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Public Relations Is A Corporate Communications Marketing Essay

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Public Relations is a corporate communications, usually referred to as PR or public relations, refer to the famous people, businesses, government, non-profit organizations and other organizations, to improve relations with the public, promote public awareness of its order to establish a good image, to obtain public understanding and support.

In the occupational, public relations organizations engaged in information dissemination, coordination and relationship management services of the image consulting, planning, and implementation and service management functions. Including the election success of the organization created to reduce the impact of organizational failure, announced changes and so on. And personal relationships in the traditional face similar. In the marketing system, public relations is the only business organizations to build public trust in the tool. Since the division of labor in society is getting smaller, more show the importance of public relations to increase; many universities have set up public relations department for the community to develop different areas of public relations personnel.

Public relations is an organization in order to achieve a specific goal, between employees inside and outside the organization, the organization established a good relationship between the sciences. It is a conscious management activity. Organization to establish good public relations, the need for good public relations planning to implement and achieve. But now popular with the community a false notion, mistaken public relations as “hostess” or something like that, it is extremely detrimental to the science and art of public relations in China’s development, the need for a comprehensive study and public relations, establishing the correct PR awareness.

Public Relations notes that, in addition to the form of interaction between the European model is also reflected with the public and the public sphere, not only with the relationship, it can, in principle, is private, but also with public consequences of organizational behaviour. A new interactive communication everywhere in the broader view of the use of the Internet, by Phillips and online public relations overview of youth in the second edition (2009), describes the form and the Internet-mediated nature of public relations. It includes social media and communications and many other channels of communication platforms such as personal computers (PC), mobile phones and video game consoles and Internet access.

Public relations are used to establish relationships with employees, customers, investors, voters, or the general public. Almost any organization, how the portrayed in public shares to hire public relations level. Under some public relations corporate communications, such as analyst relations, media relations, investor relations, internal communications and labor relations, banner down discipline.

However marketing is individually or collectively through the trading of its products or create value to obtain the necessary things to achieve win-win or win-win process. It contains two meanings, one is the verb to understand, refers to a specific activity or behaviour, then call it marketing or marketing management; the other is to understand terms, refers to the research enterprise marketing activities or conduct of disciplines, call it marketing, marketing, or marketing and so on.

Marketing is the study of the whole process of economic and social, is the transaction are marketing their respective areas of study, please note that I use the marketing, not marketing, marketing research over the entire transaction process, then the application This research is for their own profit-making or marketing the business. The whole process is very complex, which also derived from marketing research and development, market research, strategy, segmentation and so on, all this process as a whole, to ensure that marketing must be involved in all aspects of doing what they do, so is the perfect marketing. For example innovative marketing strategy like service marketing, emotional marketing, green marketing, network marketing, relationship marketing and integrated marketing.

i. The Organization’s Publics

Organization of public relations is public relations an important concept in the study. Of relationship management theory emerged as a new model, increased public relations scholars point to the public nature of the relationship what is and what is its value in the organization and the greater society. This relationship model provides a framework for public relations efforts and achievements of the link. 

Succinctly defined as a public relations “to help an organization meet its public one another.” The other definition of public relations, pointed out that the protection and development of its features, how to goodwill or an organization or group to tell other organizations or bodies on its own effect. However, public relations involves more than words, it also requires an organization to take action. Good public relations between the organizations are to reduce the effect of how we perceive ourselves and how others look at the gap outside the organization.

Public relations are not only involved in an organization, its open two-way communication. It needs to listen to the public of an organization depends on the analysis and understanding of the attitudes and behaviour, and the audience. Only in this way, an organization for effective public relations campaign actions and words.

Public relations involve many different types of audiences and organizations. Public relations is not only implemented by the companies and businesses, industry associations are also specific industries, professional associations, representatives on behalf of its members, and other nonprofits organizations and cities, countries, regions, and various government agencies. With these organizations for the public is quite diverse. In the tissue type, they include its shareholders, investors, employees or members, customers and consumers, government regulators, media, and the communities in which it is located.

ii. Addressing the Problem

If we study some of the goals and objectives of public relations, obviously, this is a wide range of activities involving many different functions. Ranked list of objectives, public relations, to establish, maintain and protect the reputation of the organization, enhance its reputation, and gives a good image. Research shows that consumers often based on the reputation of their company’s purchasing decisions, so to have a public relations company’s sales and revenue implications. Public relations can be a company’s overall marketing strategy for the effective component. In the case of a for-profit companies, public relations and marketing may be coordinated to ensure that they are trying to achieve the same purpose.

Another major goal is to establish good public relations for the organization. This involves many other organizations with his public with interactive features such as employee relations, shareholder and investor relations, media relations, community relations, relationship, influence, or affected.

Public Relations also have an educational component that can help them achieve the above goals. Public relations education, some features may be many things the public about the organization, including educating them about the business, in general, new legislation, and how to use specific products, and to overcome misunderstandings and prejudices. A non-profit organization may try to educate the public about a certain angle. The trade association may carry out educational activities, especially the industry, its products and practices.

Effective public relations require knowledge, based on the analysis and understanding of all factors, affect the perception and attitude of the organization. Public relations activities of a particular development to follow these basic steps, which can be used as a cycle, beginning in the visualization of the organization, extending to the target audience and return to the organization.

Although the specific public relations program or campaign may be active or passive manner, in both cases, the first basic steps, including analysis and research, to identify all the relevant factors of the situation. Obtained in this step is the organization that affects the organization’s views and the public involved in the understanding of the nature of the key factors.

The second step, policy formation, the establishment of the first. Established organizations here, including the results of setting goals and expectations, and to restrict, the activities will operate a general policy. To establish such policy guidelines, to assess the recommended strategies and tactics, as well as the overall campaign success.

In the third step of the strategy and tactics are outlined. The organization brought in here to play to their knowledge of their target audiences and develop in line with established policies, specific programs to achieve the desired objectives. Then the organization is the fourth step, the actual preparation of the target public. Specific public relations techniques, such as press conferences or special events, are used to reach the target audience.

Until the public relations cycle has gone through in one direction from the organization point to its target audience. Back loop in step five of the organization because it receives its public feedback. Have their reaction to the movement of public relations? Whether there is some unexpected development? Here, the organization listen to its public, and in the last step, evaluation of the program and make any necessary adjustments.

Harvard Referencing

Public Relations by Edward L. Bernays

Question Two

Public relations manager and public relations executive, and sometimes only a title on the difference, the basic job duties belong to both the implementation and management. This post is also more common in the public relations firm jobs, is the Public Relations Officer of the direct supervisor. In their daily work, public relations manager for the development and implementation of public relations to host major public relations programs and activities, with the relevant departments, corporate communications; but also according to the needs of customers assist in developing public relations strategies and tactics. PR based on customer needs to determine the objectives, establish a good relationship with the media; In addition, the ability to handle the event is also essential, so as to give full play to the role of public relations.

The Public Relations Manager in a local international hotel are specify for the media and the public field survey documents, and organizing press conferences and other activities. More experienced public relations specialists to write press releases and speeches and coordinated public relations program. In a small company will provide a big company than a more diversified work experience. As a public relations expert to gain more experience, he or she can be promoted to management positions, including orders, account manager, senior account manager, account manager, vice president.

The PR also do research abroad, the major source markets, analyze the structure and dynamics of the tourism market. And domestic travel agencies and tourist market in regular contact and obtain costumer. Conduct and tourism, foreign affairs, information and economic departments, organizations and participation in favour of the hotel public relations promotional activities to expand the hotel’s popularity. After that PR also will keeping with the hotel’s foreign offices and regular contact between foreign travel agencies, timely collection of information, marketing strategies.

Besides that, PR also develops marketing plans and expansion of the hotel marketing plan with assistant and the marketing department. Organization and handling associated with advertising and promotional coming soon at hotel campaign to increase market awareness. Received from domestic and international aspects of the rooms and restaurant reservations and booking to make detailed arrangements. Strengthen hotel liaison between internal departments to ensure sales and booking procedures according to different smooth reception. Remain with the team leader, and tour guides links guests to the hotel directly to obtain advice or recommendations.

Employees are the most important public one, with ongoing public relations program is to maintain the goodwill of employees, and employees to maintain the company’s image and reputation. A good employee relations program, in essence, let the staff know and provide channels of communication, management level. Bechtel Group, the privately held operating company complex, to express their employees, makes them the operation of the company’s annual report. The company used employee surveys to determine what information employees considered to be useful. Range of other communications equipment for use, including the tabloids and magazines, monthly, quarterly video magazine, local newsletters, bulletin boards, a telephone call, “brown bag” lunch in a live demonstration of the companies. Proposed system, which originated in the Second World War, is another effective way to improve the management of employee communication. So hotel PR Manager is communicated with employee in order to promote good relations.

Harvard Referencing

Everything you should know about public relations: direct answers to over 500 questions by Anthony Davis.

Public Relations As Relationship Management: A Relational Approach To the Study and Practical of Public Relation by John A. Ledingham, Stephen D. Bruning.

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