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The History Of Mobile Commerce Marketing Essay

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Mobile commerce or m-commerce fully launch in London on November 1997. Kelvin Duffey was elected as the Executive Chairman in the first meeting. Over 100 companies joined the global mobile commerce forum. Helsinki is the city in Finland that hosted the first m-commerce in using to pay Coca cola vending machines. Customers can use the mobile SMS text messages function paying their bills. In the same year, the mobile banking service could be used by SMS text messages in Merita Bank in Finland.

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After the Finnish company and bank had a successfully experience in m-commerce. The other countries started to follow the trend, the m-commerce went to global market. There are two commercial platforms for mobile were set up in 1999. Philippines and Japan banks started using the m-commerce to complete their funds transaction. They are calling the Smart Money and I- Mode respectively. M-commerce had non-stopped developing after the year of 1997. At the year 2000, buy parking tickets from the mobile is another greatness invention that had been found in Norwegia, America. Moreover, Austrians can buy train tickets and Japanese even can buy plane through phone since 1999.

Once we cannot imagine is that the number of people who using phone to pay their products and services had been increased to 9 million mobile that subscribed in United States kin the year of 2008. However, we can say m-commerce still in the stage of introduction because it just covers 3.6% of all the mobile users. After the development of m-commerce had been steady in used people are more confident of it. In 2011 year, there is 173% increase in m-commerce subscribers that comparison to the previous year.


The definition of m-commerce is mean using mobile to do every transaction to gain products or services. Nowadays, smart phone play an important role in human life. Smart phone is a mobile phone that built on a mobile operating system with more advanced computing capability and connectivity. It can help us to settle up all the transaction we need and not only focus on banking. This is one of the reasons that the subscribers m-commerce increase dramatically in the recent year.

We general classify the products and services than can be defined in m-commerce are Mobile money transfer, Mobile ATM, Mobile ticket, Mobile vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards , Content purchase and delivery, location-based services, Information services, Mobile banking, Auction, Mobile browsing, Mobile purchase, In-application mobile phone payments and Mobile marketing and advertising. Although we classify in 13 categories, refer to Singapore or even Asia countries we commonly used mobile banking, mobile tickets, coupon and information services. The least of them are expending more in western countries because of the location technologic producing.

Singapore proudly ranked number 1 in in terms of smart phone penetration. This statistic analysis is according from several sources that including Nersize Guide, Information, Google, Ipos and Go-Gulf.com. 54 per cent of the population in Singapore using smart phone therefore Singapore can developed m-commerce easier than other countries. If you are a retailer or an application developer Singapore can be a first choose to do market testing process.

Real world applications of m-commerce

In this real word applications part, I will talk about 2 apps than valuable in m-commerce which are Amazon Mobile app and DBS Mobile Banking app.

Amazon Mobile

Amazon Mobile is a good application in m-commerce than people can use their mobile to purchase daily needed or shopping. With the advance technologic century, people prefer to use internet than going out to buy. Amazon understand the human trend and follow the technology revolution, it not only developed on E-commerce and also m-commerce. The app first launched at 22 March 2011, which gain a good reputation in the time. Regarding from the Mobile Commerce Daily, Amazon app had been listed in the Top Ten Mobile Commerce Apps. As we can see, this had been verified than Amazon doing successfully on it.

The Product Features:

In Amazon Mobile there are millions of products available which can general satisfied customer needs and wants. Besides, Amazon Mobile and Amazon.com is linked together which mean we can find the same product on mobile or on website. This benefits the customers and sellers do not need to find or buy their items in both sites.

Furthermore, you can compared the prices and check availability instantly by scanning barcode, snapping a picture, or typing your search. Most of the customers hoping to buy the discount or price-less items, therefore in the apps page we can find the Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals. The Deal of the Day is grouping all the items which are promoting and discounting.

Moreover, the proud invention on this app is the function of Share. Share function can connect with customer’s Facebook, Twitter, Email, Phone short messaging service (SMS) and ext. Users can shared their likely items on their web profile or introducing the items to their friends. In this win to win situation, customer enjoy to share and Amazon using this way to attracting more customers.

The way of successes

Amazon not only focusing on selling products and attracting customers, it also fully takes care of customers services. They provide first class services to their customers which refer to their promises. The promises of Amazon to customers are Comprehensive, Fast, Convenient, Fast and Secure.

Comprehensive- Shop by department, quickly search, get product details and provide customers reviews.

Convenient-1 click ordering, prime member support, wish list and order tracking.

Fast-Free two-day shipping via your Amazon Prime membership and package tracking for customers recent orders.


Secure is a tough problem than every m-commerce and e-commerce company facing. Many of people do not use mobile to do transaction is because of the secure problem. People worry they own information will be steal. For example Credit Card number, PIN number, personal details and purchasing history. Amazon Mobile processes customers order using Amazon.com’s secure servers and the customer information is safeguarded by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software.

Location and Singapore

Amazon is not an international business organization which only available delivery in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Japan and China. From the location list we realize than is still not available in Singapore. Amazon expected to launch its websites in Poland, Netherlands and Sweden.

If Amazon wishes to develop their line in Singapore, the first challenge is to be considered of competitors. G-market (Qoo10) gains a huge percentage on m-commerce and e-commerce in Singapore. Amazon.com should be considered whether population accepts the new entry marketer and perform different strategies that focus on different location.

OCBC ON Mobile banking

Mobile banking is common use in Singapore nowadays. Singapore gained AAA credit rating in global finance that means banking and investment is a major role in the part of country economic. I preferred to introduce OCBC Mobile Banking is because we found that OCBC is the first bank that launched the mobile banking application which on 2006. Since OCBC doing well in the mobile banking, DBS started their mobile banking services in 2010. As OCBC is the first performer on m-banking I believe that OCBC bank is valuable to discuss.

“Our first foray into mobile banking in 2005 created a good opportunity for us to measure the market and understand our customers’ immediate needs”- by Yvone Cheaong, OCBC’s vice president of delivery for customer financial services.

From the recorded we realized that one of the reasons OCBC Mobile banking has been successful is because they satisfied the customer needs and wants. They understand the customers want to have an effective service which without wasting time on queue.

The features of the application

OCBC Bank provides more features than other bank. For instance, ‘Scan and Pay’ is the function than users can use the mobile camera to scan the barcodes which had printed on the bills. After barcodes had been read by the application and passing the confirm step, there will automatic deduce the amount from the account.

Furthermore, OCBC Mobile Banking application can locate the nearest OCBC Bank branches and ATMs. Moreover, funds transactions and account balance is possible to check.

Besides, customers can pay their any credit cards by using the application without standing in the line at the bill payment machines.

Last but not least, OCBC Bank enhanced online Banking security with the new OCBC token.



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