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Management and operations of Samsung electronics

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“Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a world leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies” Samsung is society more great world with the greatest value of the brand. Samsung is operating in over 50 countries worldwide. The headquarters of Samsung is the capital of Seoul, South Korea. President of Samsung Group is Mr KUN HEE LEE. Samsung’s name literally means “Tri-Star ‘ Korean.” Today Samsung invests in concrete and buildings under the Samsung brand Foundation sector. The Samsung electronics Word is written in white on a blue background. It represents the stability, reliability, and heat. Manufacturers Samsung electronic goods like TVS, computers, laptop computers, washing machines, microwaves, mobile device usb, boys, cameras, cd players etc. The other production groups of Samsung is in the construction sector in real estate, for example, but it specializes in electronic log pipe, tube pipe, phone (which are made in concrete and iron) log .Samsung is plus brand credit support cost value. Most of the Samsung Electronics company had moved in China and other countries in Asia such as Vietnam, the Philippines and India. The reasons for its transfer were low cost labour and raw materials. These Asian countries are a much cheaper than the US, Canada and the United Kingdom way.

Samsung is the third South Korean company that was founded in 1969 as the flagship of the Group Samsung or Samsung Corporation Company. Samsung achieved rapid growth through exports. Samsung decided to venture on the market for television. He started the production of black and white televisions for local markets in 1972. However, Samsung has done it can become a global brand. They searched and examined the global market opportunities and challenges to feedback from customers and employees. Samsung decided to amend its .Impossible brand concept was to change the perceptions of consumers with a new brand image. During the Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea South, in 1988, Samsung decided to become an official sponsor for wireless technology to combine global sports brand. Thanks to the promotion and proof hardware Samsung is currently recognized as a mark in the world. Each country, in particular the Member of the Olympic Games, is now known brand. In this way, Samsung has managed to change the concept of brand and now has a good customer. Today, Samsung has 25 production base in the world and more than 50 sales subsidiaries in almost 50 countries. Their strategy includes eight major regions of the Southeast Asian, Central Asia, Africa, Middle East, China, North America, Europe and Latin America

Samsung brand vision is completely different and unique from other brands as: Sony, LG and Panasonic. “Leading the digital convergence revolution” is the vision of the Samsung brand. This case study is based entirely on the side of the Samsung brand electronics.

Electronic management of Samsung operation

Management of the operation is managing product process and distributes service .Basically, and processes in operation management process include the creation of products, development, production and distribution. All the functioning of the Organization has managed operation management .As Manager Operation; they manage the control quality and quantity of purchase, storage, logistics and evaluation. Management of the operation depends on products and services. It is the combination of management services and products.

Strategic management is the combination of decision and action direction which determines the long range performance of employers. Management operation is most important for each enterprise and it determines the success of the company. After the analysis any company must make a separate and unique operation strategic company. They know that competition in all national and international markets appeared again challenge of markets and the new phase. Whenever the business performance, company brands and quality products are becoming more important for customers and consumer price and product, the product development and strategic promotion is the essence of the competitive advantage.

Samsung electronics operation Manager

      Samsung electronics operations Manager are:

1. They are responsible for managing the business of the day by day with the supply

Chain, sales and marketing of Chanel

2 They are individual responsible for management plans, stock levels and sell through

the inventory to different accounts.

(3) They are also responsible for the direct use of financing and procurement.

 Operation and analysis Samsung electronics management strategy

           Management of the operation is any company that manages all internal factors management process. It’s like a deck of employers and clients. It manage finance, marketing, skills employers shows as good employees, employee insurance etc.It also manage capacity product, customer requirements and satisfactions. It creates and manage rule and regulation and the agreement between employers, employees that while customer.

Management of the operation is the field that direct concerned and deals with the production of goods and services. Operation strategy is functional strategy; it should assist and provide the guide line and route for the operation and management for any business journal. It is guided by strategic business

The goal of operational management of the company Samsung is to earn more money, and objectives are cost, quality, delivery, flexibility and customer satisfaction. Samsung electronics focuses on five business sectors ‘ they are semiconductor, multimedia, digital applications, lcd network and telecommunications, globalization and new trends in commercial operation of Samsung electronics in ten years, shows it means from 1993 to 2003, there were totally changes employers who operate successfully developments.

In 2007, Samsung electronics becoming the second largest mobile phone factory in the world. Strategic success is a direct concern for the different actors of the market and customers. It creates the possibility of skills in management and marketing, product management design electronic .Samsung DRM product development creates impacts on their progress, when sales company .If the some Chinese society as popular electronics in the global market due to the low cost effects of learning to make DRM products directly as well as quality, this Samsung Manager time was quite afraid about competitors forecasts Micron electronic innovate .Samsung Chinese strategic since these new entries in the Chinese society and attacking Samsung electronic this DARM performances of vital income from other competitors market.

They improved extensive r&d to maintain profitable production and product management. Their plan success and operation management of innovation in the DRAMS capacity is one of the satisfactions and benefit cost employers .the quality of products and Samsung original electronic mark on the world market and goods image and you want outstanding clients are one of the source of their premium prices. Today there are many approaches and systems to the innovation process.

Samsung electronics wants to know the test and desired customer diversity, because they need to develop products that adapt client diversity lifestyle and environment. Samsung has been developed, physical design, but now a day in the past and future come that interface user will be emphasized more. Samsung is one of the most respected worldwide for its design and its quality.



Samsung company may sell its consumer products and the customer. People can buy its direct goods on internets also. Samsung groups have direct selling models, and the telephone network. They may also maintain negative conversation cash cycle of this model. The company must receive payment before when what they have to pay for new raw materials. They can also use just in time management. They must be able to provide their products (electronic goods) in the right time, right and reasonable prices on track locations. By JIT approaches can make computers and other electronic goods only after the customer LAN commands and requesting materials of interest directly to the needs of customers and satisfaction.

Samsung electronics should maximize their financial shareholders by marketing to their sides equilibrium value. They should emphasise their standardized services customer and client technologies that you want. They propose skims more guaranteed as warranty .customer insurance, insurance of electronic equipment.

They should develop strategic marketing based on diversity and different economic environments. Their strategic activities should focus on their business activities. Should they produced their electronic products based on customer want, needs and time requirements. This means that they must change their basic markets required and new design technologies and marketing strategy. If they want to become the world leader and largest electronic measurement of quality marks, they should adopt TOYTA SONEY, LG and PANASONIC groups also.

It is better for them, they should produce their goods as the same quality but at different prices, and average as well as electronic Chinese markets, and this means that they should concentrate their not only high market and the rich but also poor person. They can produce their products in different quality and different prices on the basis of their capacity and design. They should manage their recruitment and selection process. They should concentrate their recruitment and selection of employees on flexibility, diversity, equal opportunities, etc. sample selection. They should motor employees on the basis of their performance and efficiency of work. They should improve their market and the marketing strategy. They should increase their shareholders, as well as shareholders.

The employee base, skillful standard and best performance shows that they can able successfully to become electronic brand world leader. Samsung electronics process design is a good thing. The product has so many designs on the basis of price and quality customer desired, different diversity. Supply network design is also a good thing. People can also purchase through the line. Using the Samsung Web site, we can find many of Samsung electronics, its goods, management system and supply chain information. The company must own websites. We can apply to work through the line.


Samsung brand is famous worldwide for its service and design, the excellent employees, reliable product innovation. A responsible approach to enterprise and global citizenship and globalization with partners and customers, Samsung takes the world in a progressive direction for the next generation.

Samsung’s mission is to be the best ‘digital electronics company’. It complies with the low and ethical care standard s environmental health and safety. Mention an eigenvalue organized culture and as to the holders of shares of client, stakeholders, employees, citizens of socially responsible co device. It tries so is best marks in the domain electronic materials in the world by improving its size, quality price, capacity or power devices.





















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