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Marketing strategy for a stain remover

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5/12/16 Marketing Reference this

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A completely dirty shirt cannot be immediately washed but can only act upon stains. It might take long for people to adapt and become used to it, mainly in lower income groups that may ponder over either buying ‘Surf’ or ‘All Out’.


Pakistan’s total urban population is 32.8% which is growing at a constant rate of between 0.75-1 % annually.

Price is affordable.

Currently there are no direct competitors.

Because of growing socialization trends, the demand for this product is expected to rise.


Entrance of competitors

Rising Inflation

Political Instability.


To provide a new formula for cleaning stains in a different way. We need to create consumer awareness in a highly persuasive way.

Capture 15% of the target market in 1st year so as to position ourselves as market leaders.

To achieve an increasing growth rate of 5% per annum after the 1st year of product launch.

4. To gain a target revenue of 1.2 billion in 1st year.


“ALL OUT” Stain Remover’s target market is A,B and C classes in SEC. Women and men from the age of 14 and beyond, who are very social, participate in every walk of life, and who want to seek high quality product for moderate prices.

The total percentage of urban population is 32.8% and the population of masses above the age of 14 is 60%. Therefore our target market is 60% of 32.8%, which means that our target audience would be roughly less than 20% of the whole population of Pakistan. Population of Pakistan is 173 million according to the 2011 census. So basically our target audience in absolute numbers is approximately 34.5 million.

Other Segments Considered:

Lower class is suppose to be targeted as it makes the masses of the country. But since this item is condidere as a luxury item it won’t appeal to them. Their economic standards give them the option to afford normal second tier washing detergents in small quantities only.

We did not targeted males / females below the age of 14 because of the fact that, at this age they are least bothered about stains on their clothes and secondly they are depending on a fixed pocket money, which won’t allow them to spend on this luxury, as this product will hold little significance to them


As we all are aware of the fact that the best positioning is the one which is based on culture, beliefs and benefits of a product. Therefore we would position our product on this line “Tough on Stains, Light on Clothes” and “Daag Pay Jaandar, Kaproon Pay Shandaar”. As we hardly have any competitor in the market, therefore our primary focus would be to develop product awareness in essence to its features in addition to its association with Unilever; a pioneer in FMCG products in Pakistani consumer markets. Huge brand equity of Unilever combined with ‘All Out’ product features with regards to clean-ability, accessibility, disposability, and portability, these rational appeals would be

There would be a gap of at least 3 months from product launch associated with our primary positioning and then moving onto emotional targeting of consumer base. These efforts would enhance our products equity and help us capture a relatively huge market share that would be faithful to our brand after consideration to both rational and emotional advantages of our product.


‘All Out’ Stain Remover would serve as your companion whenever you are away from home, as they would help you to keep your clothes clean at all times when you are on a move. Its attractive features are mentioned below:



Easy to use

Highly effective on stains

Removes stains within 4 seconds that too without damaging your cloth.


To launch ‘All Out’ as a great success, we took the following necessary measures:

After carrying out a market survey we found out that there existed a need of a disposable product as many individuals shared with us there experiences where they had dropped something over their clothes in a formal gathering and had to face the guests there with those stained clothes on.

We will be targeting the people living in the urban areas as the concept of being perfectly dressed at all times is common amongst them. As we have usually witnessed many ladies spending quite a lot of time in washrooms at social gatherings to keep themselves and their clothes in perfect order, usually after they have had food.

We provided people with questionnaires and interviewed individuals. They replied positively about a constant ‘need’ for such a product.


‘All Out’ stain remover would be available in three different quantities that are in 5 pieces and 10 pieces paper bags. In addition, there would be a tissue box sized family pack of 50 pieces. The product is offered with natural ingredients to suit every type of cloth in floral and fruity fragrances; and non fragrant for those who don’t prefer any fragrance to interfere with the fragrance of their scent.


Quality has always been Unilever’s trade mark. It’s the quality of our products which has helped Unilever in transforming into market leaders and ‘All Out’ would certainly be on the same framework, providing exquisite quality to its consumers.


“ALL OUT” has a variety of features. The main feature removing stains from clothes. Our secondary feature includes removing nail polish also and that too on the move.


‘ALL OUT’ is our brand name. The reason we have chosen this name is that it depicts the complete essence of our product. ‘ALL OUT’ clearly states that out product would be tough on stains by completely eradicating them from the fabrics. Furthermore, it is easy to say and can easily be transformed into a generic name for a disposable cleaning product just like Surf’s achievement in the detergent category.


‘ALL OUT’ will be packaged in high quality paper bags, so as they are easy to carry. We would have a well designed packaging because these days packaging is playing a vital role in promoting the product. Our Family Pack would be packaged in a sleek looking box, suggesting a premium product.


The paper bags will be having a label of “ALL OUT – Stain Remover” on it. The price of the product as well as its manufacturing and expiry dates would also be printed. All the ingredients would be mentioned and a social message of ‘keep your city clean’ would also be imprinted. Furthermore, its’ essential features would also be mentioned in bullet form.

PRICE: Our pricing strategy is based on price skimming strategy but it would be easily affordable for families belonging to A, B and C classes of SEC.

TARGET COSTING: We have followed target costing approach, which enabled us to set a price which, if charged in the market, would be acceptable to the target audience.


The Company believed in trust, truth and outstanding teamwork. Their main aim was to satisfy its customers with the statements and assurance being made by the company.

The product “ALL OUT” tissues which has been decided to be launched is quiet promising in the future as the research and the strategies which are supposed to be applied are quiet effective and efficient. Secondly being the only producer of the unique product, the company could maintain the monopoly of the product

The Company has chosen the Price Skimming Strategy. Price is also considered an indicator of the quality of the product and the prices would certainly give the similar indications without having the adverse effect of driving it into luxurious product category.

All the brands of Unilever, combined generate a Net Profit Margin percentage of approx. 6 % only whereas ‘All Out’ would reap 16% of Net Profit Margin in relation to Sales approximately. This clearly highlights the fact that Price Skimming strategy has been utilized.

Initially the product would be used by Innovators and Early Adaptors but there would certainly be a trickledown effect and this would lead to Early Majority to purchase our product as well. The innovators are basically thinkers, achievers and experienced individuals, belonging to primary motivation groups of Ideals, Achievement and Self Expression respectively. Majority of the people aspire such people and after their early adoption of our product. Their usage would have a resonating effect on the Survivors; people belonging to survivors, strivers and makers of the primary motivation group; and they would also start to use our product.

First of all, the company needs to identify their target audience so that they can blend their marketing communication mixes effectively and appropriately. As in this case the target audiences are males / females above the age of 14, which mean we need to develop a mature message to deliver through our communication media channels so that the message sounds realistic and pragmatic and brings about rational appeal to our target market.

Communication Mix Strategies used by the Company include Advertisement tools such as TV advertisements, Billboards, Streamers and the system to deliver the same set of message effectively. Second is the Sales Promotions technique during Ramadan, Eid, and Valentine’s Day with some amazing Promotional offers, which in turn would create customer value for the company. After considering the above mentioned strategies the last part which the company needs to perform is of Effective Public Relation with the customers. Unilever uses the policy of public relations as a productive tool to promote their products. In the future it has been divided by the management to hold some public events, family shows and would also try and arrange a concert regarding their brand ambassador “Hadiqa Kiyani”. The Company would therefore call upon numerous respected media personals and people from the industry to inform the masses about the benefits of their product and create brand awareness.

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