Customer Satisfaction Towards Pedicure And Manicure Services Marketing Essay

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Every consumer always care and emphasized on how they was treated by an organization or else by the missionary while they are purchasing something. Therefore, an organization should realize the important of customer satisfaction and customer services.

What is customer satisfaction? There are few alternative matters or situation will make customer aware of satisfaction, for example, when facing some purchasing decision, product or services, service provider, a salesperson, store and much more others situation (Anon 1, 2007). The key that an organization success is the upper level management motivate their employees and encourage them always take responsible in their performance and how to satisfy the customers. Once the customer's needs and want have been achieved by a product or services, absolutely they will feel satisfied (Voltaire, 2003). Alternatively, when the customer satisfied and feel happy to the product or services, they will much more likely to spend money to the particular products or services (Melissa, 2009). Customer satisfaction always affect an organization reputation and of course their sales performance.

According to Courtney Ramirez, a successful businessmen have to comprehend that how importance are the customer satisfaction to a business, because you would not have a business that without customer. No matter how large or small the company is, to get more long-term business, businessmen have to emphasize more to the customer retention and customer support. The most important thing that businessmen should realize is single unsatisfied customer will make more business away from the company than ten satisfied customers.

Besides that, what we understand with the customer service? Is it an organization can being existence without services? The answer is no, because customer services representing that the ability of an organization to afford the customers' needs and wants (Susan Wards, 2010). According to Jack Speer (2010), process that a products or services are delivered by organization to the customer in such a method which is efficient, fair, sellable commodity, cost efficient, possible agreed manner and humanly satisfying.

Based on Susan Ward, the main reason to bring customer back to the store is they have good customer service. While the service make customer feel happy, they will pass their positive feedback along to others. To get more business or to increase the profit and turnover of the business, the organization has to realize that the impact of poor customer services and hence, they have to improve their customer service once they receive any complaint from customer. When an organization providing poor customer service, they can be hard to shake-off to their suffered reputation because of the negative word-of-mouth are spread speedily in the community (Speckyboy, 2010).

Based on the research which did by Chadawan et al(2009), they investigate that customer satisfaction towards the services and expectation in corporate spa and local spa. As their result show that most of the customer are satisfied with overall spa's products or services they received. Besides that, customer also satisfied with other products or services which include body and foot massage, facial treatment and so on. On the other hand, Fibre Studio always provides customers with their excellent quality and services in a relaxing oasis situation. They are offering hair styling, beauty, body treatment, and nail art service to customers (Anon 2, 2010). A famous beauty parlor which is Beaubelle Skin & Body Care Day Spa is offering head to toe therapy by using most luxurious skin care product to serve customer. They also provide different type of treatment for consumer included body glow and body wrap therapies, bust therapies, facial, hand and foot care, and massage (Anon 3, 2009).

The main reason for the researcher choose this title is want to determine how importance of satisfying the customers during they been in the shop and serve by the employee. If customer satisfied toward the services or product of the particular shop, definitely they will patronage to it for the second time. On the other hand, the researcher also wishes can have a proper understanding about the benefits and harmful of pedicure and manicure services to human. Through the title that researcher chosen, employers can try to improved their goods or services to satisfied the customers.

The company that the researcher chosen is Maggie Beauty Nail Art and Spa which were established in 2006 by Ms. Maggie Chan Mei Kei and Ms. Jenny Tham. This beauty parlor is located at Taman Meranti, Bahau and it is selling various types of services which involved pedicure and manicure, nail art design, beauty and body spa care, makeup and hair styling, and body painting. They also offer outdoor services no matter where their customers located. Besides that, they are not only selling services but also beauty product which is nail polish / treatment product, foot treatment product, body treatment product, skin care product and so on. Moreover, they will offer some special promotion to their loyalty customer which is customer can get promotion price when they purchase three out of five services or five in one package. This promotion is increasing their profit and turnover of the salon.

Research Objective

The purpose and objective to do this research paper is to investigate the customer satisfactions toward pedicure and manicure service provided by Maggie Beauty Nail Art and Spa. This is to inquiry that what kind of services are the beauty parlor provided and is it meets or fulfills the customer need and want. Besides that, this research also investigates the reason of customer satisfied to the services. Hence, there are several types of research questions will be prepared for customer to answer. Below show that there are few objectives through the research:

To identify customer satisfaction towards the pedicure and manicure services provided by the salon.

To identify the variables that could affect the customer's satisfaction towards the salon.

To identify will the customer revisit the salon based on the services and quality provided.

To make improvement suggestion to the company.

Research Methodology

In this research paper, the data will involve both primary and secondary data. Primary data will be obtained from the questionnaires, and secondary data will be obtained from existing books, articles or journals, and online database. The questionnaires will be consisting of open-ended and closed-ended questions. The questionnaires will be answered by 120 customers of salon to complete this research paper. The selected customers will be based on who have real experience and used the services or products where provided by beauty salon. Besides that, interview questionnaire also will be prepared by the researcher which will carry on by the manager of the company.


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