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David Beckham, celebrity football player’s had its highs and lows. But part from everything, one thing remains similar, David Beckham has rarely left out of by the media or the public eye (Vincent et al. 2009). For around 10 year, debut of Beckham in 1995 for Manchester United, gave his career more strength and strength, his talent on the field, their soaring marketing appeal is a game that largely commercialized in 1990 matched (Cashmore & Parker, 2003). But after reaching in his thirties, the star Beckham started losing the shine, and from beginning of year 2006 Beckham started getting upheaval. In 2006 world cup quarter final stage when England’s got knockout, Beckham resign from the post of the Captain of England Football team, and by the August 2006 he also dropped from the squad of team. In 2003 he changed his football club from Manchester United to Real Madrid. By the end of year 2006 his career was declining and he loses his team place (Wahl, 2007). Due the fall in football career, his commercial celebrity appeal also fall and due to that he started lost many moneymaking endorsements, most notably endorsement were face man of Police sunglasses and brand ambassador for Gillette (Leonard, 2006).

Beckham reinvented himself just before as everyone was saying that his career is all over now, he signed a deal in January 2007 with Los Angeles Galaxy of Major MLS in the United States, which made the football and entertainment world shocked as the second phase of ‘Brand Beckham’ was appeared. Deal with LAG was around $250 million for 5 years (Wahl, 2007). This contract also made him the partner with LAG’s owners. the Anschultz Entertainment group, which was already partnered with him for development in his soccer academy in the Los Angeles suburb of Carson, California, and Greenwich (Patrick, Weinbach, & Johnson, 2007).Beckham’s personality, English, tall, lean, athletic looking skills, and along with celebrity wife Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, was tailor-made Hollywood, Los Angeles and MLS. It provides him with new opportunities to generate excitement in U.S. Soccer, along with the encounter of world’s most lucrative markets Hollywood due to his looks and professional skills.


What is a brand? Moor (2007) suggests that a specific reference to a particular understanding emerges in which a brand is embedded. Drawing the family tree of brand, basically it can be defined as a connector between a producer and consumers (Lury 2004). The role of brands in ancient empires and the Industrial Revolution appears when the business expansion and economies of scale make the distance between producers and consumers during the effective management on demand (Rappaport, 2006; Wengrow, 2008; Wilk, 2006). In time, the connectivity was performed and achieved with the changes in technology as well as political economic and social cultural conditions, and due to this, a new understanding of concept emerged in form of Brand (Holt, 2006). A cultural brand does not simply or even necessarily identify a product or indicate a producer, rather it shows the symbolic forms which stand for dominant ideas and values for a given society (Holt, 2004).

Brand it like Beckham

Due to his world class effort in football career and his many outside ground personas, he is not just a brand but he is a portfolio’s of brand. A brand an abstract “mental box” or a union or an association that remain in mind of consumes has adds value to products and services (Aaker 1996). In Beckham’s case, his globally popular and iconic image makes him most substantial brand value and goodwill makes him brand icon for many companies and it increase the number of his endorsement which he doing for different products and services. David and his wife Victoria Beckham have their own brand label which is known as ‘dVb’. Vincent et al. (2009) says that “There are payoffs to global notoriety. It adds new audiences of potential sponsors as international corporations tap into the affinity and affection that a large section of the public have for global sport stars, like David Beckham”. Stone et al (2003) mention that sports endorsements by sportsperson makes fan to follow the person with the products and services he is using. Till & Busier (2000) says that ‘player of the global popular appeal, recognition, credibility, overall fit, physical attractiveness, trustworthiness, expertise, personal characteristics and transfer of cultural meaning are main attributes when organisation look sports person to endorsing their products and service. In the case of Beckham endorsement, organisation hope that it will provide significant value to their products and services as Beckham is known for his unique iconic image which provides organisation a profit centre for exploitation.

It is argued that Brands cultural myths and ideals of the treasures transformed into historical events, achievements and aspirations, especially when the conventional cultural symbols is problematic. They came to represent cherished values ​​and social relations in a community, thereby helping to maintain and related strong sense of unity and continuity. (Berdahl, 2001; Manning, 2009; Manning and Uplisashvili, 2007; Merkel, 2006) While most vividly seen in the context of a radically changing society in the context of the phenomenon is not unique. Social self and identity, including national or collective identity, where consumption across their use or exchange values are defined mainly in terms. Holt (2004) defines this as a ‘cultural value’ – imaginative resources that people use to build their identity.

Multiple Brand Personality Beckham

Vincent et al. (2009) says in organisational world, brand has seen as “multiple personalities” or identities. In case of brand Beckham it truly has multiple personalities or identities which help the brand Beckman be to unique and valuable. Brand Beckham as also add importance to products and services. Beckham brand is brand personality to cross intact net player. Harris and Clayton stated that “Beckham is without doubt one of the most significant athletes of (post) modern times. He transcends boundaries in a way that few (if any) other English athletes have ever done and (together with his wife) has become a truly global brand, (p. 219).”

Beckham bends more as compare to football. Although the phrase “bend it like Beckham” shows his most unique ability to curve a free kick around a defensive wall and a corner of the goal, the media bends and reflects the social status of a commercially attractive way of Beckham. In this way the Beckham is really a multidimensional. In the ground and by his soccer achievements, he is the symbol of the manly games male, quintessentially English, from a background which believes in earning by their own, and highly talented (Vincent et al. 2009)

His marketing image widened to embrace other identity and brand personality. He known as a loving father and husband of adoring families portrayed as the “square boy made good work.” The proud husband of Posh Spice for fans of popular music, Unconventional trends call for individualism was appealing for youth. High fashion, clothing, and around the metro in the world of sex “vistas fashion” caught the attention of Outside the field (Cashmore & Parker, 2003).

Beckham’s specification so that the individual personalities of these elements epitomize, David Beckham embraces a number of them. Interactions between different personalities and images have given by him make tremendous synergies in the media. Many media reporting got the incident angle always in his appearance.

Beckham to become football star was originally the entrance. The turning point in his multiple branding was due to marriage with former Spice Girl and celebrity Victoria “Posh Spice” Adams. The lifestyle of Beckham made him centre of attraction in headlines long with the friendship with movies and popular music starts (Yu, 2005).

As an individual both of them were icons but together become a major commercial face and the attention they get was more than twice. Together they labelled as “the people royalty” (Morton, 2000, p. 19).

Dissecting the Multiple Brand Personalities

Beckham playing skills, physical attractiveness, sex appeal, celebrity wedding powerful combination, square roots, the capacity for hard work, and versatile masculinity give supports to him as a model for many global companies (Yu, 2005). Giaedina (2003) says that image of Beckham as a sanative, clear living, and dedicated family man, makes him multiple demographic brand. Manly firmness his identity lies in their athleticism. But Beckham a big part of the appeal or the opposite of their non-conforming and contradictions can be traced to his bisexual blends. As Cashmore (2006, 233) put it, Beckham with the totality reverberated. White, but with black taste, straight, but adored by gay men, male, but nail varnish, body waxing, and with a penchant for androgynous attire. Beckham’s fashion sense has been in the black community has the sinful appeal. The game of chunky jewellery. He uses fashion to get the confidence and sex appeal (Givhan 2003).

Style icon such characteristics, the metro sexual man to embrace the values ​​as Beckham unveiled. The image as well as Beckham and ready, who regularly moisturizes, and his wife who supports a line of fragrance brands have clean offers. Beckham, the body hard and toned, his metro sexual is aligned with the trends and also a popular figure in the gay community makes it. Far from discouraging the androgynous image, Beckham the fashion of his choice as well as appearances in gay magazines through the “bi-sexual personality” strong picks. The image in an issue of GQ men’s magazine 2002, in which it was promoted as Beckham posed for pictures in the edgy “his most outrageous shot ” (Harris & Clayton, 2007). This was an clearly show of male-female images. It worked because, as Rahman (2004) suggests, Beckham “…sells precisely because he is constructed and represented with reassuring and dissonant elements of masculinity” (p. 231). Beckham’s family man image is similar so strong that not only personal assistant Rebecca Loos in his 2004 report to an affair with his wholesome family image fairly weak fail, and its commercial appeal not only did not falter, it Was actually enhanced in some respect (Cashmore, 2006). It transpires that his alleged connection reliability and the working class as their heterosexual appeal seemed to reinforce the hegemonic man (Clayton & Harris, 2004).

Beckham the Brand Portfolio

Beckham’s multidimensional personality mostly in the sports world made him not a simple brand but he became the portfolio of brands. Brand is a group of department’s related brands that are marketed as individual entities in a particular market to attract the different classes (Barwise & Robertson 1992). He is not only a simple brand which has trenchant in his personality, whatever roll he plays in aliveness either it come to a football player, or it come to a father or it come to a husband of fashionable wife, when it come to as hottest icon he counted as a portfolio of brands. Each one of us also played multiple roles in our life, a man become a dad for his children, husband of his wife, employee of the organisation and he can be trainer for team, all of these role man has to have different personalities to execute successfully. Aaker (1996) said if you talk about the Beckham, every role of his goes under media scrutiny and increased marketing through, each of his role become a different brand. Every brand seam similar but it has its own personality.

Brand Equity of Beckham

Aaket (1996, 10) explain brand equity as a set of assets and liabilities, a brand, name or symbol, which can add value or provide a product or service by reducing a firm and / or linked to the firm’s customers. That is, the owner of brand equity is the value of the brand. Awareness and image are the two main partials’ of brand equity which were are built. In terms of brand awareness, media paparazzi will be with the world’s most knowable athletes to get his each every move. In addition, Beckham’s ad is very high level of public awareness (Rines, 2004). Other components of brand equity are images. This reflects the cumulative effect of all the associations people have with Beckham multi-dimensional appeal. Beckham the brand image is predicated on its multi-brand personality. Beckham’s multi-faceted global appeal and loyal fan of the following are benefits that Beckham for him to manage different personalities held together by ad agency to create a portfolio enables. This provides significant brand equity to Beckham. The total sum of earning by ads for Beckham was estimated $400 million (Yu, 2005).


From a branding perspective, though, David Beckham cross in the realms of entertainment and fashion how one can overcome sportsman your game presents a unique case study. Initially known as a football player, his Spice Girls, Victoria Adams, a stage with him to the wedding and needed to entertainment and celebrity in the fashion world with the cross connection is provided. As the world’s most recognizable athletes, Beckham able to leverage his fame has been playing as is sometimes done. In part, the more credits her manager, Simon Fuller, who feature their brands in many markets due to conflicting crafted multiple personality or identity. Each appeals to different market segments, and each works because of each personality, as Cashmore and Parker (2003) noted, separated by time, space, and media. Beckham’s many iconic images of multiple products and services to add value to brand equity enables you to generate a portfolio of brands have become. The Beckham’s uniqueness and global brand value, which is expected and lasting appeal with the league to provide greater recognition and made attractive to improve its image.

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