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Define The Five Promotion Mix Tools Marketing Essay

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The conventional channel that any company uses would be of two types, one is the direct distribution channel and the other one is the indirect distribution channel. The company uses the indirect distribution channel would include so many retailers and wholesalers. The company should cut the tail by introducing their own outlets or retail centre. In this way the company would be able to earn maximum profit and also they will easily communicate the customer value to their delighted and prospective customers. However, this will cost company much higher to set their own distribution network but in this way they can able to generate more profit as compare to operating in indirect distribution strategy.

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One more option can be opt to maximize the profit is to adopt the hybrid distribution strategy or multi-channel distribution strategy. The multi- channel strategy would allow the company to mix the direct and indirect distribution channel in such manner that will benefit the company. It gives the company to pursue the strategy that will give them to set the channel in such fashion, like they can contact some retailing network to promote their company’s canned and frozen products. And in the other way the sell their products in the company owned stores. For example the star bucks company uses multi channels by using both the channels at a same time. (http://www.knowthis.com/principles-of-marketing-tutorials/distribution-decisions/distribution-systems-multi-channel/). If the cost is higher than the company would apply this strategy then company would also follow the exclusive distribution channels as their intermediaries.

Advertising. Advertisement is the board medium of promotional tools which is highly applied and appreciable medium among the customers and the manufacturers. It allows the company to give a brief but crisp detail about the product and the advertisers uses different medium, like newspapers, radio, billboard and television or internet for the advertisement.

Sales promotion. Its is the option in which company promotes its products by giving the incentives like increased volume in the same price and buy one and get two offers.

Publicity. In this the company includes some event sponsorship and arranging some sorts of exhibitions and testimonials and comments session for the consumers.

Direct marketing. The manufacturers sell direct to their customer.

These are the five promotional tools, as the budgets and the company products allow the marketers uses in combination of the above sated strategy. Sometimes the company uses only one strategy and sometimes company uses a mix of these strategies. By using the different tools the company would able to connect with their customer and can also attracts the potential customers to buy the products. The strategies are specifically designed to value the customer and hook them up with the products that is being using by the customer or for the prospects. The promotional mix tools are set in accordance to provide the basic information of the products and increasing the demand of the products and delighting the value customers. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Promotion_(marketing)).

B)  Discuss the changing communications landscape and the need for integrated marketing communications.

The changes are good for everything. And changing communications landscape is also good too. Changing the communication landscape is occurring due to the change in the technology is being used in the market and masses. The majority of organizations and companies are switching towards advanced technology the more advance the technology opt by the company, the better would the organization is considered. This consideration is because the technology enables everything in flicks of seconds. Everything with the advent of the internet changes with just one click when you just click the whole new picture is seen. This because the company also started uses the advance technology. The promotions and selling is largely shifted to wards internet. As it is hassle free thing to get your shopping done.

As far as the integrated marketing communications need concern the integrated system has lessen the cost incur on whole communication process and all of the company need cost effective system in every business unit function. The whole scene of the integrated communication system is to done for the 4c’s that can make or break the company profit position. The integrated marketing communication is designed to provide the convenience to both the manufacturer and the customers. The integrated marketing communication is a sheer mix of all the basic elements that a company seeks for its marketing operation. Without the implementation of all the elements included in the integrated marketing communication that company would not be able to achieve its marketing goals. The factors making the whole integrated structure are as given situation analysis, marketing budget and marketing objectives. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integrated_marketing_communications). These factors have further classifications and describe the importance of the integrated marketing communication.

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The need of the integrated marketing communications evolved form the concept of changing communication landscape. The integrated marketing communications designed to perform in better way and provide convenience to the marketer fro making a consistent effort by implementing the integrated marketing communication. In simple words the integrated marketing communication provides solution to the businesses to make a combination of such efforts that renders a consistency and clarity. It builds synergy among all the marketing mixes and tools. (http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/management/Log-Mar/Marketing-Communication.html)







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