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Food and beverage service is a complex and painstaking work, the waiter serving the people rather than materials. Food and beverage products are only intermediary contact restaurants and customer. The ultimately the work of food and beverage service is servicing to the people; only good service can attract and retain live customers. In service improvement on quality and management, many food and beverage companies often do not understand the real needs of customer service in the business of just blindly improve facilities and equipment, the result is a forest for the trees, duplication of efforts. Therefore, to improve the food quality of service enterprises, they must first clarify the meaning of quality of service, find out the real needs of customers, and then puts forward countermeasures. From the needs of the customers point of view, put forward to improve the quality of service means catering enterprises. In this essay, first, it analyzes the concept about the quality of food and beverage service; following, it discusses the countermeasure about food and beverage service improvement.

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The concept of food and beverage service quality

Quality of food and beverage service refers to services to meet the needs of the characteristics of customer service combined. Broadly speaking, the quality of food and beverage service includes three elements, namely, facilities and equipment, in-kind services, the quality of products and services; from the narrow sense in terms of quality of service is the catering services, mainly refers to work by the restaurant waiter service provided, not including food formed part of the value form (Ender, 2000). In this essay, mainly the quality of service is the meaning of a narrow sense. To improve the quality of service catering business, they must first understand the food and beverage service needs of customers for services. From a practical point of view, food and beverage service, customer demand for catering enterprises mainly in the following areas:

1. Timely and fast service efficiency. With the accelerated pace of modern life, customers become increasingly demanding for the time, the current customer complaints or dissatisfaction for the response time. So, if they want to make customer satisfaction, it is important that services must be promptly, if the customer wait too long, even if the dishes, even the best quality drinks, also cause customer dissatisfaction (Rose, 2000).

2, Courtesy and respect in service attitude. Polite behavior and language expressed respect for others, reflects a good training staff, it is to make customers happy and satisfied with one of the basic elements.

3, Warm and sincere in service passion. In the whole service process Customer always hope staff maintain full of energy, dedicated working state, to provide themselves with positive, active, smiling, warm services. This service is sincere, heartfelt, self-conscious, rather than passive, negative, and stylized.

4. Cordial and friendly service details. When the customer receive services that customers want service person to be humane, to good, friendly, and may not reveal tired, cold, anger, stiffness, tension and fear of expression, to use words and deeds of goodwill and friendly feeling to eliminate the distance between the guests (Bolman & Deal, 2003).

5. Understanding and comforting service skills. Each customer is from different countries and regions, different beliefs, different values, so the course will appear in the service many unexpected problems. At this point, the customer service staff will need to make flexible use of service skills, to understand the customers, understanding and goodwill of humility, to avoid the embarrassing situation to happen.

The improvement countermeasure of food and beverage service

1. Strengthen management and ensure quality

About this aim in food and beverage service, there are two aspects (Wright, 2000): First, pay attention to staff training. Food and beverage service can provide first-class services, there is a great relationship with catering service quality and service skill, so enhanced staff training and improved the quality of their services and skills, corrected their attitude are important, even more important is that Staff in-depth understanding of business value to customers meaning. Value to customers depends on many factors, include product factor, service factor, and people factor, visualize factor and so on.

2. Speed up service, flexible operation

In the food and beverage service, to meet passenger’s psychological needs of speed, the restaurant can prepare in advance a number of fast food, simple procedures, and speed up the service speed. In additional, food and beverage service should be flexible in operation, delegate some right of disposal on customer-service problems. For example, assuming that customers complained to the waiter said no fresh vegetables require replacing. Just imagine that the waiter ask the captain or manager to identify and deal with, or immediately closed their agreed returned, apologized to the guests. Obviously, the latter is better in meet customer needs more psychological, because customers want one-stop services (Romano, 2000). So, let customers be satisfied with the service as soon as possible, to dispose of the appropriate delegation of power becomes very necessary. It is worth to mention that, compared to other restaurants in the community, tourist hotels in the restaurant business is more a lack of flexibility. General Hotel divided up into many departments, food and beverage department is just one of the department and other departments in terms of the level is flat. Food and beverage department must coordinate the relationship between other departments, operating on a restricted, if not enough manpower to solve the personnel department, the expenditure to the Finance Department for approval, price concessions, discounts, free bill, etc have certain procedures and level of restrictions, so it is very passive in the operation. In this way, it is especially important that disposal right to solve the customer service problems on the proper.

3. Pay attention to culturally Atmosphere

Food and beverage service should not only give customers food with color, smell, taste, shape and devices, in addition, food and beverage service staff should pay attention to the beauty of the soul, once people entered the restaurant can feel a kind of “breath” or “taste.” To create a flavor and taste of this central aspect is the atmosphere to create and strengthen a culture. First of all this culture came from the vision to create, in addition, it can come from hearing (Adebanjo, 2003). A region in France, a survey showed, 60% of the customers that go to the restaurant itself, the aim is to find joy. Thus, Food and beverage service not simply material goods but also has rich cultural products enjoy a high level. Only food and beverage service carry towards the cultural connotation and reflects, it can better meet the aesthetic needs of customers.

4. Innovation and brand

Food and beverage service should pay attention to the “innovation”, one aspect of the development is about specialty products, varieties in the dishes always turn it new, new materials, new tastes; on the another hand, services should have features. Food and beverage service, half food and beverage, half service. Distinctive services will have a multiplier effect. Meanwhile, people must pay attention to brand building. Brand is to identify businesses and products, and different from other competitors with a significant feature of the mark. It is also to strengthen a powerful means of product differentiation, company’s “selling points” and competitiveness.

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In summary, under normal circumstances, the hotel’s service standards, service procedures and service standards are certain, but the needs of different customers are varied, so it is felled with more variables. In the course of food and beverage service, service staff wants to make all guests feel satisfied, it must meet different customers for different services. In order to achieve this goal, restaurants should provide personalized service, a service according to the needs of different customers with different content services. The most important characteristics of food and beverage is human services, and quality of service depends largely on the level of customer satisfaction, it is necessary to fully reflect the “people first” concept to cater to guests seeking food consumption in respect strong psychological needs. Thus the process of service should be politeness rituals, smiling service, respect for customs and habits of customers, no matter who can get the same warm and thoughtful. Attention to customer identity, arrange a suitable location, such as business negotiations, lovers dating involve privacy, should select the appropriate hidden location. In short, customers need to be absolutely respected.

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