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India Biscuits Industry is the largest among all the food industries and has a turnover of around Rs.3000 crores. India is known to be the second largest manufacturer of biscuits, the first being USA. It is classified under two sectors: organized and unorganized. Bread and biscuits are the major part of the bakery industry and covers around 80 percent of the total bakery products in India. Biscuits stand at a higher value and production level than bread. This belongs to the unorganized sector of the bakery Industry and covers over 70% of the total production.

India Biscuits Industry came into limelight and started gaining a sound status in the bakery industry in the later part of 20th century when the urbanized society called for readymade food products at a tenable cost. Biscuits were assumed as sick-man’s diet in earlier days. Now, it has become one of the most loved fast food products for every age group. Biscuits are easy to carry, tasty to eat, cholesterol free and reasonable at cost. States that have the larger intake of biscuits are Maharashtra, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh. Maharashtra and West Bengal, the most industrially developed states, hold the maximum amount of consumption of biscuits. Even, the rural sector consumes around 55 percent of the biscuits in the bakery products.

Health biscuits are also gaining speed in market. It has become the part of the diet of many health conscious people. Many brands like Britannia, sunfeast and Parle are coming up with their variety of health biscuits which are beneficial during sickness or for diabetic people of health conscious people.

The following survey is on this section of biscuits. It is done on 200 consumers of health biscuits who are randomly selected.


The objective of the survey is to find the factor which influences the customers to buy health biscuits of a specific brand.

  • To know the expectations and requirements of all customers regarding health biscuits
  • To find out how the biscuits of different brands are rated by the cosumers..
  • Also to find out what improvements the consumer wants in this line of biscuits.


  • Some of the respondents were not responding to some of the questions.
  • Some of the respondents dine have so much information about the biscuit and the brand.


  • The methodology followed for conducting the study includes the specification of Research design, sample design, questionnaire design, data collection and Statistical tools used for analyzing the collected data.




  • Britannia creamcracker is the most preferred health biscuits as most of the respondents buy this biscuits.
  • Most of the respondents buying this biscuit are diabetic patients or they buy to keep themselves fit.
  • Price of the biscuit is also satisfactory and quality wise also its good.
  • Most of the respondents got aware of this biscuits by tv advertisements.
  • The customers want more varieties in this line of biscuits.


After conducting this research it was found that the demand for the health biscuits is increasing and there is a lot of scope in this line. The current situation is that Britannia has the highest sales and demand for it health biscuits and the most demanded biscuit is nutri choise creamcracker.


  • There should be more variety of healthy biscuits available.
  • There packaging and advertisement should be taken care appropriately.
  • Taste of these products should also be improved.
  • They should also provide with more schemes and benefits


From this study I acquired the knowledge of different factors which affect the customer preference in biscuit market.

Also how the respondents rate the product on the given factors.

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