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Being the student of Operation management I am required to present term paper related to our subject. So for this purpose I choose BUNDU KHAN RESTRAURANT as my company , I have to gathered all information regarding the financial position, capital structure, management, and more over their marketing strategy. To analyze its Strengths and weaknesses I did SWOT and PEST analysis. For this purpose I personally held meeting with its manager who gave me whole information about company operations. Through this project I analyze how a small firm grow from its scratch, which type of planning, strategies and tools they use in order to boost up their venture. Bundu khan is one of the leading brands in food industry which has successfully penetrated in our market.

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About Bundu Khan:

Bundu Khan provides a great environment to eat on-the-go, relax and dine in, upgrade a typical office meeting or host that special event. They offer their customers a sophisticated blend of modern surroundings, terrific atmosphere and a friendly efficient service, combined with a menu that offers an outstanding choice of dishes and Bundu Khan specialties (not available anywhere else in the UK) such as the’ Bihari Boti kebab’ with ‘their very own tamarind sauce’, not least their non-alcoholic cocktail bar serving the finest drinks. (cylex)

1.2 Bundu Flavor

The Bundu Khan specialties, the paratha, kebab and Bihari boti kebab are prepared from ‘secret’ recipes passed down for generations. Bundu Khan’s menu is inspired and created by their Head Chef Mr. Khan who has the accolade of serving the last four prime ministers and politicians whilst at Horse ferry road. (urbanbite)

Bundu khan carefully chooses high quality, natural ingredients for its gourmet offerings with daily trips to selected suppliers. Their lunch & dinner menus range well beyond traditional Indian/Pakistani cuisine into specialties and ethnic dishes. (Bubdu khan)

1.3 Outside & Event Catering:

Whether you are throwing a dinner party for friends at home or a lavish wedding reception, They can cater for all types of catering from their commercial kitchen. The food served plays a major role in the success of any event; therefore, they offer a wide range of traditional contemporary and bespoke menus to create a memorable impact (emtraining). They will tailor our services to your requirements and to your budget. (Bubdu khan)

” … A visit to Bundu Khan is certain to take you on an exemplary culinary adventure”

1.4 Historical prospective:

Bundu khan is an old venture in food industry which starts as a sole proprietor then they with the decades they become the brand name specifically for bar b cue .They started by opening of branch in 1991 at mall road in Lahore. Where they target customers of middle level, then they move towards different areas of Lahore and Karachi. With the opening of their DHA branch it was the milestone of their growth as this branch make them to change their clientage from middle level to elite class. At beginning, few people control all the operations and there head office was located at centre point Lahore. Now they have centralized management system and in current scenario there, head office is located in Gulberg, Lahore.

1.5 Startup:

BK is family venture which is started at low level with low budget.

2. Mission vision statement

The founder of M/S Bundu Khan started the business of quality food outlets with the mission to provide delicate cuisine having exceptional taste and quality for all the food lovers. By the Grace of Allah Almighty the founder with help and dedication of his management, successfully operated the restaurant which has now transpired into a known food chain in Pakistan.

” … A visit to Bundu Khan is certain to take you on an exemplary culinary adventure”



Bundu khan is a renowned restaurant of Pakistan having their branches in big cities like Lahore, Karachi Multan etc.

At scratch Bundu khan restaurant start their venture by opening their first branch in Lahore on mall road (1991).after that they spread their business in different areas of Lahore. Now they have following branches:

Mall road branch

Liberty branch

Fortress branch

Johar town branch

DHA branch

Allama Iqbal town branch

Multan road.

Its head office is located in Gulberg Lahore.

5. Finance:

Bundu khan started as a very low level but gradually with more and more customers, they generated more revenues by focusing different class of people. It is a family business so mostly the capital was through personal source .At any time business need capital all the members of the business provide finance according to the situation.

6. Marketing tool:

The most effective media for marketing is word of mouth. They introduce new items through table cards and billboards. For example when they offer hi tea, juices and ice creams, they use all these three mediums. Before the implementation of any idea, first they apply it on very small level or on trial basis. If they get positive response from customers they implement on permanent basis add this in their menu cards.

6.1 Marketing issue relating to stiff competition:

BK has no issue related to their locations as they are capturing their target customers. They have already selected their locations by keeping in mind their target customers not their competitors. They don’t change their prices with accordance to their competitors. They set their own prices and using cost plus pricing strategy. Some time they bear losses due to rise in prices of raw material.


At initial level they only have few persons who supervise all work of others ,at that time they don’t have proper department to manage and control the operations but now BK maintain and continuously use proper operating procedures in their all department like sales, purchase, cooking,

HR security, sweeping department, finance department, R&D department .They have hired specialized persons to control the departments.

8. HR issues:

BK preferred to hire employees on reference basis but in sometimes they recruit people by using other modes .They always encourage and motivate their employees through training, offering them handsome salaries, providing accommodation facilities and by organizing matches. In order to retain and sustain their trustworthy employees, when employee does any mistake they don’t fire the employee rather they transfer them to other department.

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9. SWOT Analysis:


It is a recognized name so the main strength of the business is its brand name. They are providing healthy and quality food to the customer in very neat, clean, and healthy environment.


The internal weakness of the business is the lower level staff is not performing their duties and the general manager supervising all the level which is not his area of work because he is responsible for making strategies and their implementations. On the other hand, they don’t consider their competitors like Gourmet and salt and pepper. They are only focusing on elite class and due to this; other class of customers are neglected.


They are expanding their business, moving towards other cities, and seeking further for internationalization. They are promoting Pakistani food at international level.


BK has tough competition with their competitors as they are moving towards more advance level rapidly and they have to meet the standards and requirement of their target customer. Their competitors are offering new buffet, dinner and hi-tea at economical packages so this can be a threat in future.

10. Pest Analysis:


They don’t have any political issue because they fulfill all legal requirements.


Due to change in the economy, they face inflation issue and they have to increase the prices because of increase in expenditures so this definitely affects the customers.

Social and technical issues:-

BK has no such type of issues.

11. Porter’s five forces:-

Threat of substitute products:

They don’t have any threat regarding this.

Threat of new entrants:

Many sme’s start their operations now a day but they don’t deliver according to the perception of their customers. These new entrants for time being effects the sales of BK but in the long run BK goodwill and brand name get stronger.

Intense rivalry among existing players:

Competition always exists in the market.

Bargaining power of supplier:

Whenever prices fluctuate, it affects the entire stakeholder. Supplier argues to change the prices of raw materials which lead BK to bear loss or sacrifice profit margin.

Bargaining power of buyer:

With the change in economy and environment customer are becoming more price conscious so the bargaining power of customers and buyers increasing day by day so BK making strategies according to changing marketing conditions .

12. Market dominance:

In market dominance, they are the niche and target specific class of target customers’ upper level class. They set their prices and set-ups for similar customers.

13. Tax issues or any other government related issues:

As it is well known brand so they don’t have any issues related to taxes or government. They even don’t try to have such issues in the future.

14. Product line:

They introduce unique taste of chicken shashlik and bar.b.q. Recently they introduce hi-tea.

15. Cultural issues:

On the opening of branches in the different region of the country, they have some normal issues regarding the taste of their items and regional traditional taste. The management of BK is incapable to resolve such issues .the difference of taste is usually due to the change in water and environment of that area but this issue doesn’t affect their brand image in long run.

16. Diversification:

BK has started their business by introducing the typical Lahore taste of bar b cue. With the growth of this venture, they don’t move towards diversification. BK has added some great dishes of traditional food items to its menu.

17. Distribution channel:

BK uses ware house for the distribution of material .all the raw material is sent to the ware house where there inventory recorded by staff .as they belong to food industry cutting, cleaning and marinating process is held there . then the material is sent to the restaurant outlet by using MRD techniques (market ready demand) .they distribute material to all branches according to their demand and have strict check on the expired material .this process help them to provide healthy and quality food to their customer and make customers their brand loyal .

18. Advertisement:

BK use word of mouth as the most powerful medium of advertisement. They also use table add for the promotion of their new products .they don’t use any kind of discount offers or deals.

19. Corporate social responsibility:

They don’t any strategy in order to contribute in society. They believe to facilitate their own employees as social responsibility rather giving charity to other institutes.

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