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Do You Satisfy The Food In Kfc Marketing Essay

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5/12/16 Marketing Reference this

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Is a tool, an external market research company or oversight organizations, or to measure the quality of service or compliance supervision by the company about their own, or to collect specific information products and services use. The specific identity of the mystery of consumers generally do not know the organization’s assessment. Mystery customer to perform specific tasks, such as the purchase of products, ask questions, complaints, or performance in some way, and provide detailed reports or feedback about their experience.

A form of mystery shopping customer feedback. Enterprises paid mystery shopper feedback, and use it to improve customer service, the quality of the product, or to comply with certain rules. Due to the the mysterious customer’s identity is a secret, a mystery shopping shops and restaurants, to know what is processing the customer experience is just. Moreover, the companies hope will improve the overall customer service, if employees know that any given customer is a mystery shopper.

A restaurant service, and money to prepare the food and beverage customers and revenue, general eat meals premises, but many restaurants offer a convenient way to customer orders, may be you can order online or phone ordersa few minutes later, the food will be provided to your house.

Hotel accommodation providers. The hotel management is a major undertaking. Larger hotels offer good facilities, enabling them to identify their customers’ needs, and the development of what customers expect. A resort for leisure or entertainment. This will attract tourists during the holidays or vacation. The resort places, towns or sometimes by the company’s commercial establishments. Under normal circumstances, the man will resort to a special conferenceroom, spacious accommodations and a variety of dining and entertainment provided for them to enjoy comfortable.


Those are three of business; I will chose KFC fast food restaurant as my topic.Therefore,KFC also is the world’s largest fast-food chain’s fried chicken; the company is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, United States. “American Idol”, which is the second largest restaurant chain McDonald’s, has more than 17,000 outlets in 105 countries and regions. KFC also attract many customer such as kids, family and also teens. Therefore, KFC also provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for customer.


Why do you want have a meal in a fast food restaurant?

This question is based on customer preference and reply. Many customer like to have a meal in a fast food restaurant because it fast and cheap. Therefore, advertisement and other reason also will remind you that the fast food restaurant is around you when you don’t know what you want to eat. You will also feel boring when you always eat on coffee shop and other restaurant. This will also affect you to choose a fast food restaurant to have a meal.

When you want to have a meal in a fast food restaurant?

This question is based on customer preference and reply.Customer will come on morning, afternoon, night and also midnight. There are many different consumers, for example; student will come to have a meal after school or class. And also, parents will bring their children along to have a meal after working for the whole day. Some teenagers also like to have a meal during midnight while watching football.

Will KFC appear to your mind for the first choice fast food restaurant?

It will depend on the consumer maybe they would prefer some other fast food restaurant such as Papa John, Kenny Roger, MacDonald and other fast food restaurant.Therefore, from the result and comparison we can see that any special addition or promotion it will also attract customer and upgrade their strategy of business to manage restaurant.

What type of meal you will prefer to have on KFC?

This is depending on the customer taste because this is their choice. We also find out that what type of meal that our customer would like to prefer. When we find out what customer like we also would like to come out a new product and meal to satisfy customer.

Do you satisfy the food in KFC?

The quality of food is very important for a restaurant. We should see the customer feedback and opinion about the food quality and know which type of food need to improve the quality.

What is the attitude and behavior of employee in KFC?

Attitude and behavior of employee to customer is very important because if you serve customers well they will come again and also will recommended more customers to have a meal.

Do you feel food sell in KFC is expensive?

Do the research to know who can or can’t afford the meals. May be is too expensive, so it can control the price in market and target the consumer to afford.

Is it convenient and easy to buy a meal in KFC?

Investigation, you can be very easy or very difficult to buy meals.If hard to buy a KFC meal that mean it was far away from your area. KFC will develop their business in other area that doesn’t have a KFC fast food restaurant.

What facilities would you think must provide in fast food restaurant?

A good fast-food restaurants need to focus on the facilities provided to customers. Good facilities will help improve the user and create market opportunities.


There is a good or bad business in the world. If you want to keep your loyal customers the first thing that a customer must know what is actually in demand, so do mystery shopping to evaluate customer realize what it can through mystery shopping to find specific answers. KFC is one of the successful fast food restaurants around the whole world. They have a good customer service and also better than some other fast food restaurant, that is why KFC can be the number one choice for any customer. KFC is focus on their quality of chicken and also they promote many difference flavor of chicken. It increase the market opportunities to attracted more customer to eat their meal and many customer would like to eat their chicken because their chicken is very popular. Service attitude and behavior to any customer is very important to a restaurant. There my opinion, a fast food restaurant at least must provide free Wi-Fi and playground facilities, since Wi-Fi and playground can attract more teenagers and young people to have a meal. Now teenagers busy online to do something. KFC is doing so much business analysis and own strategy, so they have a good result on market.


Food industry in Malaysia is rich in long-tropical and agricultural resource base on Malay culture, China and India have focused on various process their food. Now, all customers have to attend their health and to recover some healthy food and full of nutrition such as use of organic, fresh food and vegetables. Malaysian food processing industry largely owned. Sub main sectors are fish and livestock products, fruits, vegetables and cocoa. In America, most Americans prefer to eat fast food and they demanded food is so high. Fast food is an emerging market is one of the growing fields in the industry.


To open a restaurant must consider too much thought and then need to consider such as the quantity of labor, economic status, quality of food and so on. Assume that I have been buying lots of new stores and previously I have to do research for my new restaurant locations and know it well positioned to open a fast food restaurant.


There are many methods to identify who are your customers. You can ask them to fill up the survey or online answer question to share some valuable opinion. If someone who interested your product or service and asking them why they interested the products of you and do research to find out consumer favorite. As a fast food restaurant provider must understand the customer and it’s very important step to identify customer. Another important thing of identify customer is what customer expect from you, so if you realize what customer expectation and try to execute the expectation then the business will become successful.


There islittle way to attracted customer such as location, appearance, price, and so on. Wherever you go everyone, anyone will tell you, one of the most important things is to be a successful enterprise, and keep the location of the repeat customers! And I’m not just talking about the right of the population; I mean the exact position, both on the right side of the street or other shops.


You can think about selling the product or service, you need to clearly define and understand your customers. This may sound obvious, but it is very important to start trading from writing a business plan and every aspect of the design of a website, of course – and we mean to sell!

While this may sound counterintuitive, you do not want to sell to everyone. This will mean that you are too scattered, spread yourself, you can focus on the people; this will be the most valuable customers. More efficient use of your time will be focused on the people who will spend the most money, you long-term, so you can forget about the customers may have to spend a negligible amount and purchase only once or twice.


Demographics statistical characteristics of the population. These types of data, which is widely used in sociology, public policy, and marketing. Commonly examined demographic variables, including gender, race, age, disability. Demographic, the historical change as time goes by, the demographic structure of the population. Interested in the value of the variable distribution and trends in the population. Demographics of the population of a region and culture, it is very necessary.


The restaurant is a place to provide food for us, because we need to eat food to increase our energy, we cannot live without it. Many restaurants are established in the market, because they found a human need. Unfortunately, there are many competitors appear on the market, they are hard-working, in order to attract more customers. If you want to exist in a competitive environment, then the first thing you must consider customers’ expectations, creating new products, in order to retain them. The market is so huge, the ad must do if we need to attract different types of customers, let them know that our restaurant. In addition to the way we can by distributing leaflets, radio and the Internet introduces customers to our restaurants from other regions.

In my opinion, as a service provider must implement the restaurants and the status of the customer data, and choose the right decision, because if you make the wrong decision, it will profoundly affect the business.

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