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The focus of the study will firstly be on introducing the history of Singtel such as how it was first established in Singapore and follow on by finding out how Singtel manage to be so successful throughout the years and what kind of strategy they adopt to remain competitive and strong in the telecommunication industry such as the challenges they face and how to go about overcoming these challenges. A 4Ps model and SWOT analysis is also done to get better insights on the company.

1.2 Background

McDonald’s established the concept of fast food and is best known for their hamburgers and strong branding which is known in 119 nations around the planet. The Golden Arches are their most recognizable brand closely followed by the Ronald McDonald clown character.

Mac and Dick McDonald, who gave their name to the McDonald’s chain become part of this food revolution in 1940. They opened a restaurant in San Bernardino, California which is a small town near Los Angeles. Ray Kroc was later the founder of McDonald’s Corporation in 1954.

Now, they have products like Hamburger, Chicken, Fish, Wraps, French fries, Breakfast, Hot beverage, Soft drink, Milkshakes, Desserts, Sides, etc.

Currently, McDonald’s has expanded their business to include Mcdelivery, McCafé, Dessert kiosk, Drive-thru and even Mcdelivery online which is available in Singapore. Furthermore, McCafé is also owned by and located in certain McDonald’s restaurants.


Symbol of Singtel

Singtel identity consists of different components which includes the symbol and the logotype and thus creates a unique corporate signature:


It consists of 2 squares and an ellipse which the squares actually represents the advanced technology used in telecommunications business and the ellipse means that Singtel is in the global network.


The logotype differentiate the company by name and the specially designed serif typeface known as Corporate A Type, has been selected due to its contemporary look which also provides a friendly influence which represents the Singtel’s attitude towards its customers.

Corporate colour:

The red and black on Singtel stand for the stability, foundation of experience, expertise and a commitment to the best possible service which Singtel has built up throughout the years. The grey on Singtel has been selected for secondary graphics of square pattern and complements the colours for the corporate symbol.

F1 Sponsorship

Singtel has been the first telecommunication company

This is not the first time Singtel has been a sponsor for the F1 race. The first Singapore F1 race which is better known as the ‘Singapore Grand Pix’ was held in 28sep2008, the race being held in

This is not the first time McDonald’s is a sponsor in YOG. Research has shown that McDonald’s became an official sponsor of the Olympic Games in the year 1976. They established a commitment to the Olympic Movement. At the 1968 Olympic Winter Games, McDonald’s airlifted hamburgers to US athletes competing in Grenoble, France who had reported that they were homesick for McDonald’s food. Since then, the company has served its menu of choice and variety to millions of athletes, their families and fans.

McDonald’s TOP sponsorship will continue through the 2012 Games. McDonald’s is the leading global foodservice retailer with approximately 32,000 local restaurants in more than 100 countries, employing 1.6 million people, and serving 58 million customers worldwide every day.


Case study of McDonald’s in Singapore

The first McDonald’s in Southeast Asia opens in Singapore on 27 Oct 1979 (Liat Towers located at Orchard Road).

====Progress made over the years====

1981: First Drive-Thru Restaurant opened at McDonald’s East Coast Parkway

May 22 1984: Hougang is the First McDonald’s in a Public Housing Estate

1989: Ronald McDonald Children’s Charity (RMCC) in Singapore was established to help raise funds for sick children from needy families.

Jun 4 1991: Opening of McDonald’s Place, McDonald’s new corporate headquarters at King Albert Park

Sep 1992: McDonald’s Becomes Halal

Jul 5 1993: Singapore Polytechnic is the First McDonald’s Restaurant in an Educational Institution.

1996: Hong Kah CC is the First McDonald’s in a Community Centre.

McDonald’s received its 1st ‘Excellent Service Award’

Sep 2001: KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital is the first restaurant in hospital.

Oct 2003: Great World City is the first McCafé opened in Singapore.

2004: McDonald’s reached out to the community with its 1st ‘Helping Hands’ charity programme

Mar 2004: Wi-Fi @ McDonald’s

May 2004: Ez-link Cashless Payment and Top-up Service (but the service has been suspend w.e.f 16 Jul 2009)

2005: McDelivery 24/7 was launch to serve customers- anytime, anywhere

Aug 2005: McDonald’s goes 24 Hours

June 2006: McDonald’s Sent 3 Singaporean Kids As Player Escorts To World Cup

Apr 2007: McDonald’s Amongst Singapore’s Top 10 Best Employers

2008: As Olympic Champion Crew, McDonald’s 5 ‘best of the best’ employees served the world’s best athletes at the Beijing Olympic Village

Apr 2009: Hewitt Best Employer Award 2009

Hewitt Best Employer in Asia Award 2009


At McDonald’s, hospitality is all about adding value to create a truly Customer Experience. It means to make every customer feel like a welcomed guest, so that they feel appreciated and will visit again. It is not just bringing satisfaction to customers, but also surprising and delighting them.

Hospitality is also about ensuring outstanding Quality Service Cleanliness & Value (QSC&V). We learn as we go. People eventually learn how to deliver QSC as they became more experienced.

Attitude is how we view a situation, because we control our own thoughts, feelings and actions. Our attitude is our state of mind influenced by our feelings, thoughts and habits. The attitude we get back is often those we send out.

McDonald’s always put in mind:

Customer is the most important person in every restaurant.

Be customer-focused

Don’t serve anything you won’t want served to yourself

Do whatever it takes

Go the extra mile to satisfy unhappy customer

Be sure that you’re spreading the right & positive attitude

Control own emotions, beware of own actions & thoughts

Give positive feedbacks

Learn from mistakes and keep on learning

Delighted customers are essential to McDonald’s success. Their business grows through delighting customers as they not only come back, but they bring their friends and family along too.

Singtel core values

Customer Focus

-Singtel relates and keep in contact with customers and at the same time, they anticipate their needs and cater to them, making business easier for both parties. Singtel promises to deliver services of good quality and value so as to provide customer the top notch service possible and also to enhance success.

-Singtel also treat their customer with the utmost amount of respect and pride

Challenger Spirit

-Singtel always adopt new approach in doing a business and always aim to differentiate themselves, adapting unique characteristics. When encounter with difficulties and opportunities, they don’t say “Cannot”, they ask “Why not?”. They are very determined and compete fairly and at the same time, they set the pace and never give up.


-Singtel value the ideas contributed by everyone and they recognise, respect and value diversity in the team. At the same time, through communication with each other and sharing of mutual knowledge, they develop strong bondings and also, they fairly encourages open discussions and acceptance of each other as Singtel believes that each of them plays an important part.


-Singtel’s reputation is derived from their capabilities to fulfil their promises to customers, shareholders and employees and they do so by being accountable for every actions and taking responsibilities for it. Once they have identify possible threats, they come up with solutions to tackle them. Most importantly, Singtel does everything with honesty, being truthful in everything they do.

Personal Excellence

Leadership and superior performance are achieved through the pursuit of personal excellence.

-Singtel are very committed in everything they do and doing them to the best. They also recognise potential of individuals and provide opportunities for growth and excellence. They ensures continuous enhancement and improvement, taking pride in the things they do, making sure they provide high standard of services.

The 4Ps Model

The marketing mix consists of Product, Price, Place and Promotion, which is also known as four Ps model. They are controllable variables in order to best satisfy customers in the target market.


A product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, use or consumption and that might satisfy a want or need. It is the thing that a business sells, be it goods or services.

Singtel is a leading communication company that provides communication solutions to both the consumer and corporate market.Singtel provide 4 main type of services which consist of Singnet(ISP), MioTv(IPTV), Mobile Phone(Singtel Mobile Singapore) and Fixed line telephony services.





-Singtel offers different type of pricing for the different segment of the market such as under the Consumer segment, they offer a different pricing for student and on the Corporate side, they offer different promotion as well for the corporate staff:

*An example of Singtel MOE corporate special rate:

-Singtel also provide bundling of their products for all services, providing attractive prices with the different combination such as Mio package that gives customer a great discounted pricing when take Singtel multiple services.

An example of a Mio pricing package:


For a company to be successful, place is very important. Singtel currently have 11 main hello shops being dispersed in every part of Singapore, this includes about 2 outlets in each different region of Singapore (North,South,East,West) ensuring that their services are accessible to the customers. They currently locate their headquarter in a strategic area which lies in the most centralized area of Singapore which is the comcentre at Somerset area.


Singtel have constant advertising being place all over

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or a business.


Singtel constantly provide promotions that caters to customer needs.

Great incentives

McDonald’s offer various incentives that boost up employees’ performance and team spirit. Every stores have their own way of giving support to their employees. Example: When there is any new promotion, different stores will come out with incentives for their crews. Eg: Suggestive selling of 50 Koko Krunch Mcflurry a day will be awarded popular voucher.

They also offer sick leave, annual leave, annual bonus, double pay for PH and even book voucher for students performing at least 65 percent for their academic.


Crew productivity

Crew might not be at the suitable station due to improper/insufficient station training. Crews are able to handle a station independently after they are verified by the trainee and manager. Without a proper crew productivity, the restaurant might not be function efficiently and it will definitely affect the service time and customer satisfaction.

Customer feedbacks

Due to certain reason, there will be feedbacks/complains from customer. Eg: poor service/long queue. Having feedbacks from customer can definitely help the store/company to improve better and going further to give customer the best. Learning from mistakes and doing it better will certainly give customer the confidence and trust to get back to the restaurant.


Opportunities are create by anyone. To attract more customer to their restaurant, there should be commited to meet customers’ changing lifestyles needs as nowadays people are more health concious. It is important to able to fit into customer needs and wants. Every customer hopes to be appreciate and feel home. Eg: giving a friendly greeting or thank you.

Attitude seize opportunies, so get right attitude is important.

‘The pessimist see difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty’, quoted by Winston Churchill


Other F&B rivals like KFC, Mosburger or Burger King can be threat to McDonald’s. There is always seem to be competition between them. it is like F&B outlets seem to launch promotion at the same time and customer usually are attracted to either their prices or preferences.

Recession can be another threat. During a recession, the business have to cut costs and lower prices to increase their share of a decreasing market.


McDonald’s should continue to keep up the fast service & friendly greeting in their restaurant, drive thru, McCafé,etc. Not forgetting keeping up their values of Quality, Accurate, Cleanliness service.

At any point of time, they should always meet or improve customer satisfaction. Example: Serving hot fries, guest recovery. Customer is always right, they should understand and give them the best..

L.A.S.T-ing to guest recovery.

Recovery steps



Listen Attentively

-Give the guest your full attention.

-Look at the guest, meaning eye contact.

-Do not interrupt, let the guest express their concerns.

“Let me try and help you”

Apologise while Demostrating Understanding

-Apologise sincerely- never argue.

-Make sure you understand the issue, show genuine concern in body languages and tone.

“I’m sorry, we didn’t get your order correct”

“I understand your frustration, I apologise for your dissatisfaction”

Solving the Problem/Make it Right

-Solve the problem on the spot, if you can.

-Ensure that the guest is satisfy with the solutions.

-Follow-up with manager to fix the problems operationally so future guest aren’t dissatisfied.

“let me get you the correct sandwich right away”

“I’ll let my manager know right away about the dirty restroom so we can take care of it”

Thank the guest

Thank the guest for bringing his/her concerns to your attention.

“Thank you for your feedback”

Remember: Don’t Fight, Make it Right. “It’s what I say and what I do”. Mistakes will happen, but the right words and actions restore trust and build loyalty. 65% of people who complain at the restaurant, complain directly to crew. Remaining 35% complain to managers. So it is important to make sure their entire staff is well trained to effectively handle complaints. People who complain are their most loyal guests. They complain because they want to continue to do business with McDonald’s.

They should continue to meet consumer lifestyle needs. As people are now more health conscious, having veggie burger on their menu is an good idea as it can suit vegetarian consumers.

Apart from their service and products, grooming of employees is important. They should strengthen their hiring, training development, workplace flexibility to attract and retain quality employees.

Lastly, a good publicity is essential for public awareness.They can continue to advertise their product through televsion, bus-stop poster, brohures, newspaper or even through their website. Advertising and good relations, especially with the local communitty will definitely strengthen a company’s corporate identity.


Anywhere we go or anything we do, we should always create the right IMPRESSION. Having the right impression can gain peoples’ confidence and trust.

I.M.P.R.E.S.S is definitely essential for every employers and employee to make a good working environment for everyone.

IDEAL: Make it right and become everyone’s role-model.

MANAGE: Manage your job, time and personalities well.

POSTIVE: Everyone loves to work with someone who is positive.

RELATIONSHIP: No matter where you are, you should always build a good relationship with one another. Having a friend rather than a foe.

ENHANCE: Look for opportunities to learn and enhance yourself.

SOCIALISE: Able to know more people helps to discover new opportunities around you. Increase our circle of friends and knowledge.

SMILE: smile is a pleasant expression everyone can do. It makes a big difference. Always Smile as we go, greet as we go.

In conclusion, McDonald’s is the best-known symbol of the fast-moving quick-service industry. It has become the largest hamburger restaurant chain in the world and it is still growing. The reason behind McDonald’s success is that they have the “customer first” mindset, they are willing to give their help to the needy and targeting to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. With the warm welcome, they let customer feel at home and enjoy dining in McDonald’s outlets or takeout.

They never fail to follow their principles of QSC&V. They satisfy their customers by Accurately serving hot, freshly prepared product with Fast and Friendly services in a Clean and attractive place. And not forget the safety and Quality of their food product.

With 100% customer satisfaction, it will definitely drive the different outlets to higher sales and profit.

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