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CIBA Vision is an international leader in R&D (Research and Development) and manufacturing of contact lenses and lens care products. It was first established in the 1980s and its headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia. CIBA VISION was started off to help enjoy one of the best gift-which is our healthy vision. CIBA VISION is the eye-care unit of Novartis, whom is considered to be part of their parent company and it is the leading pharmaceutical company in the world providing health-care solutions. They provide services to fit people’s living-style, choices and needs in more than 68 countries all over the world. They give people many choices of products to choose for our vision needs. In addition, they do improvise the products by further research and testing, exploring them with new materials and with a high level of technology to outshine their competitors in the market and to give the customers their best quality product in which people can benefit from.

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3) Mission

i) Shared Passionƒ  CIBA VISION collaborates with eye-care professionals worldwide as a result of shared passion to improve and protect our eyes and make our lives meaningful. They arrange international events to deliver professional education and hands-on development to ensure the highest level of patient-care. Furthermore, passion is shown from sponsorships helping to raise funds for less-developed countries in which their people need eye and healthcare solutions.

ii) Healthy Visionƒ  CIBA VISION believes the key to a better future in eye-care will be only possible if there’s innovation. This is why they do not stop their researching for new materials, testing them out using high level of technologies and explore whether the product could be made useful for the people. Such innovations are needed to solve problems. For example, in 2001, it was the first to introduce Lightstream Technologyâ„¢, in manufacturing of contact lens which means good quality and reproduction for high lens performance.

iii) Better Lifeƒ  CIBA VISION develops new quality products and also has many varieties to choose from. The products not only improve our vision, but also our self-confidence, looks and well-being. The products also meet up to needs, comfortness and life-style of today’s people.


CIBA VISION’s vision is to make us people live through life’s most precious gift-our eye’s clear vision and unforgettable moments as pictures. In addition, they are constantly working to deliver us the best products they could just to improve, safeguard and preserve our eyesight with their contact lenses and lens care products.


CIBA VISION values both the customers and consumers as they are essential and also contributes to the company’s success.

In CIBA VISION, every employee have the ownership mentality.(leadership qualities)

CIBA VISION believes in consistent and persistent progress on innovation to be a global leader in the market.

In CIBA VISION, everyone works as a TEAM for greater success.(Teamwork)

Action, Initiative, Speed and Flexibility is focused here in CIBA VISION.

In CIBA VISION, there are different people from different countries working together as ONE.

If any ethical issue arises, they do the right thing to solve them.

6) CIBA VISION’s Milestones (Progress Markers)

Since the company started from the 1980s, it believes on innovation for their products by their research and testing using high-level of technology, better than their competitors of similar-selling products. How they started with their progress was being the first company to launch tinted visibility soft contact-lenses which meant they were on introduction stage in the product life-cycle. Being the first to introduce proves that they wanted to establish the market for this product type and also to persuade the innovators (people who take risk to try a new product) and early adopters/majority who will only try the product from the positive feedback from the innovators which will later result in increased profits, also making them go to higher level of the Product Life-Cycle to growth and finally to maturity level. Then in 1984, they also were the starters to produce comfortable-to-wear colour enhancing contact lenses. From 1985 to 1990s, they took over Cooper Vision and American optical company’s lens care products ranges and also their contact lenses product lines as part of expansion. The biggest year for CIBA VISION was on 1996 when it merged with Novartis, a leading pharmaceutical company in the world providing health-care solutions. From this merger, CIBA VISION became the eye-care unit of Novartis and came up with much more discoveries. In 1997, they started off with having lens-care neutralizer/cleaner built in with the lens case for user convenience. In 1998, they first launch the soft high-oxygen contact lenses which meant more oxygen for the eyes than any other contact lenses at that point of period. 2001 was a very good achievement year as they had Lightstream Technologyâ„¢, in manufacturing of contact lens which means good quality and reproduction for high lens performance. The most popular product till is now named as Focus Dailies was launched back then too. From year 2002 till 2005, they had new products as AOSEPT lens-care solution, disposable lens for both normal and for people having astigmatism, FreshLook Colour contact lenses for both light and dark eye-coloured people, contact lenses for people with conditions like near-sighted, far-sighted and for prevention from sensitivity of dust. In mid 2005, multi-million dollar manufacturing area to expand production of Focus Dailies lenses was built here in Singapore. From then to now, they have done improvements to Focus Dailies like having new type of Focus Dailies AquaComfort Plus having triple action moisturizers that work together in lubricating, moisturizing and refreshing our eyes for the comfort throughout the day, which purpose is that with every blink, our eyes will become moisturized which is far better when compared to the normal Focus Dailies.

7) Market segmentation (Based on a popular product of CIBA VISION (Focus Dailies with AquaComfortPlus)

i) Demographic segmentation

Focus dailies targets teenagers and group of working adults from the age of 16 and above. The product targets consumers with above average to higher class income rate as their products are quite expensive. Most female purchases more of the company products then male consumers due to their occupation like modelling and it also serves as convenience for most occasions.

ii) Psychographic segmentation

As we know from the demographic segmentation, their main attraction is from teenagers to working adults. Their company produced variety of designs like round and oval. Not only that, they produce lenses for people who have different eye conditions like near-sighted/far-sighted, etc. In this way, it can meet their life-style needs and also would be something convenient for them.

iii) Behavioral segmentation

Occasion like holidays will help company to make good sales in their product. For travelling, it is surely more compact and disposable packages would makes it much easier and convenient for own usage. Benefit makes it close to natural vision, with no side effect if worn and fitted correctly. Majority of people does not want to wear spectacles because of the spec marks due to long usage; therefore they prefer using contact lenses to wearing specs. Sport enthusiasts will love contact lenses because of its peripheral vision being better for most sports, making it more comfortable in their activity, also safer and easier in any movement. I also feel another problem wearing spectacles is that it’s hard to maintain keeping them clean because of sweat, water and dust. Another group of people mostly, teenagers and young adults say they do not look good with spectacles just because they follow fashion very blindly, For example, they follow their favourite idols and want to look like them. They also have the misconception thinking wearing spectacles is very old-fashioned and looks nerdy in this generation.

iv) Target Consumer

Daily focus contact lenses attracts and target teenagers aging from 16-30 from this demographic environment teenage at the age range of 16 to around 30 from this demographic environment. Lenses would be appropriate for parties like birthdays, weddings, photo shoots and other grand occasions. Nowadays, more and more teenagers to middle-aged people are turning to contacts as it is convenient and they feel better in their appearance.


Uses LightStream Technologyâ„¢ for its contact lens making it soft and comfortable for at least 16 hours usage.

Uses LACREONâ„¢ Technology for its contact lens for making it comfortable for at least 14 hours usage.

Made from nelfilicon polymer, this is very light and more comfortable and allows 91% of available oxygen to the eyes.

Made from hydrogen material (etafilcon A), this allows breathability providing 88% of oxygen to the eyes.

Has a light-bluish tint (Visitint) for easy handling (easy insertion and removal).

Visibility tint where lens are blue so that can spot easily in our lens case.

No need to use contact drops with this new type of contact lens.

Mostly for people who have far-sightedness, near-sightedness and astigmatism.

Mostly for people who have far-sightedness and near-sightedness.

It also suits people with allergies as it can reduce symptoms of severe allergic conjunctivitis and less burning feeling and redness in eyes.

Believed to be the contact lens having highest UV-A/UV-B in lens of disposable type.


i) Strengths: CIBA Vision is an international leader in R&D (Research and Development) and manufacturing of contact lenses and lens care products. CIBA VISION is the eye-care unit of Novartis, whom is considered to be part of their parent company and it is the leading pharmaceutical company in the world providing health-care solutions. Together, CIBA VISION and Novartis produce new products that bring new hopes and improve lives of people all around the world. They are known for their technology breakthrough and also from their research, in which they are able to produce a range of lenses to cater to the majorities.

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ii) Weaknesses: They are a little group of people who claimed that their company’s lenses WITHOUT AquaComfort Plus caused eye irritations and dryness as it did not have the moisturizing agent to keep the eyes feel comfortable and due to this reason, they had to unnecessarily put contact drops to help them. Not only is that, FOCUS dailies more expensive compared to other lens from their competitors of similar-selling range of contact lens and lens care products. What are their big weaknesses is also they do not sell coloured contact lenses (so they refer buyers to buy their company’s another product which is FreshLook contacts which comes in colours) and do not have much UV protection as the other brands. Their current website of needs to be changed totally as it lacks the videos and is also not very detailed in their information on their lenses compared to other competitor’s websites which is more interesting, which spurs our curiosity to see whatever the cool colourful products they got.

iii) Opportunities: They can do new FOCUS dailies disposables in which they could be more coloured types using the same platform of AquaComfort Plus, but with a better UV protection. They should also set the price lesser, making it more affordable for more people to buy the products. They can revamp the website by making it more attractive for people to visit and have a look. They can improve their marketing strategies by advertisements in TV, radio and magazines and also promote the products in shopping malls and in schools/tertiary institutions. They can implement trials/samples for people to try the product and purchase it if they like them. All these will make their weaknesses to be reduced and would continue to uphold as good brand name in the market.

iv) Threats: There are many companies out there in this industry selling similar-range of products in contact lens and lens care products which means there would be a high competition. Competition in product quality, features, technology and price are some factors that the consumers will compare before going to buy the product. There are other common competitors like Acuvue, Pro-Clear, Bausch&Lomb, Johnson&Johnson and many other not-so-popular brands which have their own advantages and disadvantages, competing to become the best-seller(based on popularity and people buying their products), getting more revenue for their company, and develop more further.

10) WHY is CIBA VISION still favoured by many people?

People trust this company due to long history (30 years) and their company’s mission and vision.

CIBA VISION is a company which never stops in research and development using new high-technology to deliver superb quality contact lenses and lens care products.

They also have product developments on most of their products including Focus Dailies and even FreshLook and even on their lens care products such as Solo Care-AQUA and AOSept Plus cleaner.

People who have used their products and who got satisfied of their product ranges became their regular customers and also recommended their products to friends.

11) Conclusion

CIBA VISION Company must continue on their strengths, work on their weaknesses and make opportunities which will make them levels higher than their competitors (threats).As they are many competitors in this field, they must find ways to outshine them and be OUTSTANDING so as to attract more people-maybe even people who are middle-aged. They should also have customer feedback form/blogs on their products-which could say how their products are (advantages and disadvantages).From here, they can look upon to improving the product. In addition, they should analyze on how really their competitors are market their products and what leads them to success. In this way, they could see ways of bettering their product lines and also their company’s brand establishment, remaining being an international leader in R&D (Research and Development) and manufacturing of contact lenses and lens care products.

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