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The Impact Of External Factors On Lloyds

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Lloyds TSB Bank Plc is retail banking in the United Kingdom. It was deployed in 1995 via the joining of Lloyds Bank deployed in1765 and customarily deliberated one of the Big Four clearing bank, with the TSB Group which locates its lineages to1810. Lloyds TSB has a considerable web of parts and currency devices through England and Wales and bids 24-hour phone and online banking services. Today it has 16 million private customers and tiny enterprise accounts. In Scotland, the bank runs as Lloyds TSB Scotland Plc. Following the acquisition of HBOS in 2008, the parent Lloyds TSB Group was renamed Lloyds Banking Group (RNS announcement 2009)

The aim and purpose of this report is to critically examine the impact of external environment factors on Lloyds TSB Bank and give recommendations on how to react to the impact internally.

Lloyds TSB was designed within 1995, as shortly as the Lloyds Bank and the Trustee Savings Bank(“TSB”) accepted merge, creating at that moment the second-largest bank within the UK via market capitalisation after HSBC Holdings and the biggest via market share.

The bank can trace its roots behind to 1765 with the basis of Taylor’s and Lloyds in Birmingham. This private bank transformed into a joint-stock business in 1865, becoming Lloyds Bank Limited in 1889. Most newly, in 1995, it paid for the Demutualised Cheltenham and Gloucester makeup society. The first Trustee Savings Bank had been supported by the Revd. Henry Duncan of Ruth well Dumfriesshire in 1810, but it was not until 1985 that the TSB Group was incorporated below the companies Act.

The innovation of the modern bank was transmitted in 1995 and Lloyds TSB started dealing in 1998, later the statutory process of integration had been completed.

Lloyds’ three Scottish parts were imbibed into TSB Scotland, which had waited split to TSB Bank in England and Wales following consolidation. TSB North Island disposed to allied Irish bank earlier to joining in 1991 and, consequently, the bank does not have a existence in the province. TSB Channel Islands was integrated into TSB Bank in 1992. Lloyds Bank International joined into Lloyds Bank in 1986 as there was no longer any superiority in running separately The Scottish widows Fund and Life Assurance Society demutualised and was subsequently procured by the Group in 2000.

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1.3 Structure of the report

The first fraction of this news would inspect and analyse the external habitat of Lloyds TSB Bank, whereas the second fraction would give advice to mitigate its impact on the internal habitat gazing at what administration framework and strategy that could be used. The final pact of the news would give a decision on the findings and limitations of the report’s findings.


2.0 External Environment

Macro natural environment or external components are apparently uncontrollable by most businesses, and they encompass components like political legislations, financial tendencies, communal and technological matters and they habitually have a direct influence on a company

In investigating the macro environment, it is significant to recognise the companies that might in turn affect several crucial variables that are expected to leverage the organisations demand and supply and cost (Kotter and Schlesinger, 1991; Johnson and Scholes, 1993).these external changes has an direct and indirect effect on the function of the whole business concern(Tsiakkiros, 2002).

2.1 Political Factors:-

¶ UK banking regulations regarding sustainability

The Lloyds TSB Banking Group and even other banking and commercial institutions are impression via the political are very much touched via political factors especially federal legislation mounting pressures from customers and institutes e.g. investors, population the federal has coached the banks and financial)institutes to consider CSR and sustainability issues

The climbing on stresses from customers and organisations for example investors, community and the government have advised the banks and economic organisations to address CSR and sustainability matters

The Forge group, an assemblage of economic organisations, delineated the following matters in the part which include: get access to to goods and services, advocating and charge, enterprise ethics, clientele service, privacy, periods of trade, supplier relationships. Key matters in the workplace, natural environment, and community have furthermore been focused for example wellbeing and security, components utilisation, waste administration, compelled and progeny work in invested and/or borrower businesses, engagement with the community, and buying into in the localized community, amidst others. Other matters which made banks a goal of guideline concern to poor recommendations or merchandise conceive, misspelling, buying into banking or swapping malpractice, engagement in cash laundering and levy evasion (Ambrose 2005). Project investment is another locality where banks face both economic and status risk

On the other hand, a re-evaluate lucid by the London Corporation acing for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs seeing the employment of the UK fiscal services subdivision in passing sustainable expansion agreed to sustainability troubles (Corporation of London 2005, p.5):

Banks have progressively accepted the force from its stakeholders surrounding shareholders and investors to do investment in a to blame and ethical manner. Many banks kept particulars that environmentally-unfriendly endeavours can have an influence on piece charges and brand

¶Direct UK Government assistance:-

Political elements in addition arranged the positive effect on the enterprise organisations as By September 2009 Lloyds TSB and the foe Royal Bank of Scotland had, aggregated, accepted £40 billion in direct government aid by which bank can be more secure regarding its capital.(see appendix 1,2)

Maintaining strong capital:-

All the banks have to work under the instructions by the governing bodies.during the time of recession’s bank may also change or modify the existing.(see appendix 1,2)

2.2 Economic and Competition Factors

Effect on employment: –

the Lloyds Banking Group which engages Lloyds TSB, has been constantly admonished for its malfunction in the direction of jobs. according to Katherine griffthe Lloyds Banking Group is in the direction of slash a farther 1,200 occupations, conveying the whole decreasing in the direction of 8,200 since it acquired HBOS last year. The function deficiency pursue proceeds in the direction of blend previous HBOS and Lloyds TSB assembly procedure purposes, encompassing IT and collections

Analysts own bought into that Lloyds may slash roughly 40,000 of its 140,000 workforces and complete many of its 3,000 branches. Some suppose it would be utmost for the bank in the direction of fixed out a obvious broadcast up on function slashes so agent understand while they stand and the bank is adept in the direction of realise its strategy

. (Griffiths, 2009)

Positive effect of launching Islamic Banking: Lloyds TSB is assured that the Islamic market, which functions under the principals of Shari’s regulation, will extend to augment in the UK with demand expanding from both inside and without the Muslim community. Lloyds’ is currently proposing a Varity of Islamic merchandise to persuade their needs. (Montia, 2008)

2.3 Social Factors:-

Social components are one of the most important components of external enterprise environment. These components encompass wellbeing attentive, community development rate, customers, vocation mind-set, age circulation etc.

Mistreatment of customers:-every enterprise works for the approval and to fulfil the desires of customers. “The procedures utilised by a high-profile Lloyds TSB service (The Collections Dept., founded in Southend-on-Sea, has been powerfully admonished by buyer assemblies and others”(Rae,2007) and appendix (2)

2.4 Technological Factors:


Fiveash, F (2009) Many Lloyds TSB enterprise customers who use Fire fox as their default browser are actually incapable to get access to their online banking accounts despite the conspicuous mechanical cock-up influencing an unidentified number of its customers, some have asserted that Lloyds TSB has so far failed to reply amply to the problem.(see appendix 2)

Limited number of users:-

Non question online banking is the much quicker and very easy way of considering with banks and organising our accounts. but need of information considering online banking is the major difficulty However, Internet get access to continues constrained amidst smaller earnings assemblies in the UK.(see appendix 1,2

Best mobile banking:-although some other banking services actually allows ascertaining balances and what’s going on our bank anecdotes, but this will be the first time that customers will actually to proficient to do certain thing with our money precisely from wireless phones. Clients can use this facility to make direct payments PAYG wireless balances.(Atkinson, R.2008)

2.5 Legal and Credibility Factors

European regulations

All the banks engaging Lloyds TSB is very much influenced by means of t he UK government was amidst the former movers inside deregulating substantially its financial sector. In 1979, the UK government (under Margaret Thatcher) paved the expanse for the abolition of foreign exchange overrides which was pursued by means of the abolition of the mortgage interest rate cartel inside 1984

To follows various Government Acts and policies

To foster expanded competitions and limit the function of government, some principle alterations were subsequently instituted encompassing the 1986 Financial Services Act, the 1986 Building Societies Act and the 1987 Banking act. With larger affray in a free market natural environment, these principles were proposed to enhance buyer alternative and satisfaction. While new directions, generally mentioned to as “conduct of enterprise rules” were presented, the commerce was mostly self-regulating which produced in the so-called “big-bang” over the UK economic services commerce (Slattery and Nellis 2005).

The financial and banking sector has been facing considerable criticism from regulators, politicians, consumer groups and the media. The media reported that in December 2003, “the Financial Services Authority (FSA) accused the banking executives of continuing to cause harm to consumers”…and in March 2004, “the Treasury Select Committee of the House of Commons issued a report accusing the industry of causing a scandal” (cited in Slattery and Nellis 2005, p.97). The government’s regulatory regime is said to adopt two separate approaches: one is the FSA approach of regulating the conduct of business with customers (i.e. the sales process of product providers and distributors) and the other is the UK Treasury approach of regulating the nature and cost of products

Effect of Revised various act

UK Government use to revise various acts an regulations to ensure proper business banks There is also the adjusted Consumer Credit Act of 2006 which the OFT which empowers them to license any bank that longing to sell credits to consumers, and also to penalise them by mechanism of either securing or revoking their licenses and can also mobilise heavy commercial extra distributes on corporations that are guilty of flouting competition

Higher number of Consumer complaints:

In the last six months of the year the FOS obtained 20,190 accusations about the assembly, encompassing 9,952 in relative to Lloyds TSB – the largest number for an one-by-one bank – and 7,349 about Bank of Scotland. According to Inlay (2010)the Lloyds TSB The Lloyds accepted virtually two times the number of grievances Barclays bank which came second on the list. The ombudsman accepted 10,892 about the Barclays gathering in total, embracing 9,836 grievances from Barclays bank customers.

3.0 Reccomendations

3.1 Recommendations Implications for management regarding CSR and sustainbility:

As mentioned in the first part of the report regarding sustainability ana CSR

Banks need to identify that the expanding force from the government, other stakeholders, and competitors would finally punctual them to give high significance 2in accomplishing and assessing their sustainability performance. It would therefore be significant for banks to be grave in advancing their key presentation signs not only with consider to their interior risk administration scheme but furthermore on the external sustainability dimension of their goods and services. Banks should proceed after regulatory compliance and the enterprise case model. They should display more responsibility and discover every opening for merchandise and service innovations in alignment to stimulate sustainability in the part and the humanity at large.

3.2 As mentioned in 2.1 regarding economic and competition factors affecting the internal environment of bank. so in order to compete with the other banks like Barclays they have to make strategic planning in order to boost the market with their own product. they have attract the customers by providing cheap and best services

The way banks contend has altered spectacularly throughout latest years, mostly because of worldwide tendencies for example improvement in data expertise, globalisation and deregulations. This has made affray harsher significance that survival and achievement needs information about the competitors and comprehending about the way they precede and react To differentiate itself from its competitors, the challenge for Lloyds TSB is to have a range of innovative products and very high quality of service. so as competition factor playing a major role in banks growth. Banks should have to make a strong policy on its interest rates which should not affect customer’s requirement and banks benefit both. Beside this bank should make some fiscal policies in order to control the negative effect of economical changes.


Customer relationship management is a very broad approach for conceiving, sustaining and increasing client’s relationships

CRM is the enterprise strategy that aspires to realise, foresee, organise and personalize the desires of an organization’s present and promise customers. At the heart of a flawless scheme is the creation of mutual worth for all parties engaged in the enterprise process

.In banking part, connection administration could be characterised as having and portraying upon deeper information about the clientele, double-check that the clientele for example how to finance the clientele, get to understand the clientele, hold in strong with the clientele, double-check that the clientele gets what he desires from service provider and realise when they are not persuaded and might depart the service provider and proceed accordingly

3.4 Technological component which initiating a large-scale anxiety in triumphant the believe of customers. The up to date expertise which is making a customers life very easy in doing online account payments or accessing anecdotes online at time create large-scale difficulties for customers

As mentioned the online banking and mobile banking of the Lloyds tsb is very good and Internet Banking know-how as protected as possible, the use the latest online security expertise to defend the individual data and privacy. but the main problem is lack of knowledge which can be given by organising campaigns an giving the information and knowledge regarding mobile banking and internet banking.

As cited in 2.3 Social Factor performances a foremost function in bank’s relatives with customers which exactly sways banks development and reputation. Banks blame in the direction of customer’s performances a foremost function in bank’s status in market, which sways its business. according to

as cited in 2.4 the Lloyds tsb bank is strong ally criticised by the large number of groups which have a very bad effect on the reputation of the bank so in order to make their brand name best they have to fulfil the needs of their all groups of customers. their should be good customer service department which should give answers to all the queries of the customers. they should be provided each an every information regarding banks policies and their terms they should not be misguided as mentioned in the first part of the report the Lloyds banks faced many complaints from the customers which has a very negative effect on the bank. so they Should give promise to customers considering their capital and account profile and individual

Minutia, in order that they will more protected considering their accounts. To enhance its reputation banks should take part in communal determinants and should take part in evolving poor nations and country areas. They should make parts and ATMs more convenient for customers in rural areas localities as well.


Lloyds TSB’s approach to disability is to undertake numerous of the obstacles that handicapped individuals face inside the workplace. The report critically examined the effect of external environment and also provides some useful implication to the senior manegers. The bank boasts a full variety of banking and economic services. Lloyds TSB Offshore Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lloyds TSB Bank, functions parts in Jersey Guernsey and the Isle of Man while Lloyds TSB Bank (Gibraltar) Limited functions in Gibraltar both trade as Lloyds TSB International. Lloyds TSB banks playing very major has a major role in the world economy. To increase its business across the world Lloyds TSB is focussing on customers’ need, and the requirement of clients. Lloyds TSB is enthusiastic to get nearer to its customers, to realise their desires better and supply them with the right

products and services.

For increasing its customers all over the World Bank is focussing on its weakness and improving its technology and other factors which is affecting its business across the world. To make customers work more easy Lloyds has focussed more its technology. Online banking which is a best among all other banks major. Lloyds has involved special internet security on online banking for making it more secured. Lloyds is also very much concerned about the CRS to expand its business Lloyd is focussing on the requirement of each and every customer in areas by opening branches there and 24 hours cash points. The Group accepts as factual that with a varied workforce it will be better put to realise the desires of all its customers. It

will be adept to discover the possibilities accessible over varied communities


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