shareholders, directors and government etc. which has the positive role in the company’s core decisions.

The external stakeholders of Toyota are environment, society and business and the internal stakeholders are customers, employees, business partners, shareholders and environment community. All these stakeholders constitute to work under the integral part of the company and this mainly performs the high function in deliberate activities of the company. For instance, the stakeholders mainly devise the plans through which the constant feedback is given to the company and the management so the basic paradigm to circulate the stance of productivity increases with the subtle effect in making the company along. (Measuring CSR performance – external stakeholders, 2013)

The stakeholders not only contribute in the company’s future perspective but the company takes part in providing the equity to the stakeholders with the designation of making the vulnerable growth margins to the company at large. The stakeholders of Toyota have the utmost commitment to provide benefit to the company and vice versa.

The corporate citizenship of Toyota makes bigger map of company’s stakeholders which constitutes environment, society and business. The main factor that has contributed in the success of the company is the defining category of environment is the environmental inspiration because the company has always taken care of making the innovative designs which are environment friendly and thus it also makes the flourishing category of environmental performances. (Measuring CSR performance – Internal stakeholders, 2013)

The corporate citizenship which makes the stakeholder value increased and enhanced is the society that constitutes the major part of the company’s success. The economic contribution of the company is large and the importance of reasonable prices for each new brand is the foremost strategy to be defined by the company. The social contribution is great on company’s behalf and the responsible employers make the company go high that the increase shareholder value could be determined with this respect. The stakeholders of corporate citizenship mapping also includes society at large which comes under the great coverage of expanding the business globally with respect to innovation in the designs of the cars with the introduction of hybrid synergy drive. The innovation and integrity has been sustained by the company’s overall perspective of making success and thus the overall stakeholder ownership is very well-defined in this regard. The company’s overall performance is high and this could be the source to proceed with the positive successful scenario. The CSR performance of the company is high and it has the chances to make further growth margins which are in the overall benefit of the company. For instance, the stakeholder has the value that has to be determined every year with the performance based system and this could be confirmed by the stance of integrated position of external stakeholders at one point.

The internal stakeholders of the company are directly affecting the company’s overall benefit and proceedings in the future planning of making innovations in designs and structure of vehicles. The global CSR policy of Toyota has shown that integrated approach of the company is to stick the stakeholders and the value of the company intact. (Measuring CSR performance – Internal stakeholders, 2013)

The customers are the most inevitable part of any company to make progress with constant feedback assistance. For instance, the internal stakeholders commit to excellence for the benefit of the company on the following aspects

Innovation- which is the foremost demand of the customers to be achieved by the company and Toyota has accomplished this objective with the deliberate and consistent manner so the value of the commitment has increased with the fullest mode

Product safety- the customers tend to acquire for the product safety and thus it could maintain the equilibrium between customers and the company. For instance, the product safety in vehicles is the foremost aspect to be done without errors.

Quality- the customer demand does not exceed much despite the quality fact which is the most important category after product safety. The increased value of quality has been promised by the company to accelerate its sales.

The employees constitute the major part in stakeholder value of the company and the several aspects are being considered in defining these factors

Employee satisfaction and respect attribute- the foremost step with the satisfying notion is to create the environment through which the employees could feel free and thus the company Toyota has achieved this very factor in increasing the value of employees by giving them wages

Without discrimination- the employees must be treated with equality so the company has the CSR performance on the stakeholder stance on the vast behalf and thus the non-discriminatory value is being determined with this respect

Health and safety attribute- the employees constitute the major part of the company so Toyota has sustained the position in satisfying the customers with satisfying the employees too. This is the source to enhance the productive life of the company

The business partners are the inevitable part of the company and thus they could decide the future of the company on the basis of its performance. The company’s main objective is to raise the business communication among the partners by raising the stance of mutual growth and by building the long-term relationships at large. For this instant, the company’s CSR is establishing because of its high vulnerability to change the designs of the vehicles with the mutual collaboration of the stakeholders. The fair procurement is the one aspect to be considered in this aspect. The complete care of the business partners could maintain the decorum of the company’s overall benefit.

The shareholders of the company make it boost along and thus it could enhance the utmost corporate value. The benefit to shareholders is the one aspect through which the company could be sustained with the constant growth margin. The assurance of stable growth could be able to make the best possible way to increase the stance of productivity perspective.

The environment community is the most important stakeholder that could deliberately constitute to give the company a constant markup in overall sales of company. For instance, the major concept of innovative technology and introduction of new designs could make the company go further with the environment friendly stance. For instance, the complete procedure is being done by the company which could make the environment community happy and wise. The eco-friendly network is being constantly monitored by the provision of new designs and further commitments in making the vehicles that are pollution free. The promotion of environmental technology is one step that has been taken ahead by the company to constitute major contribution in this respect on behalf of the company. The environmental partnerships are being devised in this aspect and thus the whole perspective of making the company to boost up the sales and increasing the CSR management along. The statistics show that company has boost up its sales due to the completion of these environment friendly projects and thus the deliberate effort to make growth in this aspect has been stepped in by the company. (Measuring CSR performance – external stakeholders, 2013)


The distinguishing characteristic of Toyota is to ascertain the root cause of conflicts that gets started from the external stakeholders to the internal stakeholders. For instance, if the deliberate efforts are made to reduce these conflicts, the company could grow at faster pace with the error less base. The overall statistics of CSR performance of Toyota revealed that the conflict was raised in the past years when there was seen a substantial lack in the integration of customers with the environment because the company was not being able to meet the demands of the customers over the making of environment friendly designs. The customers did not show up with the equity of the brand and thus it could deliberately affect the whole scenario of making progressive steps in the company’s benefit.

The introduction of new synergy based system in the designs has reduced the conflict between the two variables and this has raised the overall growth of the company with the constant introduction of new and environmental friendly technologies. This could establish a positive relationship between the external and internal stakeholders. The conflicts if the company faces, tend to acquire the vulnerability to reduce the CSR performance and if the conflict is not being solved, the problematic situation occurs which effects the whole company profile and marketing could get disturbed in this regard. The objective of good corporate citizenship performance is enhanced if all the external or internal conflicts are being resolved. Supposedly, the stakeholders of internal paradigm get deflected, it automatically outruns the negative effect to the external environment and the company could be unable to cope with it if the conflicts are not being rectified. There is a need to overcome these factors and to establish a constant relationship with the stakeholders. (Vision & Philosophy, 2013)


The Toyota is the most eminent company of the vehicle world and it contributes to be the second largest brand among all the famous brands. To tell the statistics, it comes at 12% to hold the world-wide market. For instance, the management decisions have been taken to improve the quality of the parts of vehicles that Toyota is devising. There is a need for the company to focus on two strategies that could worsen the conditions of the brand if not taken care of (Toyota’s Strategic Direction, 2006)

Quality management


The quality is somewhat deteriorating with the arrival of the new competitors and the vehicles that are new in the market needs some attention to improvise for example kaizen. The strategic direction must be maintained because of the certain statistics as the assembly time for Toyota north was being seen to accelerate within 21.6 hours which was 10 hours rapid and fast than GM vehicle. The comparison results in the deterioration of the quality management as in 2005, the performance was 21.3. The overall aspect of improving the strategic direction must be accounted in this respect. As the brand is getting famous, the quality problems are getting worsened. To make up the statistical data in this regard, the recall of Toyota in 2005 was 2.38 million as compared to 2.26 it sold in the past which was remarkable. There is a need to improvise the strategic direction and to maintain the constant equilibrium between the quality and the efficiency in this regard. (Toyota’s Strategic Direction, 2006)

There is one factor that has to be noted that many European countries are trying to catch up the traditional stance of Toyota by ascertaining the facts of the fame about the designs and structure of Toyota vehicles. To improve the strategic direction, Toyota is tending to make the designs that reduce the number of components in the vehicles and make the design simpler yet workable with the efficient manner. The objective of this step is to cut the vehicle cost from $8.68 billion which is aimed to reduce $1000 per vehicle in which is the foremost step to be taken. The director of the company has a planning to make the designs simpler yet efficient so the overall productivity could better be replenished. The equipment of the vehicles are tending to reduce the huge sizes of the parts and allowed it to shrink in a respective manner so that there is no lagging in the design and no quality issue could be raised. For instance, the efficiency of the vehicles would be enhanced with the new and innovative provision of designs that could reduce the operation cost, reduce the installing procedures and easy to handle. For instance, the complete procedures of making the quality up high could enhance the strategic position of the company. The strategic direction has been maintained by the introduction of low-cost factories that could reduce the effort to be made by the employees on handling the equipment.

The strategy that has been devised by the company is authentic and perfect in making the deliberate changes to the system. The company has the competition with Honda and GM and thus to make a dream of being the foremost business in the vehicle world could be increased. The stance of “value innovation” has been added to the company’s main mission and this is the best strategy to be maintained by the company to proceed. (Toyota’s Strategic Challenge, 2009)

The recent studies have shown that quality compromise is not being sustained by the company so there is a need to make the quality high to tackle the problems regarding efficiency of the vehicles. The strategy of the company is to make the customer reliability and increase the shareholder value with the integrated effort of changing the aspect of making the integral approach to one commitment of making the vehicle being worthy and promote the innovation. The new mission of the company is to make the designs that would be felt worthy and excited to take a ride on the Toyota vehicle. The customer satisfaction is the utmost variable to be defined in terms of increasing the quality management.


Toyota is the best company of the world which has maintained its decorum since the flourishing past. The company has to take care of few things that could worsen the overall productivity of the company’s profit margin.

The company has to take care of the innovative designs they make that must conclude to be the customer satisfaction based and to increase the shareholder value. For instance, the complete integration of the company to hold the equity and the brand loyalty must be devised with the handful of the error free products to be made in the future.

The company must take care of the quality of the products they make that must be included in ascertaining the root cause of inefficiency that could be the source of reducing the productivity and the growth margin. The core competencies of the company to devise the plan that must give a boost to the new strategies and this could enhance the activity of the brand that could increase the overall efficiency of the brand.

The shareholders must be taken care of because once, the shareholders are being neglected; the overall motive of making the constant growth with the new and innovative designs must be increased. The company is boosting in positive direction with the perfect strategy of making the lesser parts as compared to the huge parts and thus this could overrate the productivity of the products.

GM and Honda are the competitors of Toyota which could be a threat for the company to go in negative direction but the complete innovative strategies must be devised that could lessen the stance of these threats. There is a need to increase the stakeholder values i.e. internal and external as this could be a flourishing aspect of making the success in the future.

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