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Tesco Aims And Objectives Relationship Marketing Techniques

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5/12/16 Marketing Reference this

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Our core purpose is to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty

Tesco tries to meet this aim and objective by promoting deals and sales of their products through direct mail and emailing customers, which are similar to the customer’s purchases (due to customers history of purchases that come from their Clubcards and are stored in Tesco’s customer Database).

So therefore Relationship Marketing will help Tesco to achieve this aim and objective due to the fact that existing customers who receive information from Tesco about their deals on products similar to the customers purchase history that is stored on their Clubcards, are likely to purchase them and this increases ‘loyalty’ given that this shows customers that Tesco is good at knowing at what the customer wants.

Understand customers; Be first to meet their needs

Tesco tries to Understand customers and be the first to meet their needs by always sending emails to latest new products in store and on their website. Plus deals and discounts on products that suits the customers’ needs e.g. if customers interests are purchasing Horror DVDs, Tesco would email/send this customer latest Horror DVDs that is on their website and in store.

Another example of how Tesco tries to be the first to meet customer needs by using Relationship Marketing is on Tesco’s website during holiday seasons such as Easter. When it was the Easter period this year, Tesco had a page full of products and presents that customer can purchase online if they are not sure what to buy in the Easter period. On the Easter link on the website, it has a variety of Easter products that Tesco can choose from and deals such as deals on Easter Eggs, flowers, wine, etc. Plus it also gives customers an option to ‘Pre-Order’ their delivery after they come back from their Easter holiday, this shows great customer service because customers can book in advance the products their want to purchase online which would be delivered to them when they come back from their holiday instead of visiting the Tesco store when they get home.

This Relationship Marketing method will help Tesco to achieve their aim and objective due to the fact that Tesco is always making sure their customers are aware of old products that are on discounts and new products that may interest customers.

To be as strong in non-food as in food

Tesco is also selling clothes, electricals, also have the Tesco Magazine (similar to Argos), Homeware, Garden in store and online. Tesco tries to achieve this aim and objective through Relationship Marketing by promoting their non-food products in store by putting banners up of latest deals and promotion of their non-food products so that customers shopping at Tesco will also try to look at their non-food section to see any products that they may like and decide to purchase. Tesco tries to be a strong in non-food by also advertising their non-food products on their website an example of this is on their ‘Clothes’ link it is has an advertisement of 25% of on all summer/holiday clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Due to this type of Relationship Marketing this will help Tesco to have customers liking their non-food products such as clothes that is on offer on their website, and the customers may decide to online purchase the 25% of summer clothes, shoes, bags and accessories this will then lead to Tesco having high sales of clothes and maybe a profit at the end.

To develop retailing services such as Tesco Personal Finance and Telecoms/Phone Shop

Tesco has all their products online, always update products (deals/offers).

Tesco tries to develop their Retailing services such as Tesco Personal Finance by promoting their latest Finance Products online such as:

Savings- Instant Access Savings; Internet Saver and Child Trust Fund.

Insurance- Car Insurance; Home Insurance; Pet Insurance; Travel Insurance; Life Insurance; Health Insurance and Dental Insurance. Motoring- Car Insurance; Car Breakdown Cover; Car History Checker; Car warranty plan.

Travel- Travel Insurance; Travel Money; Travel Money Card; Euro Car Breakdown Cover and Insuring Your Pets Abroad. Credit Cards- Clubcard Credit Card.

Loans- Personal Loans

On the website each products has clear details about the terms and conditions, what the products include, how long the customer can have it for, how they can use or open the product- through Tesco Store, online or phone and other important information about the product. This enables customers to understand the Personal Finance products Tesco has to offer and will lead to customers purchasing them due to the information that Tesco provided.

Tesco tries to achieve this aim by also emailing and posting direct mail to existing customers about these latest Finance Products Tesco has to offer, and this will lead to an increase of more customers using these products.

Tesco tries to develop their other Retailing Service which is Tesco Telecoms/Phone Shop by promoting their:

Mobile Phones & SIM Cards

Broadband & Home Phone

Tesco Mobile

Great Deals

Tesco tries to use Relationship Marketing to achieve this aim by advertising their latest deals to new and existing customers online e.g. ‘save twenty pounds on Nokia phones’ this helps Tesco to gain higher sales and profit in their Telecoms/Phone Shop from their customers.

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