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History Background Of Vita Bread Marketing Essay

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5/12/16 Marketing Reference this

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This brief report serves the purpose of this project to develop the Marketing plan for re-launching of VITA Bread in Pakistan. VITA Bread when launched in Pakistan became a reputable brand due to its relationship with well reputed owner Mantis and good quality of bread when there were a small number of players in market. It is a national company, which operated in many major parts of the country. At times VITA bread has also proved to be the one of the best quality bread in Pakistan.

There Were Certain Reasons for which VITA Bread Got Closed in Pakistan:

Some of the reasons include competition of brands like Bake Parlour bread & dawn bread in this report we will talk about the strategies which can be used to re-launch VITA bread.

It is hoped that after adapting these strategies VITA bread can again become a well-liked brand amongst the Pakistani people. If VITA bread is re-launched in Pakistan Bake parlour and Dawn bread will be its primary competitors. Firstly we have done the market sensing, then business analysis. According to the survey, we think VITA bread will be the success in the market so we are launching VITA bread in the market VITA bread on trial basis in metro cities.


Mr. Muhammad AlyManji (1927-1995) founder of Manjis was fifth generation businessman. After migration from INDIA in 1947 he joined hands with Lakdawalas to start a household insecticide business under brand name of FINIS which became a generic name for household insecticides. The business flourished and expanded to an extent that just the trade mark FINIS was sold to S.C Johnson Inc. of USA in year 199 for US$6.0 million.

Start of VITA Bread:

Majins established a first bread unit in 1978 under the brand name of VITA with an investment of PKR 600,000 (US$ 10,000). VITA was one of the leaders baking industry sector in Pakistan with seven baking units, processing the largest company owned direct distribution network.

They Were a Family owned company that owns and operates 18 production facilities across Pakistan. Bread and allied bakery products was there flagship product. They produce biscuits & crackers, extruded & fried snack, Recipe premixes, fruit beverages, bottled water. Pasta & spaghettis, long life milk & assorted liquid dairy products, baby food & drinks, Multigrain flour and special application dry dairy product.

Core Competency:

Besides 18 production units Mantis have a network of 9 regional offices. Having most elaborate direct distribution network in Pakistan with more than 360 delivery vans covering a distance of 20,000 Km per day touching over 30,000 retail outlets daily right across the length and breadth of Pakistan along with 230 general distributions.


Corporate office: Lahore

Regional Office: Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Peshawar.

Liaison office: Dubai-UAE, Corpus Christi- USA


Bread & Allied Bakery

Biscuits & Crackers

Beverage/Fruit Drink

Baby Food & Cereal

Dry Milk powder

Food flexi-Film

Fired & extruded snack

Recipe Pre-mixes

Wheat Flour milling

Why VITA bread Fail in Market:

To bread which was only 4% & they couldn’t continue in the markets.

Vita bread didn’t give attention on promotional side

Vita bread finally stopped production in 2009 because they couldn’t meet their finances.

VITA bread had some supply chains issues.

They have some quality issue also.

Why we need to re-launch of VITA bread:

The initiative to launch VITA bread seems to be a great idea, as enough opportunity is available in market in terms of quality and value both.

Before going to launch VITA bread in Pakistan Markets, there are several things to be analyzed as per consumer needs & wants.

The research of VITA bread quality still in the Mind of Consumers so re-launch will make them keep their old memories.

GAP Analysis: Consumers are more conscious about their health as well as relationship between diet food & finest health. Different concerns have caused consumers to observe their nutritional habits closely. The rising Media exposure on health, the growing incidence of health surroundings (diabetes, fatness & cardiac problems), concerns over physical facade, changing lifestyle and also prominent costs of healthcare have all contribute to the demand for improved bakery products. In addition, the aging baby boomer inhabitants have definite effect in growing the order for the healthy foods. Some accepted trend in the market are the introduction of low/light, natural and natural products as describe below.

Product Qualities (differentiation): Our VITA bread will give the following type of health interrelated benefits which will give the improved health.

Low Light Bread: Our VITA bread will be concentrated fat and carbohydrates. With the growing incidence of heaviness and esteem of diets how calorie food will expand mammoth popularity which will be our central part capability.

Natural & Organic Bread: the rising of the health awareness and concern over the consumers of artificial ingredients have rised the demand for natural products. Bread products that hold all natural ingredients are liable to succeed in this competitive market. Organic bread is yet another category of the bread and run very high level of market position in recent times and the products are neatly labeled to describe attention to their organic nature. We will also describe further these quarries.

Industry Analysis

Bread Industry in PAKISTAN: The bread industry in Pakistan has many changes in the last twenty five years. It has emerged as a small bakery, which is processing industry to many industrial bread making units all over Pakistan. The bread industry in Pakistan is flourishing very rapidly and bread products are gaining much status. Bread has been accepted as a popular replacement of rice, naan, chappati, paratha. Pakistani diet consists of many substitute for bread, which are cheaper and chosen over bread by a bulk of the population.

Mission Statement:

This is a family company selling traditionally baked bread with a freshness and quality you really can taste.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to capture the market get the product favorite because it has improved a lot through the Pakistani market to be continued and get all the areas of the business as they were before.

We are going to commit the product development through the market and working through our consumers that are why we again invest the time to study the consumer thoughts and their needs and wants.


Our main target of goal is to achieve the improvement and quality of a product, freshness and a better service to our consumers. Which was in 2008 history?

Market Trend:

Market is presently not using up to dated technology and generally companies are interested making the beads that remain at low cost. There is good option to have good competitive strategy in the market. There is a vast market available where one can hit the target market.

The currently ratio if the Pakistan population of consumers are at the packaged bread. The major factors for such a low % of people intense bread are mostly economical and cultural. Pakistani diet consists of many substitutes for bread, which are at low cost & preferred over bread by a majority of the population.

Competitor analysis:

Competitor analysis in marketing is an evaluation of the strengths & weakness of current and potential competitors. This analysis provides both an offensive & defensive strategic context through which to identify opportunities and threats. Competitor profiling combines all of the relevant sources of competitor analysis into one framework in the support of efficient and effective strategy formulation, implementation, monitoring and adjustments.

Competitors of VITA bread:




Channels of Distribution:

Channels of distribution for VITA bread will be intensive because VITA will operate six plans throughout Pakistan. The bakery’s distribution network will hire more than 50 vehicles which will deliver baked products to more than 200 retail outlets and will making it one of the largest distribution networks for any product in the country customers are located in major metropolitan areas, secondary metropolitan areas and rural areas. We will develop a manufacturing process utilizing state of the art bakery machinery combining it with locally developed equipment. This unique combination resulted in products which are closer to the actual taste and form that we make at home. We wanted our consumers to feel like that the bread is baked at home.


FAB (Features, attributes, benefits) ANALYSIS:


The common scenario of the selling the product is depend on the sales man which associates them with new improved quality of vita bread. Another variant of the vita bread features trap will be when the customers come with a check list of the features that they want anything that does not have all features is immediately rejected, the list of the product with extra features are unobserved. When they have pointed down their choices to a set of products that have all features they want, then choose exclusively on price.


The benefits of vita bread will be what the consumer’s are going to gain from the product. The benefit from the selling that it sold that we really want from it not what they say, they want or what you want to sell. With benefits, consumer will get them wound up and expressively busy as some people were close to the vita bread in the past.


Attributes are intangibles that are associated with the product, not the person (and hence are not yet benefits) our product specifications will be according to the customer needs.


FLOUR: Hard wheat flour or bread flour is for the yeast bread, for the soft breads uses all purposes flour, if the procedure is adapted to all type of flour. Bread flour ha high gluten (wheat protein)and necessary to develop the glutens it can hold up loaf of bread, making the bread light in texture.

Liquid: Water, potato water, milk or other liquids may be used in making bread. The bread will be whiter in color and have greater value if the milk is used. both milk and potato water prevents bread from becoming state so rapidly as bread in which water is only liquid.

Yeast: It is very small plants; it must be kept fresh and active. Yeast may be bought in dry granulated from or compressed cakes or grown at home in the form of “starter” or “liquid yeast”.

Fat: The fat in dough makes the bread tendered and increases its keeping qualities. Any high quality cooking fat is satisfactory.

Sugar: Yeast plants grow quickly in the presence of a small amount of sugar as it is food for their growth. A golden-brown color will be given to the crust by the use of sugar.

Salt: gluten is made stronger by the salt.


2 3/4 c. liquid

1/2 to 1 ounce (1 to 2 packages or cakes) yeast

3 tbsp. sugar

4 tsp. salt

2 tbsp. fat

Market segmentation:

Market segmentation is an effort to increase a company’s accuracy marketing. A market consists of a large individual group within a market with related wants, purchasing power, physical location, buying approach, or buying habits. We have done the segmentation on the basis of the following variables:

Demographic segmentation:

Demographic segmentation includes Age, Gender, income, social class & occupation.

Gender: VITA bread can br used by males and females both

Income: VITA bread is basically for middle upper class people and it will be easily affordable.

Age: VITA bread will be useful at every stage of life but or example size is 18 to 50 years age people.

Geographic segmentation:

Area: VITA bread first will be available in Lahore and then in metro cities in Pakistan.


After segmenting the market we are targeting the following segments:

Income groups:

We will be targeting all income groups who are already a affording the bread for their breakfast say people with incomeof 25000 rupees per month and above than that.

Youth: a huge potential market for the VITA bread lies with youth whom we will be specially targeting with advertizing campaigns.


VITA bread will be available in two sizes medium and large so it will be highly convenient to carry along during large journeys or trips.

Marketing strategies:

Promotion strategies: it shows that what is the position of the customers believes about the product and values of it, the benefits and the features of the product, this product is also at a competitive level in the market to avail the alternatives by this competition period nowadays. These norms and belives are also assigned by the customers who are reliable to the product and focused those products which they experienced. Than the consumers are growing up toward the product through the advertisement and promotion.

The Marketing managers handled the product positioning by focusing their marketing activities on a positioning strategy. Price, promotion, channels of distribution, and advertising all are to maximize the selected positioning strategy.

Basic strategies for product positioning that we have used:

By attribute or benefit:

The vita bread nutria’s qualities that make you feel different. It tastes great and that it is rich.

By use or application:

Good taste from the ordinary bread. Our younger generation can use it with butter or eat the simple loaf.

By user:

Everyone wants to have a different taste may have VITA bread.


POSITIONS THE PRODUCT: Because we are worth it.

Investing in creating a stronger brand personality: It will base on a upscale, character that people will aspire to associate with because it already had a name in market before.

Using the internet/web site:

Currently vita bread had a website but not working properly except the homepage it will be active and different pages will be made of it on social websites like face book, twitter, Google plus etc in future to target and sell younger buyers, news buyers.

On re launch of vita bread is not only for Lahore first and then slowly, we will move to metro cities of Pakistan and we want in every house, every restaurant, where, there it is need and it does so with simple actions statements describing what you intend to accomplish.

Above the line sales promotion (ATL):

VITA bread will use above the line (ATL) sales promotion that will be advertised through media such as;








Advertisement objective:

The main objective of the product is to advertise through their communication channels, commercials to earn their profit the product right place in the market.

To earn profits

To compare,

To gain attention,

To inform,

To persuade, or

To remind our customers about our product and brand name


The currently campaign of vita bread is developed with the intension of being used for a substation period of nine months but it might be short lived or extended due to factors such as being effective or market conditions.


60% of the television viewers, 70% of radio users, 60 % of radio users  and 90% of news paper readers should be exposed to the ads or commercials which are on media and media schedule within a period of four months in the big cities of Pakistan such as;






The frequency in the beginning will be high. It will keep high for some months for the period after the soft launch and later it can be decrease. There will be changes in the frequency with the time and market conditions.

Media Vehicle:

The print and electronic medium employed in an advertising campaign used by VITA is as follow.









FM 100





FM 106.2





89 FM





FM 101





FM 99








Promotional Materials:

Some of the promotional materials are as these which we use:

Point of sale Point of sale (POS) Terminals:

VITA has position different checkout counters in big general stores like Hyper star, Metro, AL-FATEH, Pace and HKB. Plus they have placed very different and unique and stylish type of racks to the shops, which are very good-looking and heart appealing.

Participation in Trade Fairs and Exhibitions:

VITA has stalls in the different Exhibitions held in different schools, universities and cities. Where they will sell and tell the consumers about the VITA bread.

Broachers and Leaflets:

VITA has very attractive and appealing broachers which VITA has distributed with the news papers and they have also placed it on the cash counters in different stores. Plus, VITA is now having a man standing on the entrance of big shopping malls in the cities.

Banner & Hoardings:

VITA will placed banners on different squares in the city and they have the hoarding placed on the malls and stalls in the exhibitions.


Price is not just the number or tag on the product. But it is the most important thing.

 Psychological Pricing:

VITA is selling at PRS.50. and 35PRS so they are using the Psychological pricing currently Retail prices are often articulated as odd prices: a little less than a round number, e.g. PRS19.99 instead of $20. Psychological pricing is a key factor o in terms of marketing that these prices have a psychological contact that drives demand greater than would be expected if consumers were perfectly balanced. Psychological pricing is main cause of price points.

Price Elasticity and Customer sensitivity:

Price Elasticity: it has changed the percent value which is demanded as per the percentage change in price of the same product. The price elasticity of demand is a measure of the sensitivity of quantity demanded to changes in price. It is calculated as elasticity that is it measures the relationship as the ratio of percentage changes between quantity demanded of a good and changes in its price.

In other words that we are going to demand for the product and it can be said a very inelastic In if consumers will pay price for the product, and it will be elastic, if consumers will pay more or less than from the actual product price..

The Inelastic demand seems like a producer can grow up the product price without thanked about the the demand is low or high in the market and the elastic demand shows that the consumers are more aware about the product price and will not buy buy that the product is sold at that high price, they consider too much.

The demand of the vita bread is elastic because such as the price of the vita bread are growing up, there are so many substitute that may consumers divert to different products.

Customer sensitivity:

Customers are very sensitive and they want fresh bread in the breakfast and if they don’t get it then they might dislike the product because of the availability.

SWOT Analysis:


Old loyal name of VITA bread in customers mind still.

Our new taste will attract such type of consumers who are taste changer.

Our ability to produce options keeps more consumer interest and needs met

Our new production technology will enable us to mass produce products more efficiently and quickly than other old companies and our older times.

High skilled labor

Talented marketing managers

Motivated sale team


1. The more product line extension we produce, the more production costs will increase.

2. New technology and production methods will require greater preparation and back-up wants



   Weak Brand Loyalty,

   Product range,

   Product Quality

2.  Creating a healthy product that provides diet value.

3.  Our new taste will attract many such type of consumers who are taste changer.

4.  Market is still untapped with quality bread in an economical price range.

To create the awareness

Emphasizes on the business ethics


1. There are large companies who have brand loyal customers providing the market with not exactly similar but milky and other breads.

2. There is open market everywhere means any new company or existing ones can start the same production that may have more experience or more qualified staff.

3. Existing competitors in the market


Vita Confectionery:

Vita is going to be one step ahead of its traditional competitor, like dawn and bake parlor. Vita bread is going to launch Vita show room, A shop like gourmet or Duce, but unlike these two bakery giants we are not going to deal in all the bakery items. But we are going to create giant stores where you can get all the vita products. And for bulk buying you will save special discounts. This is our future planning. 1st we are going to penetrate in the urban market like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad. We are going to start our all manufacturing unit. So vita supply can come into the market all people start knowing about the bread is coming in the market.


“We are quite confident to have a successful launching of the VITA bread in the market.”

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