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Starbuck coffees want to lead for their best coffee in the world. Starbucks always believe in serving best coffee to their customer. Buying, roasting, and serving are the highest quality of starbucks. Starbucks also give there coffe to farmers who help to clean the environment. The knowledge we got from our farmers are helping us to use that same information in our other areas.

Environmental Stewardship

Starbucks is particular about the cleanliness. Coffee is an agricultural product. Starbucks is vulnerable to the effects of climate change. We are keeping in mind about the high standard quality product which will help us reduce our environmental impact. And for future generation we are taking actions like building up tree watering the plants saving energy. Theseare some factor that we should focus on.

Recycling the cups

Starbucks introduced a new disposable cup. Starbucks are introducing disposable cups was the only option that contain 10% post consumer recycled fibre. other stakeholders are also helping starbucks to make there cups recycle and practising Starbucks, cup manufacturers, recyclers, and other stakeholders to jointly identify the steps required to make our cups recyclable in form and in practice. We planned to take a survey test to know what people think about the recycling cups in markets and it will be a good impact on teenagers.

100% recycling in stores

Starbucks white cup has been main part of the coffee house . At the same time, it has become a major concern among our customers how are we recycling the cups and that to we can use it afterward. starbucks are aiming that they will make it 100% reusable cups within next five years. Starbucks are working on this works from a long time. And they assured that they will do whatever thay can to make this happen.



Starbucks have a good name in market .starbucks do a lot of thing to promote their brand like advertising making website and opening there branches in all over the country. Starbuck have a good customer care service. They customers never complaint to them about the service which they provide.

Starbucks have an advantage that the have a huge marketing online program so everyone can know about it. And it should also change the website design after few months so people should like it and for that they need to hire a professional manager.

Marketing Mix

When Starbucks marketing their products firms need to create a successful mix of:

Product – to choose the right product for customers.

Place – to choose the right place to sell the coffee

Price – to choose reasonable price for customer satisfaction.

Promotion – ways to promote the brand

Starbucks marketing mix


Starbucks have huge varieties of food material. it offers some special pastries, coffee and smoothes to satisfy customer demands.Starbucks also launched cappuccino for the people who love to have coffee at home. they can simple buy the product from market and have the same taste while sitting at home. The Instant via Ready is an instant coffee that colourless taste from its regular brewed coffee.starbucks are offering new varieties in tea- a Full Leaf Tazo Tea Lattes and Tazo Tea Infusions which will attract tea drinkers.



Starbucks products are reasonable and they use good quality material.

Starbucks keep in mind about the daily people income and that’s why customer doesn’t find they prices expensive. And they have a plus point to attract more customers. Price and quality determines the value of the product. Starbucks was expensive and was positioned in accordance with that. They give their best product in the market.


Starbucks is a place where people enjoy coming to, have their coffee, love to hangout with friends. From my first observation at Starbucks I noted that the character of the space is divided into two categories. First there is the quick and simple transaction, in and out with your coffee; and the second is the use of Starbucks as an office, meeting place. Starbucks says customer should be satisfied. Hence, Starbucks takes into consideration for these consumers.


•Starbucks have started providing starbucks Card to their customer. It is a new way to promote company product and increase the promotion. Starbucks delivers coffee to their coffee lovers customer in there office without knowing the size of the coffee.

•they provide international teas to customer who want to hav while sitting at home. They make tea packets for tea loving customer which will also help in promotion.

Starbucks Marketing SWOT


It is a very reputed brand .

It have a large varieties of coffee for their customer and it starbucks have coffee shop in almost all over the world and people do like the taste of the coffee. 4


Starbucks is mostly known for their reputations.


Starbucks are very good at taking advantage of opportunities.

When people enter starbuck coffee should we should feel valued and respect.


Star bucks are the one of the most leading coffee company with a good profit and they have 9000 coffee shops in 40 countries. People use to cop the way they are building up their brand. And there are many competitors all over the world.

Starbucks is very popular in the world and it always launch new dairy product in the market. To maintain there good reputation they have to change their techniques to serve coffee so customers get impressed. Because there are competitors all over so they have to get little alert and people will say at except coffee there is nothing as in a regular coffee shops.

Starbucks need to do something to reduce its weakness. Starbucks have many stores which are of there own and no franchise is there.

Starbucks have the advantage to maintain the atmosphere where people can enjoy. Starbuck can build up opportunities and weakness that will help them to grow at the world market



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