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Introduction To Social Media Plan Proposal Marketing Essay

2046 words (8 pages) Essay in Marketing

5/12/16 Marketing Reference this

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This plan includes the tactical objectives to be used to accomplish two primary goals of social media: 1. Increase unique traffic to

2. Convert anonymous traffic to known visitors.

3. Improve search engine rankings


The impact of media has changed. The Internet used almost all the traditional media such as radio, print, television and direct mail. Similarly, marketing its role has changed over the past few years. Social media enables everyone to generate their own content as a result marketers are no longer the only broadcasters.

The rise of social media

The Internet is growing critical to marketing, but its moving into social digital space (Weber, 2007 [1] ). According to Weber, the social web will become the primary centre of activity in our lives. To put it differently people use the social web instead of the old media for all the services supplied. On top of that, social web brought a lot of new opportunities to exchange knowledge worldwide. According to the Internet World Statistic in June 2010 there were more than 1.96 billion people online [2] . Given this, it can be concluded that social web has great impact on the people. For instance people now interact and communicate as a society and use the web to extend existing relationships.

Moreover, using the social web people can be seen as an influencer rather than a listener. Everybody can create and distribute their knowledge and content to an audience. In addition to that, social web offers unlimited possibilities to spread thoughts and opinions.

An innovative technology called RSS (Really Simple Syndication) evolved the usage of social media. It increased the reach of blogs and given terrific push to social media’s evolution” (Mayfield, 2008 [3] ). With RSS the audience can subscribe to content they are interested in, which means they do not have to search for it.

What is social media, compared to traditional media, from the perspective of marketing?

Traditional media and social media have the same purpose yet they differ from each other in terms of content distribution and reach. In contrast, from the perspective of marketing, the distinction with regards to content and communication with the audience is significant. The social media tools share five characteristics that drive participation, openness, conversation, community and connectedness. To put it differently, these tools speculate the differences between traditional and social media. When it concerns consumer recommendation, the traditional media hardly offers anything. Since the socialisation of the web, sharing opinions has never been so easy. The consumer influence channel has changed significantly since social media and its many tools. The table below shows the difference between both types of media.

Consumer influence has become extremely important. Both Personal experience and personal recommendation is a strong tool to influence consumers. This is something that traditional media does not offer. Thus companies should start being active in social media for the increasing importance of social media. When it comes to sourcing information, low-involvement products and services are not the only categories that people research and review online. It is remarkable the number of people that research high-involvement products. Looking at the marketing angle, this reflects that consumer influence on the web is also impacting long-term marketing.

Social Networks

Companies make use of social networking to connect with their customers. Social networking sites are basically online communities where people can share personal information, opinions, share common interest and content information. These online communities offer entertaining services and help its members help to expand their networks.


Weblog is an online journal where the most recent entries appear first. People can subscribe and even leave comments. Weblog covers a wide range of content. A successful blog updates and focuses its tone, topic, links and trackbacks, comments and subscription. These features make a blog interesting. Furthermore, there is a blog distinction between personal, political and business. In the context of this report, Archello’s blog can be seen as a marketing opportunity.


Micro-blogging is a combination of social networking and instant messaging that people can create. It provides a quick way to communicate with a group of people the message can be posted on their profile. An example of micro blogging is Twitter. The content of micro blogging is limited.

Target audience

With help of Internet opinions and thoughts can be shared much easier than before. People have conversations outside their social network. The influence economy is compelling the people to become more open and social. Therefore having the right target audience will contribute to a more effective communication strategy. Archello’s target audience is very broad. Its target audience are the architect, the contracting firm, the architect school, the building contractor, the service provider and junior designer. Each target audience needs to be approached differently. An architect firm makes use of micro-blogging like LinkedIn whereas a designer student will become a fan on facebook.

Social Media Strategies:

Blog 2 hours daily

Goal: 1000 daily viewers by 1st of January 2011

Short-term objectives:

Increase recognition

3 number of posts a day

Add RSS button

Link with different architecture websites such as

Using SocialOomph

Increase engagement

Post tradeshows that Archello will participate in

Run a photo contest on Archello’s blog and flickr

Make a poll for visitors for feedback and suggestions

Post latest buzz and market trends on architecture

Provide forum page on Archello’s blog

Key Metrics:

Number of posts

Audience growth‐ unique and returns

Conversation rate



Social Networks 2 hours daily

Goal: 10.000 likes by February 2011

Short-term objectives:

Facebook fan page

3 number of posts a day

Link the fan page with other informative web pages such as

Participate in others groups like Archdaily

Use facebook involver applications to enhance the fan page

Use Facebook add badge to increase recognition

Create a “invite us” button on Archello website for the exhibitions

Archello members should start leaving a comment on fan page about a post

Enhance the fan page

Total budget: €700 euro per month

Post relevant and inspiring case studies focusing on the design process and start discussion board where architects can discuss how they would handle a project.

Start using WordPress and LiveJournal to write small piece on the architecture industry and link it back to

Run a contest of top 10 photographs. Pictures will be uploaded on Flickr, Facebook and The following text will appear on Flickr for the contest:

We are going to publish the best 10 photos from this pool every month on The photos will highlight the best Flickr talents on the architecture website. Once we pick our 10 favorite photos we are going to let the photographers know via Flickrmail to let them know we are going to publish the photos. You can also join us on facebook:!/pages/Archellocom/130796890286255


Keep the Profile up to date

Start a discussion on new projects and trends related to Archello

Follow companies who already are users of Archello

Participate in Q&A, this will built credibility

Join other groups to extend the number of followers

Key Metrics:

Referrals from social networks

Friends on Social Networks

Micro blogging (Twitter) 2 hours weekly

Goal: 3000 followers by 1st of February 2011

Short-term objectives:

Adjust the key words on twitter to attract more followers

Update company profile

Post trade shows that Archello will be visiting

Post exhibition video’s of Archello

Follow daily follow 90 to 110 new people

Total budget Twitter: $29,95

Key Metrics:


2nd‐order followers (follower’s follower count)

Pages ranking on key terms from micro blogging sites

Widgets 1 hour per month

Short-term objectives:

Creation of widgets at

Distribution of widgets like chat rooms, Vimeo badge and social share badge on

Key Metrics

Usage of widgets (by count)

Posts/Mentions about social widgets offsite

Bookmarking 2 hour daily

Short-term objectives:

Update and Post stories on the following sites:





Stumbleupon: bookmark each story or project and use wordpress blog to increase exposure.



Add This

Key Metrics:

Referrals from bookmarking sites

Pages ranking on key terms from bookmarketing sites

Online Video 2 hours weekly

Short-term objectives:

Update videos on social video sites and link to


Use a friend adder program: Tube Blaster Pro

Key Metrics:

Referrals from social video sites

Views of videos on social sites

Pages ranking on key terms from Youtube

Photo sharing 2 hours weekly

Short-term objectives:

Photo’s of the exhibition and Archello stand

Share the photo’s with links back to blog and


Facebook Photo Gallery

Archello’s blog

Key Metrics:

Referrals from photo sharing sites

Views of photos on social sites

Pages ranking on key terms from photo sharing sites

Marketing suggestions to increase recognition and exposure:

Create a “invite us” button on Archello website for the exhibitions etc

Updating the blog with the latest projects and ideas relating to sustainability, content updates

Organize a party for moving to Amsterdam or having the best augmented reality

Top 5 architecture tips every week and link this to facebook, twitter etc

Start using WordPress and LiveJournal to write small piece on the architecture industry

Try to link the website with and since they have a major online publications

Make use of Ad banners on facebook to increase brand awareness

Participate on tradshows: at least once a month

Post once a day links on different architecture pages. These pages include:

Architecture (Visual Artist) number of likes: 62,079

Architecture (page) number of likes: 249,181

Architecture Lab (webpage) number of likes: 5,248

ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN (page) number of likes: 127,885

ARCHITECTS ARE SEXY (page) number of likes: 59,164


How To Write Your Social Media Plan In 8 Steps

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