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Marketing is indeed an ancient art; it has been practiced in one form or other since the days of Adam and Eve. Marketing is a comprehensive term and it includes all resources and set of activities necessary to direct and facilitate the flow of goods and services from producers to consumer in the process of distribution. Its emergence as a management discipline, however it is relatively recent origin. The preindustrial revolution world was characterized by agriculture cum Handicraft economy. Practically every village community produced its own Food, clothing, shelter and household equipment. Agriculturist and crafts-Men were the main producers of this era. The agriculturists, whether he Produced corn or cotton, meat or butter disposed of the surplus after Meeting his own requirement, in his immediate neighbourhood. In other Words, marketing under those conditions meant a task of producing the Basic necessities of life and hanging them with known consumer groups in the immediate neighbourhood. This represented stage of barter in the evaluation meeting. The evaluation of marketing was that of money economy. After Second World War, the size and character of marketers changed enormously. Marketing comprises all activities involved in the determination and satisfaction of consumer needs at a profit.

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With the advent of globalization, almost all the companies across borders come up with variety of products with innovative technology. So the consumers have enough choice and they can select the best out of the various alternatives available. There emerges the importance of the concept ―Awarenessâ€-. The awareness has great importance in purchase situations. It includes both Brand awareness as well as technology awareness. If the awareness has a positive association with the product, it will ultimately result in purchase. It also promotes positive word of mouth communication. Most of the companies conduct awareness surveys annually to find out the level of awareness of people with respect to their brands and other variables.

This project is centered on the concept awareness, ie Awareness of water purification technologies. It also aims to find out the possible relation between awareness of water purification technologies and purchase of water purifiers.

1.2 Reason for selecting the company

Eureka Forbes Limited is the Asia’s largest direct selling organization. Eureka Forbes is a 1117 crore turnover multi product company that can be considered as the best water purifier company in India. Eureka Forbes mission is to build sustainable relationship with customer, as their friend for life. Another factor attracted me towards the company is its best direct selling practices. They are having excellent Marketing practices, which are accepted by marketing experts. Due to these reasons I selected Eureka Forbes Ltd for the study.

1.3 Study plan

1st week: Collect general Information and Organization structure regarding Eureka Forbes Ltd..

2nd week: Collect Information regarding water purification technologies.

3rd week: Data collection from the households in Cochin using Questionnaire.

4th week: Data collection from the households in Cochin using Questionnaire.

5th week: Data collection from the Consumer durable shops in Cochin using Questionnaire.

6th week: Collect final inputs from the external guide.

1.4 Background of the Research

The basic aim of all the companies is to create need among the consumers. As part of this need creation some of the water purifier companies aggressively advertise their Reverse Osmosis based water purifiers by informing the consumers that RO technology based water purifier is the best. This stimulates competition in the market. Whirlpool is one among those companies who come up with aggressive advertisements. Kent come up with (RO+UV) based water purifiers. Eureka Forbes, the leader in the water purifiers industry also possesses RO based water purifiers.

Eureka Forbes’s policy is to provide water purifiers to the people in such a way that the technology in the water purifier is suitable to the water quality in their respective areas. Since UV technology based water purifiers are suitable to Cochin area, the company doesn’t want to confuse the customers of Cochin by pushing Reverse Osmosis based water purifiers. But the competitors take it as an opportunity by selling RO based purifiers to wrong customers to gain benefits in short run. On the other hand, Eureka Forbes still aims to maintain a long run business decided to find out a solution to this dilemma. Here arises the need for the study Awareness of Water Purification Technologies and its influence on purchase.

The research is conducted in Cochin which is considered as one of the lucrative areas for water purifier companies. The research is carried out in two phases. In the first phase a survey is conducted among 200 house holds in the Cochin area. The entire Cochin area is considered as the population for the research.

Cochin area is sub divided in to five different sub areas; and 40 samples are taken from each sub area for conducting the research. In the second phase of the research a survey is conducted among 11 major consumer durable shops in Cochin.

The research is mainly conducted to find out the awareness of water purification technologies and its influence on purchase. Another reason for conducting this sort of research is to find out the movement of water purifiers through consumer durable shops. Thus the research helps to find out the following information.

Brand Awareness

Technology Awareness

Highest selling Brand and Highest selling Technology

No. of users and non users among the subject under study

Reason for purchase & Source of purchase

Source of information about Reverse Osmosis

Major competitors and their business

Type of customers and the factors considered by them during purchase

Sales volume per month form the different consumer durable shops

Product leadership in direct sales as well as in retail sales

1.5. Literature review

The differentiate aspect among a range of brands is the kind of technology being used. The UV technology, used by companies like Eureka Forbes, Sintex Industries and a several other smaller players. still, ultra filtration membrane technology and reverse osmosis are now being used progressively more.

Adapting to local circumstances The state of the water and the class of impurities decide the kind of technology appropriate for a particular region. There are three main kinds of impurities – suspended particles, microbiological impurities (which include bacteria, viruses and pyrogens), and excess dissolved salts. A best water purification scheme should eliminate all three kinds of impurities; only membrane technology guarantees that. As far as elimination of impurities is concerned, UV oxidation is high-quality at removing dissolved organics and bacteria, but is poor at removing dissolved ionised solids and gases, particulates and pyrogens. Ultra filtration membrane devices, on the other hand, are outstanding at removing particulates, bacteria, pyrogens and dissolved organics, though they are also poor at removing dissolved ionised solids and gases. UV rays fleeting through water render bacteria and viruses inert, but they do not eradicate them. Furthermore, UV rays do not alter the composition of the water; the overload dissolved salts stay in your drinking water, as before. A UV-based water purifier requires definite clearness of water for it to be efficient. If the water is dirty, then a UV-based purifier will not be very efficient. Inlet

The membrane technology has a market only where the water taste is awful (total dissolved solids more than 100). It is needed only for parts of Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. Additionally, it is an inefficient technology because 70 per cent of the water place into the system is exhausted as a backwash and only 30 per cent goes through. In India, the main difficulty for most people is bacteriological fault, as 80 per cent diseases are water-borne. UV remains the most gainful and mass marketable skill.

The question of safety offers sufficiently safe drinking water. UV purifiers are not able to cleanse water adequately since they do not get rid of the impurities. A membrane technology-based purifier is improved as the very little pores hinder the impurities from passing through. In India, depending on the site, we have to decide a suitable technology.

The price factor Another issue in this market is the price. As it is, consumers are already unwilling to shell out more money than is totally essential. And this is where the adherents of the UV technology see their benefit. While UV skill is reasonable, membranes are costly. Most of the players who use the membrane expertise have to supply them from the US and this pushes up the cost.

1.6 Statement of the Problem

Most of the water purifier companies aggressively advertise Reverse Osmosis Technology based water purifiers. Because of these aggressive advertisements the level of technology awareness and the perception about different water purification technology of the people may vary. Therefore the company wants to find out the current level of ―Awareness of water purification Technologiesâ€-. This research also tries to find out relationship between awareness of water purification technology and purchase of water purifiers.

Based on the statement of the problem discussion, we have reached the following research questions;

1. Do the people are aware of different water purification technologies?

2. Is there any significant relationship between awareness of water purification technology and purchase of water purifiers?

1.7 Approach to problem


1. To analyze the awareness of water purification technologies.

2. To identify the relationship between technology awareness and purchase of water purifiers.

3. To find out source of information about Reverse Osmosis Technology

4. To analyze the Brand awareness of Aquaguard.

5. To identify various competitors in product category and their relative market share

6. To identify the major factors which have influence on purchase decisions.

7. To find out the fast moving product and technology in consumer durable shops.

8. To find out the volume of sales per month in consumer durable shops.


1. There is significant relationship between awareness of UV technology and purchase of UV technology based water purifier

2. There is significant relationship between awareness of RO technology and purchase of RO technology based water purifier

1.8 Research Methodology

Research Design

Conclusive research method has been adopted for the study in order to address my objectives more clearly.


1. House hold survey

The population of the study includes five major areas in Cochin.

Disproportionate stratified sampling has been adopted for selecting the respondents.

The sampling size is 200.

The area of the study is Cochin and nearby places.

2. Consumer Durable shop survey

The population of the study includes all the major Consumer durable shops in Cochin.

The entire population is taken for the study.

The area of the study is Cochin and nearby places.

1.9. Methods of data collection

There are two sources for data collection primary and secondary I have collected data with the help of the following way.

1. Primary data – Questionnaires and Interview

2. Secondary data – Employee hand book, company websites, company catalogues and also other related websites

1.10Data Analysis Tools

Chi-square test

Percentage Analysis

The two important data analysis tools used in this research are chi-square test and percentage analysis. For testing hypothesis chi-square test is used. Percentage analysis is used for all other analysis.

1.11 Limitations of the study

The limitations if properly defined help in improving the crystallized effectiveness of the study. The following are the main limitations of the current study.

1. Time was a major factor and constraint in the study.

2. The respondents showed reluctance in revealing some information.

3. Entry to Consumer durable shops was difficult.

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