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Breadtalk International Marketing Plan Marketing Essay

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Principal subsidiary of Breadtalk i.e., Breadtalk Pte Ltd, is incorporated in Singapore below the Companies Act on 24 April 2000. It was founded by Dr. George Quek (Chairman) and Katherine Lee (Deputy Chairman).

When Breadtalk first began operations, the whole process of baking, right from the dough preparation to the final topping of each bakery objects, was done at every single retail store.

As the setups kept on to grow, and in planning for setting up franchises, a central kitchen was set up and the corporate headquarters was shifted to KA FoodLink, Kampong Ampat in Sep-2001. In order to expand the production capacity, more space was acquired, along with latest machinery and equipment in 2002.

On 6th March 2003 Breadtalk was incorporated in Singapore as a shareholding public syndicate.

“Our vision is to establish Breadtalk as a brand and enterprise known for its innovative, trend setting and delightful bread and pastries. One of the possibilities to help us to swiftly achieve that is through Franchising. With the support and experience of our team, we are well-positioned for expansion,” said Dr George Quek.

Looking forward to this goal, Breadtalk is willing to expand their business and open new outlets in both fresh and existing markets, enlarge their product development practice, and gratify to consumers’ desires to ultimately improve their commercial position and take over the market share.

Environment Analysis:

The objective of an establishment’s business tactic must comprise of the intensification of opportunities, minimizing risks, and constant product improvement. The establishment’s strategy needs critical thinking and painstaking efforts to attain success and growth. Environmental analysis comprises of assessing three varied environments that supports organizations with distinguishing forces and styles and prospects and weaknesses. The distant environment needs scanning all in service organizations and businesses; on the other hand the industry environment includes searching the trade in which our organization will compete, and the operating environment involves scanning core practices and procedures within the company and with our key companions.

Although predicting numerous environmental factors, Breadtalk finds it more valuable to analyse issues and amend essential competitive policies within the bakery industry. The aim is to establish Breadtalk as the most familiar and appreciated brand in the world (Breadtalk, 2010). Through a wisely thought out tactical plan, by conducting environmental tests and study, culture, brand creation, market supremacy, and reliability.

Trends and Forces:-

Financial aspects and competitive arrangements within businesses often deliver insight to present circumstances, but do not give evidence on evolvement inside industry settings. As an effect of uncountable incentives and issues within the business, competitive surroundings are continuously changing and often command what activities an association must take to have the good advantage. In retort to communal, technological, and international factors, Breadtalk must devise strategies to reduce the risk of business decline. Breadtalk must overcome serious challenges such as strong competition, amplified operating costs, and market sluggishness. By overpowering economic situation encounters, breaks are possible to differentiate product lines and grow business accomplishments in international markets.

Breadtalk has always been influential in educating its consumers about quality bakery products, providing quality Cakes and Pastries, and making a ‘third place’ setting for customers to mingle and relax, however, the corporation may has become a target of its own accomplishment, with progress saturating the market and opponents such as Dunkin Donuts and Mad Over Donuts offering progressively sophisticated offerings at lesser costs (Global Round-up & Market Watch, 2009). Because Breadtalk remains a world contender in the retail Bakery industry, suppliers may try to duplicate the brand style and possibly wear down part of the firm’s name in overseas markets where copyrights acts are not imposed. By sensibly analysing international market Breadtalk can take advantage from such types of threats by taking the benefit of demands of bakery products and present openings existing in markets like Japan, India, and South Korea.

Non-Economic Factors:-

Attitudes, values, Beliefs, lifestyles, and opinions are all communal factors affecting an establishment’s peripheral environment. Breadtalk has revised business strategies because of social concerns. A brand such as Breadtalk has attained universal success and recognition by being positioned into standard culture since their effect remains incontestable. Breadtalk considers social values, public concerns, and supervisory requirements by monitoring product eminence and building a mutual culture and setting in all store sites.

Advancement in the field of technology can strikingly effect an establishment’s environment. Development in technology can also put up a contest because firms are then enforced to make new and cheap products to seize definite target markets. Breadtalk was clever to exploit on fast developing fashion of making wireless Internet accessible to customers by providing at least 85% of outlets with Wireless capabilities. The other Part of the business’s accomplishment was adjusting to the consumer needs.

Economic Indicator:-

Economic factors allow establishments to target conditions backing to amplified revenues and markets. Since all markets are prejudiced by the frugality, deviations in demand and supply should be scrutinized to prepare for upcoming improvements and association must evaluate factors disturbing cost and development. International inventories have tighten up in latest years as request from consuming countries, has increased more briskly than supply. As a consequence of a reduction in global inventories, trades to other nations accounted for 68% of global supply in 2009 and 2010, as equated to 53% in the 2007 and 2008.

Breadtalk has been popular in numerous economic issues counting price pliability, which measures the criticality of quantity demanded to value deviations. The request is considered rigid if customers will pay any amount and very pliant if customers will only give a convinced price. Breadtalk aims to keep core consumers by increasing foods and facilities without breaking the conventional bond. The objective is to influence customer trust and assurance in the Breadtalk brand while captivating advantage of development and revenue opportunities. As a consequence of such theories, Breadtalk has pleased to customers in an extensive variety of demographics, prejudiced market control and increased the modest advantage.

Present Position and Prospects:-

Breadtalk’s objective is to make the establishment as one of the most familiar and valued brands internationally. Breadtalk plans to attain this objective by remaining to engross in methodical retail operations development and selectively following openings via introducing new merchandises and spreading channels. During the financial year (FY) ending September 2010, Breadtalk documented profits of$10.3 million, an upsurge of 10.3% over 2009; working profit of $503.9 million, a reduction of 52.2% over 2009; and clear profit of$315.5 million, a fall of 53.1% over 2009.

The trademark is the firm’s core and Breadtalk has constructed a universal reputation for providing eminence products and loftier customer service. While Breadtalk is lucrative and has a limited geographical existence, there are opportunities for enhancement. Even though a decline in store sales for FY 2011 is expected due to the financial circumstances, Breadtalk can update business strategies to more precisely align budget structures within present business schemes. Breadtalk must remain to capitalize in investigation and development to advance and launch new bakery items and products. Moreover, Breadtalk must carry on creating licensing conglomerates and advertise products nationally and globally.

Long Term Objectives:-

Extended term goals are the consequences an association seeks to attain over a definite period, which normally is five years. Tactical planners usually form long term objective in the productivity, profitability, employee development, competitive position, employee relations, public responsibility and technological leadership. The purposes change the intentional image and into performance objectives. Objectives should signify the promise to attain established results. To get the competitive advantage and withstand market situation, Breadtalk must achieve long time goals. The subsequent aims are provided to measure the intentional plan:

1) Rationalize present product line by 15% and comeback to initial, within the next year

2) In next two years, cultivate two green advantages;

3) In next three years, present four new foodstuffs and develop new distribution medium; and

4) In next five years, pursue growth chances in less competitive global markets.

By following the obligatory actions to attain the anticipated long term purposes, Breadtalk remain to preserve the competitive advantage in the field of Bakery industry.

Potential marketing issues today:-

The greatest marketing issue our business is fronting nowadays is the management of alteration. It looks obvious that no artefact or facility is likely to continue pertinent forever and that direction, in most cases, is temporary and very frequently short-lived. Additional important challenge is the hunt for and formation of distinct capabilities. The worldwide market produces new consumer needs and wishes, while the advent of new technologies subsidizes to the developing of new goods and services. In the quest for diverse proficiencies, the administrators need to smear an active tactic to management expansion while trying to cultivate managerial thoughts, concepts, and policies effective in the impending. Active response to altering market necessities, modest conditions and consumer favourites requires precise managerial acts. Intercontinental managers try to antedate emerging technology deviations, market desires and customer inclinations and proactively strive for the ways to get benefit over competition. Creating proficiencies and competences that aid to gain supportable competitive place is an important component of the organization of change in the worldwide marketplace.

To retain pace with from time to time swiftly changing surroundings leaders in business and politics face the continuous challenge of changing their philosophy. The idea of management progress involves the idea of cultivating a universal managerial mind-set for the benefit of organizations contributing in the formation of the global market since it is evident that managerial philosophy effects strategy devising and deployment.

And last but not the least, one of the greatest marketing issues of today is creating a knowledge based company. One of the Key sources of competitive advantage is Knowledge. The ability to attain, store, save and make use of information and acquaintance ads to the formation of distinct proficiencies. Management growth admits the fact that the commercial world turns out to be gradually knowledgeable intensive and spots the significance of administrative learning. Corporate and governmental establishments have a lot to acquire, just to be capable to deal with present problems of modifications in the market, the loss of jobs in principal developed countries due to outsourcing, unexpected concerns of outsourcing, rising need for raw materials, alterations in export and import organization of emerging markets, swings in local balance, and at last the global trade difficulties created by natively modified yields. All of that creates the potential marketing issues and creates the need of enthusiastic managers who are ready to deal with the challenges posted by such marketing issues.

Proposed international marketing plan:-

We need to leverage on the firm’s commercial standing and a solid marketing plan for developing the Breadtalk brand. Along with Breadtalk’s already tough brand name and distinctive impression bakery stores, these core capabilities are not effortlessly switchable in distant markets. Here are some of the ways that can be used:-

Sharing allied activities amongst business divisions

Cost savings are derivative of Breadtalk’s capability to make use of the same suppliers throughout their Franchise outlets. In addition to it Breadtalk pursues to attain adaptation to native taste and likings as well. Crustum Products Pvt Ltd, i.e. Breadtalk’s franchisee in India makes use of the flour dealers as its patent openings in Singapore, while added distinguishing the taste and packing of its breads.

Upsurge in Negotiating Position with its Development

The wholesale purchases of raw materials across various business entities would unintentionally raise Breadtalk’s bartering power with respect to dealers. This explains the short level of upright integration to protect deliveries and overcome cost oscillations. As they are likely to get raw materials at advantageous prices. Though, it should be well-known that Breadtalk has selected not to chain their advertising efforts through its diverse business units to escalate outreach. This is just because doing so might end up in brand dilution.

Effective development into foreign marketplaces

Breadtalk has to effectively accomplished its bakery professional overseas through contract out and straight operations. Also we have to effectively implement a transcontinental strategy and be on both sides of its pressures of dropping costs and confined adaptation. Many bakery outlets in China average in the middle of 1.500 and 2.000 consumers per day and 400,000 yen i.e. US $48.80 in sale.

The likely profits of transnational change include permitting Breadtalk to involve in cross associations through businesses so that they can try to go in other food and beverage sectors more effortlessly. We can also pull on our brand label to shape up market responsiveness.

Technological advancement

We need to appoint some organization as our digital marketing and management partner.

They should be given the task of development of public media channels, electronic mail marketing, and a chief web design renovation throughout the Breadtalk family of brands.

A yearlong strategy promotion should also being employed to develop devoted web presence for the all the makes under Breadtalk’s canopy, together with Breadtalk itself, Din Tai Fung, ToastBox, RamenPlay, Food Republic and The Icing Room. 

Concurrent to these projects, the marketing partner should also work to make up our social media presence on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. The agency should also be consulted for rearranging Breadtalk’s commercial and global online existence, in order to build up structures that can upkeep our strategies for universal enlargement and franchising.

A new company parent website and contract related web indemnities are scheduled for late 2011.

Branding Strategy:-

Breadtalk bakeries has discriminated themselves from old-fashioned bakeries with smooth and space age fastening store frontages and an open thought design. Different from other bakeries, Breadtalk’s new open concept scheme permitted consumers to look the bakers at work and produced a lot of consumer curiosity in its products. Adding to this, Breadtalk came up with inventive and fun sounding terms for all their buns. Certain buns had a small tale to tell a story. Fresh kinds of buns are presented frequently as well to uphold customer interest. Such exclusive initiatives by Breadtalk permitted them to distinguish themselves from traditional bakeries. Breadtalk is concentrated on its branding and has made countless pains to encourage the Breadtalk brand. To confirm this, the present and fashionable designs of the stores are uniform in all the Breadtalk outlets. Gear such as uniforms, bread tongs, and trays that all outlet workers must put on are also identical in all bakery outlets. This new idea allows Breadtalk to remain sticking out a clean, fresh and lively look that has become identical with their early bakeries. Accordingly, Breadtalk has gathered honours such as “Singapore Most Distinctive Brand Award 2003-2004” and “Singapore Promising Brand Award” from 2002 to 2004.

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