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The Operations Of Kfc Singapore

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Amidst of the PP module, my key interest would be a detailed research to develop an understanding about KFC in Singapore. I would be covering on Yum restaurants and Singapore KFC during my research. As a part-timer in the KFC outlet ‘Orchard Cineleisure’ it would not be a difficult task to understand the operational procedures and the organizational structure as I could consult with the managers of this outlet. Also I try to collect some feedback forums and customer relationship programmes. I think going through provided by the KFC Singapore. While going through the PP description i feel that comparison between KFC and others in the same field would spice up my report and I choose McDonalds in Singapore considering the factors. The industrial standards are something that all the food industries need to keep up with so that they would get qualified for what they are doing. After this PP report I would be able to identify the success factors of KFC Singapore and suggest some recommendations for their ambiguity.

2. Objectives

To insightfully demonstrate KFC Singapore upon the understanding of its parent, Yum Restaurants International(YRI)

To understand the quality of food services and how KFC keep up with it

To find out what are the facilities KFC Singapore is having and how they evolve at the development of time.

To understand the organizational structure and operational procedures of KFC Singapore.

To compare and study the edges and threshold of KFC Singapore with that of others in the same market segment.

To understand what are their success factors, and widen my area of awareness in the application level

3. Introduction

A. Yum! Brands Inc.

Yum! Brands, Inc., based in Louisville is the world’s largest restaurant company in terms of system restaurants with more than 37,000 restaurants in over 110 countries and territories and more than 1 million associates. In 2009, Yum! Revenue is nearly $11 billion and Yum is ranked #216 on the fortune 500 list. KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Long John Silver’s- four of the restaurant brands are the global leaders of the chicken, pizza, Mexican-style food and quick service seafood categories.

The Yum system contains three operating divisions: US International (Yum! Restaurants International) and China Division (includes mainland China, Thailand and KFC Taiwan). Yum system opened more than four new restaurants each day of the year and it makes them a leader in international retail development.

B. KFC Corporation

KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1929, back then it was just a walk in restaurant for customers dropping by. He used his living quarters firstly for serving foods and, there after it was further improved by accumulation of capital and moved on to bigger places such as hotels and restaurants. Over the next nine years, he developed his method of cooking chicken which took the company to heights. In 1964 he sold KFC Corporation and started collecting franchise fees. Later on KFC has been moved on through many well known brands ending up at the current parent firm.

KFC corporation is founded in Louisville, Kentucky, is the world’s most common chicken restaurant chain, concentrating in Original recipe, Kentucky grilled chicken, Extra crispy and Honey BBQ wings, Original recipe Strips with home-style sides and freshly made chicken sandwiches.

Around the world more than 12 million customers are served by KFC. It operates more than 5000 restaurants in US and more than 15,000 units around the world. Secret blend of 11 herbs and spices of Colonel Harland Sanders made the Original recipe fried chicken world famous. Customers around the world enjoy more than 300 products- from Kentucky grilled chicken in the US to a salmon sandwich in Japan.

C. KFC Singapore

1977- Singapore opened its first restaurant on Somerset Road, employing about 10 staff.

1983- KFC was publicity listed as ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken Limited’.

1986- Kentucky Fried Chicken Limited was sold to Innovest, then a Joint venture with KFC international, KFC management Pte Ltd.

1987- KFC launches Hot & Crispy chicken

1988- KFC Singapore launches the Colonel Burger.

1991- A new KFC logo replaces the traditional ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ logo

1992- KFC Singapore was again sold to KFC international as a wholly owned company. In the same year, KFC Singapore opens its 40th restaurant at Northpoint.

1993- KFC Singapore is the first KFC market in Asia to develop and launch the popular Zinger Burger, a Hot and Crispy fillet sandwich. The Zinger Burger is adopted by six other Asian markets.

1994- KFC Singapore receives its Halal certification from The Islamic Council of Singapore (MUIS). KFC Singapore becomes a part of PepsiCo Restaurant international, the world’s largest restaurant system with over 28,000 units worldwide.

1996- KFC Singapore is recognized during the NCSS’s disability campaign as being one of Singapore’s leading employers of people with disabilities. KFC Singapore opens its 60th restaurant at Bukit Batok.

1997- KFC Singapore is awarded Official restaurant of NDP. It also adopted Club Rainbow and raised funds for the non- profit charitable organization

2000- Chicky club and Soft serve are launched. A new concept, multi- brand stores, incorporating KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell are set up at IMM and Lido Cineplex.

2002- KFC Singapore is a part of KFC (Malaysia) Holdings Bhd and turn 25.

2005- Opening of 2 deaf- operated stores at Toa Payoh and Fuchun Community club.

2007- KFC 30th anniversary.

D. KFC Food manufacturing

KFC uses only the best ingredients from reputable suppliers and adopts strict and stringent quality control measures. KFC only uses the chicken which has been approved for Agri- Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA). Also KFC chickens are prepared using Colonel Sander’s secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.

KFC practices the strictest standards of hygiene and food safety in stores. The cooking method is designed to ensure that our chicken products are thoroughly cooked and safe for consumption. All KFC chickens are cooked using computerised cooking method to ensure consistency of quality.

E. Facilities of KFC

Computerised cooking is a most modern way of cooking without much of chef’s hands on work, all what he/she needs to do is to set the time for cooking, temperature of cooking and oxidisation. Most of the products produced in KFC are prepared with the aid of these kids of machines. It requires only minimal and stable amount of energy source. All the KFCs in Singapore have adopted this method to keep the labour to a minimal and at the same time making the food more delicious, due to uniformly cooked produces.

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Some of the KFCs in Singapore have a vibrant business technique which creates ambience and atmosphere for the customer. They have managed to accommodate smokers in an open space outside in the case of KFCs which are open and are in the first floor of the building. East coast KFC has roller blade tracks to the counter and to the respective tables, in a safer way for the people around, in order to cater for the customers who come to the park and beach for exercises and for entertainment. Some of the KFCs nearby beaches have special tables designed for wet swimmers and divers, for example Chinese Garden KFC near the swimming pool.

4. Organisational structure and operational procedures.

Organisational structure

Operational procedures

Once these frozen raw materials are received in Singapore via shipment or air, they are transported into a warehouse cum processing units that are located in different locations of Singapore. These food items are then processed, for example processed chicken thighs and wings are dipped in different kinds of sauces and are being stored.

Once a product is ordered by the shift-in-charge (It could be restaurant manager, assistant manager, trainee manager or the supervisor) of a KFC branch, the order is confirmed to be delivered on the next working day. The warehouse to KFC delivery takes place on a daily basis.

As stated above, the Restaurant manager or the shift in charge makes the call to the amount of products being produced. Depending on the availability and the demand of the customer the products are produced and stand by. Once the chef gets the request to produce, the food is produces and transferred to the supply base where they are assembled/ garnished and packed for the customer.

The cashier has certain standards to follow while taking the order which includes polite communication, smiling, repeating the order back to the customer and offering substitutes and side dishes.

Once a cashier receives order, the ordered items are delivered to the customer and the cash is collected.

The customers are free to choose the seat in the KFC and once they are done with the food they could leave behind the wrappers and stuffs for the person who is in charge of the lobby to clear

5. Feedback systems and customer care

Feedback systems

KFC always wants to keep the customer interested and they always are interested to hear from the customer. The improvement of an F&B firm always relies on feedback. KFC has its own feedback forum which is given to the customer at a random. While going through the research for doing the professional profiling I got across some of the online feedback forums which we could simply post our comments and suggestions online. According to the manager of the KFC he every now and then goes through the online feedback forums to ensure the quality of the service as well as of the restaurant. There are assigned staffs for KFC to get feedback from the customer. These people usually go to an assigned KFC branch and takes feedback of the customer on a random basis. KFC has a hotline number so that people who wish to give feedback could ring up them at any point of time.

I have managed to get a feedback forum from KFC, which is used in most cases. The feedbacks are on food, services and facilities and each of which is having subdivisions.

Customer care

Most of the negative feedback of the customer about a KFC is regarding the food delivery, which either takes too long or served cold. KFC managed to tie up some delivery service’s its loose ends to make sure that the customer care goes well. Once an item is being delayed KFC immediately lets the customer knows why that had happened and apologise to the customer.

If a customer complains about the food at the restaurant, they are compensated by giving replacement to the food as well as providing them with additional dishes. If a customer accidently spills his or her drink in the KFC they will replace it free of charge.

6. KFC Vs McDonalds

While going through the PP description I feel that comparison between KFC and other industries in the same segment would spice up the report and I chose McDonalds considering the same factors.

The importance of the comparison is to understand the market of KFC in Singapore, their corporate effectiveness, their effectiveness in competition and how they divide the market between two QSR.

McDonalds have more outlets in Singapore than KFC. McDonalds has 110 outlets around Singapore while KFC is having 74 only.

The majority product of KFC revolves around chicken dishes while McDonalds concentrates on burgers and side dishes.

KFC and McDonald’s provide breakfast meals; the speciality of KFC is that it provides porridge in its breakfast menu. It is also known as the signature dish of KFC.

McDonald’s has major land investment in the third world countries and the workers there are paid dollar a day or just the food. KFC has a much humanitarian approach as compared to this; they have campaigns for the poor across countries

KFC has higher social responsibility than McDonalds.

McDonald’s is the largest stand alone fast food restaurant chain in the world, but KFC, its siblings and their parent Yum! Brands have the largest Fast food restaurant chain in the world.

7. Swot analysis


KFC secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices

Strong franchises all over the world

Interactive relationship marketing

Chains for its convenience and menu variety


Lack of focus on research and development

Lack of knowledge about their customers

They only focus higher income level people

KFC desserts portion is not as better as should be


They have the opportunity to expand their sweet products

They can capture more customers by decreasing the price of their products

Updating the restaurants. Balance menu

Changing customer lifestyle and taste


Diseases like bird flu is the big threat for KFC

Change of customer demands

Existing and new competitors

Frozen food is not good for health and despite.

8. Conclusion

In conclusion, KFC offers delicious chicken with a wide variety of meal choices including great family meals, and the service is usually fine. Value for money is given too. I recommend KFC to anyone and everyone – you will not be disappointed. KFC is an ever evolving competitor.

After my research of KFC, I have come to the conclusion that KFC has a good product as far as the chicken items are concerned. But they have to increase other varieties to attract the customers. Along with that they should target children a little bit more, because they are the once who is pushing the parents to go to their favourite restaurants.

Product, place, price and promotion could determine the success and failure of an industry. It is excellent to understand this concept through hands on research of doing the professional profiling module.

This Professional profiling module has helped me to create an awareness of how a fast food restaurant works and what are its business concepts. At the beginning of this module I had grey areas in this particular segment of F&B industry. I would like to thank KFC in the process of enlightening me with great concepts and its application in the real world scenario.

9. Acknowledgement

I would like to show my gratitude to all those who have helped me to walk through the Professional profiling module.

Restaurant manager -Rajesh K.Menon

Assistant manager -Rajesh Joseph

Trainee manager -Song Yufeng

Staffs of the particular KFC

PP Advisor -Susmita Bandyopadhyay

Acknowledgement to other stakeholders and helpers


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