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An Overview Of Mercedes Benz Products Marketing Essay

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5/12/16 Marketing Reference this

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According to Mercedes-Benz products, Mercedes-Benz is the German brand. It is famous luxury car brand and it has long history. Benz was become the first automobile company in Germany. Mercedes-Benz brand strategy has been a successful one, and it is the key to the brand survival. It recently has 12 series, such as Mercedes-Benz E-class coupe, it is a range of executive-size cars. Moreover, they have more than 100 kinds of models. The output reached 100 million each year. It not only has become an essential by rich people. The Benz car company can be divided by high quality and high performance of luxury cars. It is also the world’s most famous bus and heavy truck manufacturer. “Elegant, reliable and durable” is the aim of Benz (Mercedes-Benz products, 2009). In this paper, I have explained Mercedes-Benz’s advertisement how to use market segmentation and market mix to sell more products.

According to Anderton et al (2008), market Segmentation is “Breaking down a market into sub-group with similar characteristics.” It has four main ways to find information. For example, geographically, demographically, psychographically and behaviourally. Companies use different types to increase sales better targeting who sees their advertising.

Market Mix is the marketing strategy for meeting the needs of consumers. It includes four parts: product, price, place and promotion. Promotion, one of the 4Ps, is “a number of promotional methods a business can use including above the line promotions” (Anderton et al, 2008: 75). Secondly, price set in a right level is important. In addition, price may influence the market and demand (Anderton et al, 2008).

The intention of this report is firstly to investigate how promotion makes consumers aware of advertising. A second aim is to discover why consumers choose Mercedes-Benz rather than other cars. The final aim is how advertisements impact the immense popularity of Mercedes-Benz.

The Mercedes-Benz E350 advertisement background in outdoor. It has a blue sky. According to Color Wheel Pro (2009), blue is a masculine color so this car may sell for men to use. This place has many dark green trees and a large dark green lawn. It means the product is high price because darker green means money. In front of it is a new black Mercedes-Benz E350 car and the car door is opening. Black color is associated with power and formality (Color Wheel Pro, 2009). As a result, buying this car needs to earn about 1,000,000 RMB. Beside the car, a lady wears a formal black backless dress. Her hair style and color are show she is a rich lady. It also means this car is not a traditional car. However, it does not lose the traditional style. She looks back could see her face. She uses red lipstick. Red means with energy, strength and passion (Color Wheel Pro, 2009). Moreover, in the background has a white and black villa. White means safety and has a positive connotation. In addition, white can represent a successful beginning (Color Wheel Pro, 2009).

Market Segmentation has four main ways to find information such as geographically, demographically, psychographically and behaviourally. Firstly, by geographically, Mercedes-Benz sells all over the world. They have a large marketing. It can sell more products overall. From this advertisement, it sells the E-class coupe. In addition, this class Benz’s car focus on selling in Chinese market. Next, it is demographically. In this part have many types such as gender, age and income. Seeing this advertising’s model can know this class car is fit from 25-35 ages. The model wears the formal black long dress. It shows the product sells for mid-high income consumers. Thirdly, psychographic segmentation is according to customer opinions and lifestyle. The model uses red lipstick and the E350 is a racing-car. Moreover, this background has a white and black villa. All of this shows the product is focusing on high quality and young customer. The final market segmentation is behavioural segmentation. The advertising uses a villa in the background is shown the product is high price and luxury. The Mercedes-Benz is a famous brand in the world and it is a luxury good. The high income consumers may want to buy high quality products. It can show they are a successful personage.

Promotion is a method to let consumers know this product, for example TV advertisements. TV advertisement is the most popular and powerful media to show the product. Mercedes-Benz also uses television to introduce their product. E350 car is a new car and it attracts Chinese consumers. The advertisements are constantly shown on the Mercedes-Benz homepage, on television, on billboards and in magazines. This advertising is from Elle magazine. It is a young customer magazine. In addition, this stage income is increasing. Mercedes-Benz uses magazine to publicize the E350 at the right place and the right time because more and more consumers read magazines.

The E350 price may be high. The price is about 800,000 RMB. It focuses on selling for young successful customers because this style of car is a sports car. However, the Mercedes-Benz product is high quality. It leads to the price cost of products are higher than other cars’ product. High price may influence the demand, because high price lead to decline in demand. In addition, not every consumer can buy luxury goods. As a result, the company needs to use advertisement to publicize this product.

This advertisement fully exhibits E350 car’s style. It uses a villa, rich lady and car to show the product. Moreover, car and lady’s dress color are black. All of this can appeal to the target audience. This advertisement uses magazines and TV to publicize the E350. They can let more consumers to know this product. In addition, E-class mostly sells in the China market. China is a big market, it also can help Mercedes-Benz company to sell more this product because China has large population.

The marketing report includes EAP and business studies. According to this investigation, the advertisement is important for brand. Moreover, promotion and market segmentations can help the company to sell more products.

For this brand, the price may be decreasing, although Mercedes-Benz is a well-known brand. However, few consumers know their new product. As a result, they may need to increase advertisement in different kinds of media such as television, internet and newspapers.

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