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New Zealand Product Anchor Milk

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Product is a thing which satisfy consumers demand which he want and consumer pay for it. It is not only fulfil the consumers demand but also careful about his health. Thus product is a good idea, object, and service, information which has both attributes tangible or intangible.

According to HiteshBhosiya” One can say product is a good service or idea consisting of a bundle of tangible and intangible attributes that satisfies consumers and is received in exchange for money or some other unit of value. Product is a bundle of physical, chemical intangible attributes that have the potential to satisfy present and potential customer wants. It addition to other elements include the warranty installation etc.”

Generally the term product has all target market ‘solution but it basically provides these things

Goods: Any tangible thing which we use in our life. Which we can touch and see.

Services: It is not storable which we can feel just like Bank service.

Ideas: It is always keep any good point of view sometimes related to health.

My product is related to Dairy product. That is milk (Anchor milk).New Zealand is one of the greatest exporter country of dairy product. It is happen New Zealand’s natural environment here we find good growing climate, stable raining. Within a year this country has produce an average herd of about 120cows, 3.3millions dairy cows we find in this country. These are Jersey or Friesians. This country’s Dairy products are very tasty and creamy. Whole Asian country’s demand for NZ’s milk powder. Butter and cheese mostly demand for U.K. and Japan’s.

Anchor brand is established in New Zealand in 1886.In 2oo1 it merged into Fonterra Co-operation. Anchor processing plant we find in the Takanini, Auckland. Anchor Product are lot of according to the choices of people for example Blue anchor, Trim Anchor, Super trim Anchor ,Anchor xtra etc.

Demography factors and its influence on marketing strategies:

As we know every product influence by demography factor .demography factor is related to ageing people, size, composition and lower birth rates. It is it is also related how people living for eg.more people living alone or in pairs ‘how many percentage of male or female. Milk product is daily routine needs every person wants to drink milk for their good health. It is good for children and aged people. Mostly people’s early morning drink tea coffee hot chocolate milk. They also use other dairy product like butter cheesiest. In the milk they find calcium, proteins etc.

According to New Zealand Government statistics report of ageing population is increasing due to low birth rate and increasing life expectancy. And it is natural source if population is increase than demand of product is also increasing that same thing happen with milk product (Anchor).It fulfil people’s demand. According to statistics of NZ -NZ’s populatoinin1991 we found 3495000 in 2010 it was growing and reached about 4370200. That is main factor of increasing the demand of Anchor milk product. And dairy product is common needs so definitely its demand increases in the market. In 1991 we find woman 78.7% and man’s population 72.9% after ten years we find 79.7 of female and 82.2% male population increase in NZ.Milk product is most necessary and important product for children. In 1991 birth is 59911and in2010 it is reached on 63897.New generation is dominant marketing force because they will affect the socio economic changes and geographic change during 20 to 30 years. At present time in NZ every person’s life expectancy is increasing so product demand is also increasing

Thus demography factor affect the Anchor product demand. Its demand say to day increasing that’s why time to time its company produce different type of milk like blue. Trim super trim etc. According to people’s demand and Necessity Company produce variety of milk products and dairy products.

Economic factor & its influence on marketing strategies

Every country affected by economic economic means it is branch of social science that deals with the production and distribution and consumption of goods and services and their managements. By the help of economy we know very well what demand of particular product is. We know about the economy by these factor GDP, inflation rate interest rate employment etc. In 2006 the GDP of New Zealand is 2.2 in 2010 it is reached on 2.3. That show the production is increased. The demand of Anchor product is also increase. In future its demand is also increasing.

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Inflation means increase the price of goods and services .In 2006’s we find the inflation rate of New Zealand is 2.4% in 2000 it reached in 2.7%. Within decade about 1to 3 percentage average rates is going on. In the case of that means the domestic demand is also increase because the demand is increase then price are also increases and Anchor product milk and other thing related to Normal goods people less the quantity of demand in the case of high price but they can’t leave without the normal things. In the case of Anchor Product we find its quality is good in reasonable price .According to their demand they find without fat milk also.

That product is also helpful to increase the employment. To provide these goods and services company needs for the labour and employee so people find jobs. Anchor has produce lot of goods like butter cease desert etc. when it increase their goods definitely increase the employment..

At Kiwi bank gives 4.25 % interest rate on the saving account. So people keep their money and find good money. They also find loans that they easily open their dairy shop and selling this product. By this people easily find their demanded product. It also increase the employment indirectly way. New Zealand government policy also help the rising of demand because it gives doll those people who don’t earn any money it provides weekly $200 dollars every week. They spend this money on daily routin things and anchor product thing like butter milk comes in this category. This also help the increasing the demand.

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Socio cultural factors & its influence on marketing strategies:

We are human beings and live in society and here in New Zealand we find different communities like European, Asian, Maori, Pacific Islander mixed and other. They have different culture, religion, taste and prefrences.So some people like blue anchor milk, some like Super trim anchor milk, some like anchor xtra.Milk is demanded things nobody can leave without milk because that is good for their health also In Newzealan we find 69% is European, 8% of Asian, 14.6% of Maori, 6.9% of Pacific islander, 9.7% of mixed and 13.5% of other. Each community’s demand is difference for example Asian people like Blue anchor milk Asian people more like milk they drink milk, tea coffee every morning. European community like chocolate milk and strawberry milk product of anchor product. During the parties and event programme Maori people also keep Anchor desert product with food. In Marriage party, birthday party they specially keep Anchor desert and different flavours butter.

On the Christmas time they also use this products different flavour milk with drinking like honey chocolate milk yoghurt desert etc.

In Indian communities we find they use milk like a symbol of prayer so they use during Diwali ,Poonam Karva Cjhoth etc.

We know very well New Zealand is agro base country here dairy product is well established so people habitually use this product. And we know here lot different countries people coming their study and for tourism. According to tourism this country is also popular.

According to Govt. status in 1997/98 two thousand international student were issued it is reached in 2002/03 about 8500 international students were permitted by New Zealand Govt.

That’s why here we find different type of community. And different community has different taste that’s why we find Anchor produce variety of production. During the New Year and Christmas they giving special deals and discount so people like this and demand that product. During the summer vacation people specially teenager demand Anchor yoghurt or cold straberry and chocolate flavour milk. All these things affected the demand of product.

Technology & its influence on marketing strategy:

Now days every company use technology to advertise their products. In advertising they use internet, face book, on line services etc. And we know very well at present time the Internet has increased the realisation of the ‘global village concept’. To increasing the quality and quantity of product they use also different types of machines by this they preserve the milk and other dairy product. Now day they make milk powder so people use easily and carry with them easily. Consumer always attract the packaging so the company always aware of packaging and create new styles of packaging. Digital technology and internet will change the face of marketing around the world that’s why now people find their demanded things at home by online purchasing. Communication is also increase by the help of technology. Anchor milk we should keep in the 4 degree centigrade that is good for it. That is happen possible by the refrigerator that is part of technology.

Attitude towards environment and fitness and health:

In modern time period people are lot of aware about their health and fitness. Due to their fitness point of view they use anchor milk.In 1996 we find number of vendors distribute anchor milk door to door.1929 vendors works in 1996 to distribute the anchor milk In 2006only 993 vendors distribute milk door to door. That show now anchor dairy shop is increase people like to purchase them they are aware of their fitness and health.

In New Zealand we find 0-14 years 20.4% and 15 to 64 years13.3% according to 2011. 0-14 years children use extra calcium and protein milk. And 15 to 64 want fat free milk so they use anchor late milk because they are conscious of their health so they are aware to choose their product. NZ’s fertility rate is 2.07 children/woman in 2011. That is reason of increasing the demand.


Thus the Anchor milk ‘s all product lite,blue,trim,super trim, calc+, mega all is liked by different age groups people. That is good for their health and taste. Anchor brand of milk is very useful for the People.

In future its demand increase. According to kickstartbreakfast they use anchor milk in school children feel enjoy and children develop their positive impact and increase learning development and student also more concentrate in the class their creative activity also increase. All that happens anchor milk.


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