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Pizza Huts Service Quality Marketing Essay

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5/12/16 Marketing Reference this

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Main objectives to conduct this research were to find out the current Pizza Hut’s service quality and its claim regarding the exceeding customers’ expectations. This research also got the point of views of the management that what sort of problems they face while delivering the service quality and how they deal all these challenges to improve their service quality in competitive market. The results collected using the questionnaires assist in finding the current service quality of Pizza Hut and on basis of those collected results management answered the questions regarding the problems they do face while delivering the service quality and the Pizza Hut’s claim about exceeding customers’ expectations. This research also focuses that whether the Pizza Hut is successful in gaining a retaining their customers and what is level of their satisfaction regarding the present service quality. In literature various results can be found regarding the service quality which emphasis a lot regarding the importance of service quality in any firm. Using literature review, analysis of exceeding customers’ expectation of Pizza Hut, is more clear and significant on its current service quality as well. Whereas it is clear that every organization tries its level best to deliver the best service quality to its customers but is very difficult to maintain the standard in delivering the competitive service quality. According to Management point of views, it is crystal clear that there still need to put more attention for company to deliver the good service quality so the customers’ satisfaction level could be increased. There always been a solid association between service quality and customer satisfaction, while a word of mouth has great importance in building the customers’ expectation as well.

According to Parasuraman et al (1988), an ability to meet customers’ expectation is known as service quality. Its mean when company meets with the expectations of customers they automatically get satisfied and come again. Gap Model is very supporting in finding the major dilemmas and gaps in current service quality of company. First gap deals with perception of management regarding customers’ expectations, and what they receive. Mostly it happens that companies are failed in delivering the promising service quality to its customers, hence customers can not be satisfied. In second gap, company still did not take any particular measures so the customers could be satisfied, while third gap deals with difference in specified service quality and current service quality. Here in gap four, service quality and overall performance is not fulfilling the promising service, while gap five discuses the difference in customer expectation and what they receive in real. Mix mode research conducted for this research, questionnaires from customers and on the basis of those results management was interviewed. This research gives many findings regarding the customers’ expectations and service quality currently being delivered by the Pizza Hut.

5.1 Analysis of Pizza Hut customer satisfaction

Data collected by the customers using the questionnaires gave results in negative and over all score regarding the service quality was -2.87. This service quality overall score of Pizza Hut explains that still Pizza Hut which is know world’s biggest fast food restaurant is not meeting the service quality requirement and customers are still not satisfied by the service. This result is totally in opposite direction of company’s claim that Pizza Hut exceeding customers’ expectations, whereas company even does not meet customers’ expectations and customer are not satisfied as well.

5.1.1 Analysis of SERVQUAL dimensions

During the study, all the dimensions got negative score especially in reliability the performance was found very poor. In the table 4.3 customers showed the main gap and regarding time preferences results were found really poor. Regarding the time, orders were not being delivered well in time and customers sometimes wait a lot in getting their orders.

In tangibility results are bit better rather than all other dimensions. Sitting and eating environment in some level are nearly match the standards because customers expressed satisfactory views regarding the food and hygiene standards but still gap is present. Complaints are not handled according to the customers’ will. It takes mostly long time in delivery, while takeaway and Dine-ins are considered better rather than delivery. Company is still fail in delivering the orders well in time.

While looking in to the responsiveness, in the results it is on the top place so far in the research. Receptionists’ responses towards the customers need professionalism and still demands to make it perfect and up to the level. Pizza Hut is still unsuccessful in assuring its customers that they get the best services. Staff behavior with customers is not friendly and customers are not satisfied while performing any transaction. In empathy the staff is fail to give the attention to customers and their needs. Every customer needs much care and attention of the staff member. If the staff does not show deep concerns the customer would never visit again.

5.2 in the bottom Major gaps in Pizza Hut’s customer service

5.3 Factors involve in performance of service quality

In this research using the questionnaires and interviews with the management, many gaps have identified. There are many factors for these gaps which are lying in details as under.

5.3.1 Communication gap between departments

Communication and understanding between all the departments is very important for a successful business. There is much lack of communication in between operations, marketing and management departments. Customers’ expectations are obviously very high and when the company does not meet with expectations then customer can not be satisfied. For instance, marketing department gives offers to its customers while management provide less hours and due to shortage of staff it is impossible to deliver satisfactory service quality.

Non-promising service

Customers do have very high expectation and it is tough to meet the expectations. Pizza Hut always claims for exceeding customers’ expectations and good service quality, but still fails in doing so. Like, Pizza Hut promises for delivering the orders well-in-time, but mostly fails. Customers feel not good when they expect more and get less when they visit the store which also damages the good-will of the company and call it poor service quality.

5.3.3 Improper implementations of policies

Pizza Hut has many set standards and policies which all the outlets are directed to implement. Unfortunately due to lack of professionalism there are still deficiencies in implementations of these policies. Like CHAMPS stands for, Cleaning, Hospitality, Accuracy, Maintenance, Product Quality and Speed which are not accurately followed by the stores. Many standards like food standards, communications standards, well in time delivery and environment standards are part of theory. Practically things are not done properly in stores, for this reason company fails in meeting the exceeding customer expectation.

5.3.4 Impact on service quality of employees’ dissatisfaction

According to Kristen A. Riscinto-Kozub (2008), Chang-Hsing Chang (2007), Bitner et al. (1990), in their research there is strong relationship between employees and customer satisfaction. Management and other employees were major part of this research and low-level staff and management was interviewed to find out the fact and figures. This research found that the Pizza Hut staff was not much happy and satisfied with the management. Some employees said that their hourly pay rate is less than other competitor companies. They said there is no any reward system on performance basis and very less chances for promotion are available. Some of them respond that mostly students work round about 20 hours in Pizza Hut and they do not put more attentions towards the tasks which affect the Pizza Hut’s overall service quality as well. In response to a question one employee said, Pizza Hut should spend on employees more so they could perform better to prove best service quality for the customers’ expectations.

Note below:

Checks: confirm the table 4.3

5.2 Major gaps in Pizza Hut’s customer service

This study has evolved and found out that there are three gaps present in Pizza Hut-UK’s customer service quality. From the perspective of Gaps model, gap 3, 4 and 5 are present in the company. ‘Gap 3’ is about consistently meeting of standards. Basically it is the difference between service quality specifications and actual service delivery to the customers. Company has designed very good service quality specifications and standards which are aims to meet and exceed customer expectation, but company fails to deliver such level of service quality. From this research there are various reasons which came forth and are going to be discussed later in this chapter.

The second major gap is ‘Gap 4′, which is in the service delivery being communicated externally. When managers were interviewed they responded that there is lack of communication in between various departments, like marketing department and operation department and policy makers’ level. This gap is about consistently fulfilment of promises made by external communications. Marketing department is the one which communicates externally. As it is known that expectations of customers build up on the basis of past experiences and communications, so marketing department makes customers expect more but company fails to deliver that.

Third major gap is ‘Gap 5′, which is alarming for Pizza Hut-UK. It means a difference between what customers expect of a service and what they actually receive from the company. In other works it is a gap between expected service quality and perceived service quality. In questionnaires, customers’ response depicted a different picture of the company with major negative gaps in all service quality dimensions. Research concludes that customer never gets what he expects from Pizza Hut, which is really crucial for the company and is totally against company’s claims.

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