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Efficient Ways To Promote Business

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Wordcount: 1207 words Published: 2nd May 2017

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The main purpose to own a marketing plan to promote the business which includes its strategy, its direction, its services and lastly to determine the profit base of a business.

With the current I.T Technologies, one of the most efficient ways to promote business is using e-commerce. With these I.T methods, online business can easily spread over the nation and all around the world especially using Social Networking Application Tools for example, Facebook and Twitters to introduce the website URL and allows the reader to become fan and gained benefit for it such as first 100 registered fans earn free10 online bonus points for online transaction.

Another online method is using online media advertisement through Youtube – an online shared short movie site where we can easily advertisement through short clip movie.

Other from online advertisement, we can put the advertisement in different presentation media such as through newspaper, television, road-side billboard advertisement board, leaflet, small sized sport shoe with our website URL printed and much more advertisement media.

In order to make attraction to existing and new potential customer either online or offline method, we can able to arrange some promotion activities and events to promote our newly established e-commerce services by online banner advertisement through local famous blogger online website with permission, publishing through local newspaper using unique upside down advertisement format.

In additional, the website should be keep updated from time to time for latest shoe fashion, designed and always shown the famous artist or actor picture where he or she appointed as their brand shoe authorized ambassador where it will be another way to attract youngster customer where the shoe authorized ambassador is their fan idol or which famous sport team sponsor brands such as Adidas or Nike which was all available shoe brand at your store.

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By participating using the online social networks, we can do promote new services through e-commerce. People can just simply click ‘LIKE’ button and share information such as store promotion throughout the added friends list and other ways is using ‘search engine optimization’ is to attract subscribers to your website from other search engines where it is an idea for launching new website purpose.

Other than that, we can organize some gathering events especially with local famous bloggers where their blog site having high user accessing at all times – one of the best idea to promote online business. Also create some merchandise with your website address printed as one of the publicity promotion.

One of effectiveness ways is try to get your store as a authorized dealer for the famous shoe brand in the country or region where your store website will be listed in their website where it accessing by worldwide where mostly consumer will first get surfing through their favorite brand website and search for their local authorized dealer. Once your store appointed as a authorized dealer, try to print the brand name at your business card where it is also one of the ways to promote your store status which will reflected to your store reputation.

I would like to suggest making an internet kiosk at the store so that walk in customer will able to aware on the store website and allows customer to apply membership through the website and it is also another way to present the shoes which available at the store rather than walking around the shop which the customer will feel more convenient and accessible for themselves.

As for no less effectiveness, do promote through yellow pages directory and show your company details in brief such as Website URL, store address and contact number or even a small map to locate the store or try to make advertisement on the famous sport magazine and newsletter.

On the website, allows subscriber to gain more information of the special shoes such as the shoe material, what type of sport is the ideal for the shoes, the shoes is used by any famous person especially by athletes for example NBA star. If possible, make some notification of the website if there is some promotion ongoing. Provide foot care services or health information which is considered as useful information or awareness to the subscriber. Allow the subscriber to make comments on the website such as inquiry or FAQ column. It will be wise if able to provide size graph or chart and even different region (US or UK) foot size for the foot measurement purpose.

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We should implement some customer services which would make the subscriber feel more convenient while they purchase shoe through online. The customer services can able to make online payment methods such as Mastercard, Visa or Paypal or even provide them free shipping during launching new website promotion or charge subscriber another 5% for the shipping free and it would be great to implement Tracking system so that once transaction is successful, buyer will be able to track their purchase item easily until it is delivery to the buyer side and let buyer to put some comment or message on our services so that we will be aware should there need any improvement and it able to bring our online business to another next level.

Another measurement should be available at the website such as accessing website metering. From there, we can able to analysis and comparing with the store amount of walk in customer in weekly or monthly basis.

One of promote for newly launched website is using Online chiropody services. This service can able to assist subscriber to aware especially when during the shoe advertisement through any promotional activities where subscriber interested the way of advertising and allow subscriber understand what type of shoe suitable for their purpose. With this kind of services, it may attract new potential subscriber and consider an idea to promote online business.


According on an ideally and strategic marketing plan, promote online business or e-commerce is very easy and useful. But of course, we should do consideration in other business factors such as its consequences, allocated budgeting and the most important is to gather sufficient information as much as possible so that it is possible to make look more interesting to the subscriber at all times.

Although there are variety ways of advertisement and with limited allocated budgeting, it would be make difficulties as it is the main key point for the overall idea. With e-commerce, limited budgeting will be put aside, as internet basically is free for everyone and easily to make online advertisement such as online classification web site – one of the best resources to promote online business.

With good planned marketing plan and if possible with some financial strength, I believe this online advertisement will get a start point and success as nowadays people preferred to purchase through online as in a way of convenient and accessible at anywhere or any places as long as availability of internet access. Listen

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