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When we talk about fast moving consumer good products so, in the mind of consumer one name arise Unilever Pakistan. Some unforgettable brands of unilever are Lifebuoy, Lux, Surf and Walls.

Unilever Pakistan plays an important role in the world of FMCG. In Pakistan number of users of unilever Pakistan limited. Since 1952, Unilever Pakistan started its operation in the town of Rahim Yar khan. 52 years ago unilever Pakistan started a plant of vegetable oil. It's started a first manufacturing plant. Unilever Pakistan brands are more famous and also fulfill the customer needs and wants.

Now a day, in Pakistan unilever brothers thinking is very enormous also contribution of country economy. Thousand of employees are doing work in unilever Pakistan. In this era, unilever Pakistan have been operating four different sites in this region. In Pakistan unilever Pakistan largest tax payer Number of mangers and workers are attach with unilever Pakistan. Employees are more enthausiatic.trained and motivational level is higher. Unilever Pakistan has targeted all Pakistani people from different product line.

Where the name of unilever brothers, Innovations and technology are there.

Rahim Yar khan site have been shifted to Karachi in the sixty's. Because the hub of working force and more villages in Rahim Yar khan. In Pakistan most of the brands of unilever are more usage Pakistani people.

International history


Sunlight soap idea has been written down by William Hesketh lever bros in 1890's. This idea has been completely successful for unilever brothers. The popular name in the world of FMCG is unilever brother in the market due to his idea. It's new product for use cleaning and hygiene in Victorian England. Its product did very helpful for woman. It does provide for individual pleasant appearance, after the use of this soap feel very pleasant and gratifying for the customer.

Unilever brother's now has been spent three centuries, unilever brothers have been successfully and up and down in the past. Unilever brothers introduces in the world of fast moving consumer goods new innovations and use advance technology for the valuable customer. Unilever brother's mission is to improve the health of every individual. Our all products are fulfilling the needs of people. Our products are providing the easy life for everyone. Unilever products are using for cleaning of your homes and our food products are provide nutrition for you also your clothes.

Now a day, unilever provide the long range of the products for the people. Unilever are doing the business for our valuable partners, working force, customers, society and the betterment for the community. Unilever brother's support and believe the social work.

Now, unilever operated businesses in100 countries.

Unilever brands

Unilever produces number of brands for the customers. In home care products are provide very long range. Unilever also provide personal care products, food products, professional cleaning and plantations.

Famous Brands

Dove, Lipton, magnum, slim-fast, bird's eye, knorr, blue band, and lux are most famous and positive brand image in the mind of the people.

Shampoo, detergent fragrances, toothpaste, for cloth cleaning floor cleaning material, oil frozen foods, walls and many more.

Unilever have been producing number of products and their vast product line for every brand.

Walls ice cream in Pakistan


Wall's Heart brand stands for a good honest scoop of pleasure. Its philosophy is to be an evangelist of pleasure: "A day without pleasure is a day lost."  

Wall's - Global Leader

Now a day Wall's operating in Around 40 countries Walls ice cream are broadly available in the world. Walls ice cream has produced large variety and many leaders are walls in all over the world. Walls own its 18% market share.

Adding Vitality to Life

For walls customers are more important so, walls produce healthy products for our valued customers. A wall has produced new innovations in this product. Walls ice cream is the first choice for kids, youngsters, man, and woman. These products are healthier and nutritious products.

History of the Heart brand

Unilever started its ice-cream product since 1922; the heart brand did introduced by unilever in 1999. Unilever gives similar heart brand logo in all countries and has move toward to be same with superiority. Wall's has runs under various names in various countries. Unilever walls are in United Kingdom and no of parts of Asia, Algida in Italy, Langnese in Germany, Kibon in Brazil, and Ola in the Netherlands).

Wall's Pakistan

Wall's launch its operation in Pakistan in 1995 establish the Wall's factory on Multan Road in Lahore. Wall begin its journey in Pakistan with latest and highly moderate equipment, the Wall's factory is a standard of hygiene and technology in the region and has become identical with quality. A number of the most favorite product loved by the consumers are now associated to Wall's; creates mouth watering blend that hardly any one can say no to it. In Pakistan unilever walls started the sell of this brand. in confront of walls one competitor polka ice,walls later buy all asset from polka ice cream.

Main features of Wall's Pakistan:

Ice-cream industry of Pakistan is ruled by Wall's.

The most important point is that Wall's make sure that every single raw material used in ice-cream making should be Halal as they know the importance of this very well in Pakistan and also assure that the whole process of ice-cream making takes place in a Halal way using required method.

History of Magnum:

Magnum is an ice cream product linked with United Kingdom unilever brothers; magnum is a heart brand of unilever. It's a product line in all countries.dutch launch this yummy product. Unilever repositioning this heart brand as magnum classic. Magnum ingredients are heavy piece of vanilla and Belgian chocolate in two colors (black and white)

Unilever magnum didn't stop here continuously production of new innovation in magnum brand. Magnum cones introduced by unilever in 1994.Magnum didn't stop here; launch new sandwich ice cream in 1992 for various types of people and different target market.

Now Magnum no of flavors introduce for our valued customers like Magnum almond, double chocolate and other flavors.

History of ice cream

In 4th century, product was introduced from the "ice cream".in early (A.D.37-38) the roman emperor when he planned that bought the ice cream from the mountain with fruit toppings and king tang.

In china introduced new innovation with mixing of ice and milk called ice cream.

Europe brings the ice cream from china. day to day new recipes of ice cream are evolve in different flavors and various countries like Italian & French royal courts.

When united state of America was import the sweet dish, then offering number of Americans. Its offering by Washington & Thomas Jefferson.marryland governor have been offering no of guest in 1700.In London newspaper printed the news that one caterer and his name Phillip lenzi sell different types sweets and desserts in 1774.

First Ice Cream Parlor in America - Origins of English Name:

In 1776 was opened first dessert shop in New York, United States of America

"Ice cream" Ice cream name come from "iced cream" & "iced tea". Now a day,

We know and demand the name "Ice cream".

Eskimo Pie

Chris nelson generated the idea in Eskimo pie bar. His idea has gave up in 1920 when was see a energetic and enthusiastic customer Rssenden Douglas

Wants to ice cream and confuse among flavors like chocolate bar & sandwich cream. When does nelson mind introduce new idea that was covered stick bar chocolate in 1934.

Ice cream market in Pakistan


We had seen that ice cream premium western dessert. Ice cream is a good dessert and reducing the cream is a favorite dessert for adults either man or woman and children. In the mind of children first priority is ice cream.

Now a days, in different occasions like (marriages, parties) are very popular dessert. In last recent years unbelievable growth rate of ice cream. In Pakistan

Milk based with cream ice cream called Kulfi is very popular and share the big market.kulfi sell in carts by street vendors.


In Pakistan, unilever walls segment is a big share in the market 66%.unilever Pakistan is a first choice of local community. In Pakistan engro foods is second seller of ice cream with mkt share 17% customers. Unilever Pakistan operates in a big market and creates a monopoly in the industry. Walls ice cream is also a very big product portfolio.

Unilever can do huge investment in advertising and strong supply chain. In Pakistan, recent example of unilever is Magnum classic big investment in advertising using bill boards, electronic media, and print media. Unilever also

Produce healthy products, strong quality and affordability of walls ice cream.

Engro foods can do also investment all these things like advertisement, excellent quality and delicious taste.

National economy is also associated with the daily use products of community business. When we talk about economy so, some economy drivers are arising our mind like disposable income, increase urbanization in past years. Consumers are trickier and also change customer pretences' demographic changes occur. In Pakistan population growth rate is 2% yearly and also advantage of these companies that 54% population less than 20 years of age incredible potential.



Now a days, fast moving consumer goods companies huge investments in advertisement. When we talk about unilever Pakistan so, we see that all sources use for advertising and promotions. I would be analyze or research about that what is the perception of the customer and what do you look for in the product your choose. Different type of things marketers can do attract to customer with the product.

In Pakistan competition is intense as all the key players are providing variety of services and as one company launches its new product in the market simultaneously other companies start launching their me - too products. Marketers can do use number of tools to sell the products. Firstly, marketers seek out that what is the target market and how can market segmentation for this group. Because life style, marital status, age, gender, profession, traits and past experience all these tools are very important for any marketer.

Marketers also can do pricing strategies, promotional strategies, positioning strategies all these tools are very important for marketer because experience of customer is not good for first time of usage of the product so, next time very difficult to attract this customer.

I would like that analyze all these problems.

This research will highlight:

Why FMCG need promotional mix tools to grab the customers?

Which one tool is more effective to capture customers?

Interest of customers toward purchase the product and services?

Which kind of thing customer attract walls brand?

Why customers prefer the magnum ice cream?



This research study is important for Fast moving consumer goods companies like unilever Pakistan walls brand as it will highlight the problems in their marketing strategies and how it affects their performance. How it positioning the customer It is also important for costumers as it will help them to know which kind of tool more attract the customer walls brand magnum It is also significant for researchers who would like to conduct further research on this issue and its related topics. This research study will be helpful in analyzing current market scenario like trends of the market, GDP, population growth rate, competition and growth possibilities.



This research study is limited to Karachi only. In order to provide a better image of the unilever Pakistan walls brand magnum situation after the rebranding the magnum ice cream.. By this study unilever walls brand can increase market shares by increasing in more customer loyalty & how to competitive edge in the market. In this way the competition will help to explain this topic in a better manner.



I thinking about that this research is very helpful for my career and also we can study about that how will affect this research an ever changing phenomenon. And also I am thinking about that this research to provide the clear image of the situation of market and consumer in Pakistan but my research its limited only Karachi.




When we term used brand so, brand word came from "brandr".we can say that about brand is used for name, term, symbol, and sign for product in the market and also differentiate the product from other competitor.


Consumer are the end user or consume the product for fulfill the need.

Consumer behavior:

In consumer behavior, we can study about that how consumer thinking, perception, reaction at the time of by the product. And also we study about how to fulfill the needs and wants of the customer.

Brand positioning:

Brand positioning means how to marketer can better image in the mind and eyes of the consumer.

Brand equity:

Brand equity term defines that power and value of the brand in the marketplace.

Brand awareness:

The term define that measure the strength of the brand in the mind of consumer that how consumer ability to choose the brand over the other brand.

Brand recall:

Brands recall means when consumers retrieve the memory at the time of purchasing.

Brand recognition:

Brand recognition means without the showing of FMCG names, but rather in the course of image signifiers like logo, slogan and color.


Advertisement means to communicate or awareness about the product or services. Advertisement are two types commercial advertising (about product and services awareness) and non- commercial (political parties, religious and any other interest group).


Promotions means to do movement designed to increase visibility or sales of a brand.

Sample size:

Sample size is use for statistical analysis sample is a subset of a population.

Chapter 2

Research and design methodology


Research term refers to seek out the solution of the problem. Or Research means to define the solution of the problem or investigation of the specific problem.

And also we can say that inquiry, systematically investigation about the problem. For example: When you go to market for the purpose to buy the product on any other thing so, we are searching about the product and analyses with other product or brand.

Business Research

We use term business research when any manager or entrepreneur conducts the research for the purpose of business For example: who is the customer or target market. Where do the business? Who is the competitor in front of business?

Business research means that study about the business either starts of the business or running business.

Business research is very essential for running any successful business.resarcher conduct the different type of surveys.

Research design and Method:

The project undertaken is causal research and hypothesis testing and also conduct exploratory research to basically explore the reasons for the FMCG firms that people buy the products through intensive Advertising, price, Brand image of the company and origin of the company. The study will comprise of qualitative data. I will conduct the survey from consumers how to perceive or which of the factor emphasis to buy the product.

Study setting:

I will have been studying from customer. It is a field study and is conductive in a non-contrived setting. No interference or manipulation will be done so as to identify the variables accurately.

A variable is that factor whose value changes from time to time, place to, place & individual to individual.

I have been doing research on consumer that why consumer attract the brand at the time of purchasing I have selected some variables like Advertising,flavor,affordability,brand image of the company, origin of the company,pricicng.

Respondent of the study:



working man & woman

General public

Time Horizon

It is a cross-sectional study as data collection is only done once.

Sources of Data

Data which are collected for the first time for a specific purpose and are original in nature are known as primary data, while those used in an investigation which have been originally collected by some one else, are known as secondary data.

Data for this research will be collected from both primary and secondary resources. Primary data will be gathered by conducting interviews, and preparing structured and unstructured questionnaires. While secondary data will be collected from newspaper, magazines, and internet.


Data will be analyzed by means of frequency distribution and percentage analysis of comparisons between results. The data will be treated statistically and the result will be presented in the form of tables, and bar/pie-charts.