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Strategy is defined as: determine the basic objectives and long-term course of action adopted by enterprises and allocate the necessary resources to achieve these objectives.

Length of time is arbitrary strategy, but may be two, three, or up to 5 years. This is generally in the near future depending on how the organization is working on resources. A strategy may include a major policy.

The purpose of strategy, then, is to identify and communicate through the system’s main objectives and policies, the picture is envisaged that business. They provide a framework to guide thinking and action. Their role and importance of practice to guide them to do the planning, however, that as a separate strategic objective-based program analysis.

According to the marketing plan to support the strategic objectives

Philip Kotler defines marketing as “to meet the needs and hopes of the customer communication process.”

Strategic objectives of the core objectives of the means of some strategy by the company.

McDonald’s main goal is globalization. McDonald’s CEO and marketing executives face the pressing challenges of strategic marketing on a regular basis may affect the company’s future for many years. These decisions are often without the opportunity to learn the situation and make the best decision.

A better approach is to conduct a comprehensive review of each market and opportunities, and make long-term strategic decision, and distracted during the day’s routine marketing and sales activities. And then integrate into the daily decision making, the company’s overall strategic marketing objectives.

Strategic marketing planning process to look at McDonald’s, asking questions from the customer’s point of view, there is a long time horizon, such as:

What needs or problems caused by customers considering buying our McDonald’s?

What improvements in your personal or business life, can be improved?

Which customer segments are attracted to McDonald’s?

1.2 determine the components of marketing plan

• Situation Analysis

• External analysis

• Customer Analysis

• Internal analysis

• SWOT analysis


Analysis of the situation in our organization will help determine the current position. It should consider what’s going on outside the organization, what is happening with consumers, and how internal business operations.

External Analysis

What external changes taking place in the target market (city, county, state, country and around the world), may have potential impact on McDonald’s business? Some things to investigate are:

• changes in legislation and political positions and national levels

• changes in technology (new equipment)

• trends and tastes of the social values and habits

• competitors

• Economic conditions (purchasing power)

Customer Analysis

Marketing plan before it is very important to find out what consumers want and how to make a purchase decision. This may require some market research. Consider these factors:

• potential customers

• Consumer behavior

• Which projects are so many more sales, why?

Internal analysis

Know the state of McDonald’s and resources to help to determine what it is strong need attention. The following marketing plan also includes

• Human Resources

• business performance based competitors

SWOT Analysis

Conduct SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis is essential in assessing the company’s position and serves as a guide, developing marketing plans.

1 SWOT analysis of the benefits of

A SWOT analysis provides a very simple, low-cost way to assess the company’s position. It presents the information is very important to the development of business and marketing plans, and the development of organizational goals and objectives. It tells you where the company is now located, and where necessary to the future.

When McDonald’s SWOT analysis of the behavior

• Check your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, from the customer point of view. If you can not see the question to ask the customer their own ideas through the feedback form and present in very McDonald’s or to conduct surveys to see all of the target market.

• separate internal problems and external problems.

The company’s strengths and weaknesses are internal, external opportunities and threats. The main consideration is the first McDonald’s analysis of these two factors are present in us or not. If the answer is yes, this issue should be classified as external.

Some things to consider in determining your strengths and weaknesses are:

• Size

• scale

• Customer perception (changing tastes, what they need new)

McDonald’s is doing a number of existing competitors, industry and the environment, opportunities and threats in order to complete the SWOT analysis section. Here are some points to consider:

• trends in the competitive environment

• Trend Micro Environment (updated technology)

Once completed a SWOT analysis of McDonald’s, including the resulting strategy, business and marketing plans. Some key actions include

• advantage into the matching ability, the opportunity in the environment.

Strength: The company has a very effective way to fulfill orders and process very fast

Opportunities: There are difficult to meet the needs of the company’s products in other countries

Function: This’s ability to provide the taste of the world

• weaknesses into strengths, by investing in key strategic areas.

Weaknesses: staff are not familiar with the latest technology (the lack of on job training)

Investment: send employees to classes, seminars and conferences

Strength: There are sophisticated internal information technology staff

• weaknesses into strengths can become restricted. Any limitations are obvious and meaningful to consumers must be minimized.

Meaning for consumers: consumers may not be able to find a new project Verity

Optimization: Let consumers to buy through other channels, such as the McDonald’s window opened the package, if anyone would like to take away his standing in the queue without regard to McDonald’s, he drove to the window and make an order.


Mitigation Plan 1 – a limited mandate agreed upon the appropriate project team members will implement the project plan this week with a clear purpose, reducing the likelihood of this risk and / or influence. All risks and the possibility of 3 or more and / or business, or a profound impact, there must be a clear reduction plan. (Note: for a given project team may choose to identify risk mitigation plan for the possibility of low-risk and / or affect the ranking). Mitigation plans for all tasks should be assigned to a responsible resource related projects. Each task must be completed within a week Keli adequate time allocation of resources, that a given task, listing the risk mitigation plans, the risk matrix is expected to flow to the team’s project plan. (Note: In order to ease the program’s complete set tasks require more than a week to complete, the project team would be helpful to indicate this Risk Matrix column from week to – weeks of specific tasks which, in the reduction Strategy have been completed to better assist in the visual tracking of the progress of disaster reduction strategies.)


Marketing Plan

Four-step marketing plan is as follows:

2 Conduct an analysis of telecommunications market

3 to establish goals

4 Create a Budget

5 Prepare a marketing strategy

Market analysis for communication

Competitive Analysis


Target market analysis

Customer Analysis


b) Competitive Analysis

What are the main competitors fries and communications strategies and tactics of each competitor. Erosion of the landscape of competition and similar incidents taking place around the same time. We find similar activities are charged admission; to consider how they are different, your products, what will give you the edge. We can similar incidents be a competitive advantage, through joint promotions. But be careful, because sometimes confusing market, the joint promotion.

• number and size of major competitors and the specific strengths and weaknesses of competitors

• costs or capital advantage, competitors

• Pressure from substitute products (home entertainment products and services).

Chances of 2

What we see opportunities for their competitors. If your product will be a serious saturation of your competitors. What is opportunity, not been adopted? Ignore your competitors customers.

Target Market Analysis

Here are some examples of the kind of market you may target. If we do not have information on this ongoing study of our own, we can put together a profile of reading other people’s research. For example, we can get magazine readers profiles from the advertising department, and many arts funding agencies market research. This is a step by step guide to creating a campaign strategy …

Market size:

To make a continuous product, you have to collect market information and the size and area of his.

Most people do not because of lack of computer knowledge, interest and knowledge. Barriers to our products is very small network traffic and high prices of the computer price.

2 customer analysis

Identify current customers and your competitors to the company. Analysis of potential customers who are who do not buy products, but may be of interest. Then, analyze your customers like the product of his age, sex workers, the unemployed, this is his psychograph summarized as follows:

• Age: 40% aged between 40 and 54 and 45% of 18 to 39

• Sex: 25% female

• Employment: 70% of the

• tells us: 45% of the experience of the cluster,

Experience of the new group and enjoy new and different things. Interesting to attract the visual and performing like to think.

5 Positioning

All promotions are related to the Company or the Company’s overall market position for ourselves or our company. Positioning your company or to provide unique competition, should appeal to our target market.

Market positioning

Look at other companies, how they promote themselves, their audience, their location, their programs. We distinguish between competitive organizations or events. Here are some examples:

• market leader, market challenger.

• as to attract the young and older audiences, family audiences, sophisticated or more mainstream audience

• the location of your spectacular entrance policy

Establish communication objectives

Our mission is to make product advertising an effective ad, according to our budget and cost-effective advertising. Our goal is as follows:

10 Development of brand awareness

11 to change the beliefs or attitudes of consumers

12 additional good / service category or attitude

13 upgrade purchases

14 to encourage repeat purchase

15 consumer traffic construction

16 enhance the corporate image

Increase market share 17

18 increase in sales.

Create a communication budget

A percentage of sales

2 to compete

3 we can afford

4 goals and tasks

Quantitative Model 5

Prepared communication strategy

Communication is not just to persuade – it is about education and image building, listening and engaged with people of all ages from diverse backgrounds.

The theory of communication

9 Introduction

10 Know thyself

Know your audience 11

12 Know your competitors

13 Market positioning

Write your communication strategy

7 Introduction

8 communication objectives

9 objects

10 Important information

The main selling point of 11

Personality and tone of 12

Communication Practice

5 Introduction

6 communication channels

7 characters

8 pictures

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