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Role Of An Operation Management In Toyota Company Marketing Essay

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5/12/16 Marketing Reference this

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Father of Sakichi, Kiichiro invented the automobile. In 1920 during his visit to Europe and U.S., he became greatly interested in an automobile – automotive industry. After that Kiichiro with the help of his son laid the foundation of automotive industry in Japan with the name of Toyota Motor Corporation also denoted at (TMC). This story of looms to automotive industry perceives to be the frontiers.

(Fortune, 2003)

Role of an operation management in Toyota Company:

The Role of Operations management actually describes what services and goods are being inputting and what results are we getting in order to make functional strategy. It is the standardized procedure of fundamental specifications

They actually compete on Quality, Dependability, Cost, Price, Customer’s satisfaction and Time. Ensuring the processes of all these above variables, management take decisions about the fundamentals of management options

Management Operations are very crucial because of following reasons where,

Customization is required,

Ensures the operations and quality

Give individualized attention

Speed of manufacturing

Guarantee that all deadlines are met

Ensure that the scarce resources are met Qualitatively

Hence actual and competent operations can give a clear competitive advantage to Toyota , which relates to core competencies.

(Panneerselvam, 2006)

Importance of Operation’s manager:

While keeping the high pace with technology the Toyota’s manager ensures that the long term success is actually based on high terms with competitors and then analyzing their strategy and then work on more competitive edge than competitors Operation manager’s role is very critical which involves process and outcomes.

Operations management emphases on sensible processes to enhance and distribute services which the usual way of Operations

(Governance, 2005)

Role of operation manager:

The role of Operation Manager is quite authoritative in terms of keeping whole processes in front of his eyes. His role is actually not that easy to be described.

While being an operations manager of Toyota, one need to carefully identify these following tasks.

Take responsibilities and authorities in to account

Effective and efficient manufacturing

The nature of structure of an organization

Keep pace with employee structure

Grasp innovative ideas

Provide with strategic solutions

Need to check the responses of Japanese formulas eg. Kaizen, Hoshin Kanri and Six Sigma etc.

Evaluate the formulas effectively

(Roy D. Harris, 1981)

Competitive Advantage

(Donald Michells, 2003)

The Toyota Motor Company has attained competitive advantage beacause amonug all the brands in the world, Toyota refers to be the most prestigious brand which gives quality innovativeness, style and comfort. Toyota is widely spread all over the world and its business criteria are mostly judged by British, Germany and America which makes its Production system efficient and effective. This Production System result in

Cheap maintenance

Easy maintenance

Efficient in fuel consumption

Provide what customers expect from Toyota

Reduction in overhead cost

Reduction in wastage

Efficient management of inventory

Controlled quality and flexibility

Stage management Independently

Moreover, Toyota brand is actually a Japanese brand operating all over the world. And this Japanese production quality is something which leaves every other brand behind in term of quality and Road grip

( Bernard , 2011)

Analysis and Appraisal of Competitive Strategy of Toyota

            As Toyota co. is one the world’s prestigious brand which comes in the top category of automobile companies. Toyota co. is so solid and transforming that there is always a constant enhancement in production and marketing operations. This actually caters the Middle Class to Higher Middle Class Families. Being in this automobile industry, carrying the business is very tuff as competition increasing day by day.

As we will refer to the competitive charts above, this shows that there are two big and main threats to Toyota in recent times, which are NISSAN and HONDA There are so many different brands which people prefer over Toyota that gives the corporation a tight and Direct competition, those are:

Ford motors co.

Honda motors co.

Hyundai motors co.

Hyundai Motor Company

Largest Car maker in south Korea

World’s 6th largest automobile company

Produce 1.6 million units per annum

Its logo is slanted “H” style

Official tagline “DRIVE YOUR WAY

Honda Company

Begins from Los Angeles

Top in Manufacturing Motor Bikes

Good power Equipment (A/C, T.V. , Power Generation)

Technical Research Institution established in 1946

Awarded as best-selling Car in USA in ear of 2000

  Ford Motor Company

Ford is based in Dearborn, Mich.

Ford is an industry king

Above 300,000 employees world wide

180 plants across the world

Have different brands like Land Rover, Jaguar, Lincoln, Volvo

Most preferred brand in U.A.E.

(Deenaz, 2007 | 3 Pages )


For implementing the plan , Toyota Company ensures that the quality if vehicles and its part( raw materials) are so up to the mark that no customer would suffer out of it later. While doing the analysis of Quality, Toyota have maintained different Standards of Production namely Kaizen and Six Sigma’s which makes its customers proud of this brand. Secondly, the market strategy enhances the customer’s Satisfaction with new sales structure and marketing tactics. Most important factor is the continuous research is done to do ensure the flexible outcomes that Toyota can achieve at all times. So keeping the pace with Revenues and Profits, slight change in profitability ratio can turn the marketing and production strategy into a Revenue generating Strategy. An suitable plan for applying practicable references is first to certify that the worth of the vehicles is attained in terms of safety

(Operation Management, 2013)

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