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Refrigerator is truly an integral part of every home. The choice of refrigerator brand and model you want to buy will depend on the number of people in the house as well as your income and their space available in the income. Mainly refrigerators are two types’ direct cool, frost control and frost free refrigerators.

Whirlpool develops the strategy of market segmentation ,target market ,distribution and manufacturing.

Whirlpool is the first manufactured product of home home appliances

The market share of whirlpool is above 25%


Whirlpool understood Indian market very closely,and launching products through customer needs. Its mainly basis on the technology,price,services.

When the customer needs and wants of the products are launched they are feasible to every customer.

It is the basic segment. It covers all the features except for modular shelves, all of them are single metallic this segment ranges from 180 to 230 litres.These type of refrigerators are small refrigerators and small shops.In this canot be stored in large capacity.The price varies from 8850 to 12700.In this master price is the base product with unique health guard,thick door design and jumbo bottle neck.In this genius xl premier is the higest product with unique health guard,thick door design,jumbo bottle rack,chill max and modular shelves features.

Frost control

This segment is the premier segment. It has more feature values compared to the direct cool. This type of refrigerators are technically advanced and are aimed to reduce frost information in the refrigerator.Its ranging capacity is 180 to 310 litres.

In this price varies from 11550 to 17745.Its has mainly the 6th sense frost control technology and which is the additional point of this segment.

Frost free

This segment is the elite segment. It is the most profitable segment in the whirlpool. In segment there are 21 models.Compared to other the price and capacity are more.

Its ranges from 220 to 450 litres.In this segment it has not introduced in the low capacity refrigerators.For elite models it has created the higher segment.Mainly the elite models are used for super markets and malls.The price varies from 13775 to 36200It has mainly introduced the 6th sense tower cooling technology for forst free refrigerators.for end products its also introduced 30 litre crisper.

Target customers

The market that is valued for refrigerator is 4000 crores.In the consumer durable market then th market share is 16%.In market is growing annually at 7-8 %.

For the direct cool segments the consumer requirements are low capacity.

i.e house holds,small shop keepers, bachelors.

For the frost control segment is the average amount of income and is mainly targeted in the middle class.

For the frost free segment mainly targeted on the high income and also large storage capacity.

In terms of income it can be classified for 3 differrent strategies.In the whirlpool mainly advertising on the target of housewives.hence the primarily target for whirlpool is housewives.


Mainly its has trying to itself as a homemaker.Recently the whirlpool tag line for advertisements was your magic is home earlier it was you & whirlpool.For advertising and promotion it spends 70 crores.Ajay and kajol are brand ambassadors of whirlpool. A relationship basedon equality,love and romance.

The following are the Successful mantra of Whirlpool:

Know a customer

Be a customer

Serve a customer

The major competitors with whirlpool in the refrigerator segment are



Industrial structure

The industrial structure mainly comes in the category of oligopoly market.

But the 3 of them having the major share.

Brand identity:

The identity of brand is very crucial in this industry. The company with a strong brand can be definitely success in this industry.

New entrants:

Threat is very low.

Advertising :

Requires huge amount for advertising.

In india it was established in the year 1997.

LG has no segments, they are mainly concentrated only one segment.

In this green ion door cooling refrigerators are the special features.

It has been rated 5 star by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

They launched recently in the first TV-refrigerator.

In this segment there are 9 models available in the market.

It is mainly targeted in the middle and above middle class.

The price vries range from Rs.14450 to Rs.39880

It is only one refrigerator with out works stabilizer.


Its marketing mainly depends up on advertising.abhishek bachan was the brand ambassador for LG.

Mainly concentrate on the rural areas.

In this market share is increased to 15.8 to 18%

For this value to the customer is more important and not price.

They are top quality and leading edge technology.

Samsung is mainly the technology leader and they mainly competiitn with others is technology.

They are mainly twin cooling system. They provide optimum level of coling in the refrigeration compartment and the freezer.

Mainly it is around cooling action.

Mainly it uses the siver fresh technology.

In this furtherly can be classified in to 3 segments.

Direct Cool

Frost Free

Side By Side

Direct Cool

It is mainly target on the middle class.

In this there are 6 different models.

Its ranges the capacity of 180-200 litres.

The price varies from Rs.8,700 to Rs.10,900

Frost Free Refrigerators

No of models



Less than 350 litres



Greater than 350 litres



Bottom freezer



Side By Side

Its mainly targeted on the premium product in the niche market.

It has mainly 13 models.

In this capacity ranges from 545 to 880 Litres

Price varies from Rs. 56,000 – Rs. 1,41,000

After Sales Service

They started the own service centres and helpline numbers.

In this mainly success mantra is ‘ 10 second to loose a customer, 10 years to gain them back’ .

For this year expecting to expand refrigerator channel by 25%

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