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Cleartrip Company Analysis

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Simple: Simplicity is a religion at Cleartrip. Simplicity policy:”If we’re not the easiest place to search and book your travel, feel free to give us a piece of your mind.”

Comprehensive: Part of making travel simple is presenting you with all the options for your trip. They are working closely with suppliers to add more airlines and hotels to our search.

Reliable: Making travel simple implies making a travel site that just works and works. They still have the occasional hiccup, but being there for you, reliably, is very important to us.

Responsible:  Responisibilty Policy:”We take responsibility for what we give you. You won’t hear us making excuses for airlines or hotels or availability or prices. If we show you a price, we will honour it, come what may.”

Business Model

It is a B2C model that is a business to consumer model. It is basically a website that not only sells flight tickets but also travel plans to the consumers over the internet

Cleartrip.Com: Making the world a smaller place!

This company is obsessed about `Search’ and they have the most comprehensive and

compelling search product out there. Their proprietary display of roundtrip

flights on the same page, the ability to combine airlines, realtime updation of

flight price, honest display of price (break-up of base fare and taxes),

flagging off etickets / paper tickets etc has been appreciated in most of the

customer feedback we have received.

Cleartrip B2C Experience:

A clean and clutter free site

A site that is fast to load & quick in providing relevant and accurate information

Simple navigation

Easy 4 step booking process

The only site to provide roundtrip search results on the same page

Business Focus of Cleartrip

Focus on the core online customer and provide a fantastic online experience

No offline sales set up

Focus on the domestic air and hotel products, which accounted for over 95% of all travel products sold offline

Possibly the most surprising aspect of this search tool is that it combines searching with booking travel services to get to the place we are researching. For each destination, ten recommended eating, shopping and entertainment spots with their photogrpahs are mentioned, and the company plans to further increase the number. One can then book hotels, flights and pan-India trains through the site.

With such partners as Yahoo, Flickr and Lonely Planet a lot can be desired from the content on the details of destinations.

Hrush Bhatt, Founder and Director, Cleartrip said, “Traditionally when you visit any travel site, they are largely limited to 2,000 to 3,000 destinations, we did not think that was enough, so we have put in 3.2 million destinations. Therefore on our site you can search for London Eye, Eiffel Tower and Disneyworld.”

They believe in the scalability of a pure online model and this is exactly the

ethos of Cleartrip. With a staff to transaction ratio of 1:50, they are the

most efficient online business today. They continue to grow the online model and

sustain its scalability. 

It was also stated that the challenge is actually conduct online bookings,

payments and fulfillment seamlessly with next to no human interface

They have been working closely with airline partners to structure activities

with the understanding of data and how they can grow both businesses keeping

in mind their objectives as well.Hotels is currently a small share of the pie. Given the revenue contribution

of hotels, it is critical to achieve the optimum hotel mix in the product

portfolio. Also the ever increasing demand will be fulfilled by the addition to supply.

Customer value proposition

Cleartrip is an extremely customer oriented portal and offers convenience, choice without confusion, multiple payment options, competitive prices, exclusive destination information and unparalleled customer support.

Brand message

Cleartrip’s mission is making travel simple which is an ongoing process with the introduction of each new business initiative , marketing strategy, continued interactions on our customer forum and constantly staying in sync with customer needs.

Customer Service expertise:

Setting up a call centre purely focused on customer service and not sales with highly skilled customer care executives.

Winning customers through product Innovation

Cleartrip has focused on actively soliciting customer feedback and investing in creating innovations in product that will continue to make travel simple for customers. Some of the ‘firsts’ in the travel space launched by Cleartrip are as follows:

Cleartrip Calendar: Gives you the cheapest fares for an entire month with a single click Graphs: Graphical representation of fares across all airlines for an entire month

Cleartrip Ticket: A tool to print & email your e tickets instantly.

Cleartrip Mobile: SMS search of the cheapest fares for a day across all Airlines

Hotel Search: instant sorting and filtering of hotels to help you find the perfect place to stay

This company has always been focused on launching value added products and propositions that reward customers. Championing the cause of being agents for customers and suppliers. Cleartrip, has launched over 50 special offers that include discounts, cash backs, free mobile phones & digital cameras, double reward points, free shopping and fuel vouchers and many more.

Also the customers do not have to face any frauds and they can pay through PayPal, Maestro, VISA, MasterCard, Discover financial services, VISA debit and VISA Electron which are authentic since they have their logos imprinted along with their names on the websites.

Revenue Model: 

Cleartrip’s revenue model is based on cost per lead.

Business Size

Gross sales of 2.5 crore/day

Market Share

35% share of the OTA market,targeting 300% growth

Daily visits on the website

Currently 1,00,000 daily visits with unique visits being 63,000

Conversion Ratio


Daily Bookings

Around 7000 air bookings + 250+ Hotel room nights daily.

A few offers that would ramp up their sales:

Make money by Referring About Cleartrip to Your Friends

Buy1 ,Get 1 free

The Longer you stay, Less you pay !

Monsoon Sale

Book your tickets by Mobile.

Main Competitors:

Cleartrip’s Comparative advantage:

Being clear, simple and uncluttered environment, incredibly fast search and comprehensive content are just some of the differentiating features of Cleartrip in a much cluttered market. Their continued focus on the end customer by providing transparent pricing and a very clear security policy will provide the end consumer the clarity they need to make sensible buying decisions.

The whole portal is a fine example of usability and efficiency, that leaves a scintillating memory in the minds of users, thereby making the important marketing principle work for them: “Get your product right into the customers’ mind”

 They’re an example for professionalism in usability. All the details that are required to plan a trip have been provided right at the front page. No “get-it-done-easy-with-our-wizard”s, no “Step X of Y”. Straight to the point.

 Train reservation system is a power-packed bundle of handy and needed services and tools. The interface is similar to the flights section. However, to understand the awesomeness of ClearTrip’s system, you need to have used Indian Railway’s official reservation system atleast once.

The best fares calendar is a seriously handy tool.

The most usable feature is the “Check availability”. It’s all coded inline, thereby eliminating the need for various page loads. It appears right there on the same page. And you can even, view availability for next SIX days.

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