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A SWOT analysis of tourism in Malaysia

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Tourism is one of the highest contributions to Malaysia’s economic sector. Malaysia is one of the top most tourist travelled country in the South East Asian. Malaysia is relatively new to tourism compared to their ASEAN neighbor such as Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Tourism Malaysia’s goal is to increase their number of foreign visitors to improve Malaysia’s economic sector. “We aim to showcase Malaysia’s unique wonders, attractions and cultures; develop domestic tourism and enhance Malaysia’s share of the market for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE).” (Tourism Malaysia, 2010)

Situation Analysis

According to New Sabah Times, “Malaysian Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen targets 24 million tourist arrivals for the year 2010.” (The New Sabah Times, 2010) There have been several actions that have been done to help boost the tourism rate such as, “holding new international events while continuing with existing events.” (The New Sabah Times, 2010) However, a more in dept public relation strategy can be done to boost the amount of international tourist to visit Malaysia. A SWOT analysis will be done to analyze the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats of Tourism Malaysia.

SWOT Analysis


Outstanding Natural Beauty


Good Transport and Accommodations Accessibility

English Widely Spoken


Low Profit Margin

Service and Quality


Better Access Through Budget Carrier

Historical Sites


Regional Safety

Environmental Degradation


From the SWOT analysis, it’s shown that Strengths of tourism industry in Malaysia is their outstanding natural beauty that you can see in Malaysia. The outstanding natural beauties that can be seen consist of Malaysia’s tropical rainforest, natural and manmade lakes, outstanding islands and beaches. Never to forget, Malaysia is a Multi-Cultural country which makes Malaysia a very unique country. Tourist from different part of Asia can easily get use to the culture of Malaysia and yet see unique differences of the other cultures that Malaysia has to offer. Malaysia also offers a modern airport facilities, easily acquired accommodations and also first class accommodations with a low cost. To add on, English is widely spoken in Malaysia as this ease tourist means of communication. Malaysia will be an ideal tourism location for long or short term holidays.


Despite the Strength, Malaysia is facing their major weakness which is their low profit margin. Due to the low price of accommodations, Malaysia is facing a slow economic return. Four to five start hotels is being sold at a low profit margin which is below USD 100 per night which is below the hotel rates around the world. This affects the services and the quality that is offered. Due to the low return, not many training can be conducted for the hotel staffs and not much refurbishing can be done to the hotel. The hotels rather keep the current situation due to the low profit margin.


The opportunities that can be found in Malaysia Tourism are the low cost carrier which is the budget airline. Malaysia’s main budget airlines Air Asia, travels to most of the international continent. Now almost anyone can travel to Malaysia at a budget price due to the low cost carrier. Malaysia has many historical sites which tourist can visit and also learn a little about Malaysian History. This historical site has been reserved to attract tourist attention.


Weaknesses that Tourism Malaysia is facing firstly are the regional safety. Diseases and natural disaster may affect the regional safety. Natural disaster such as the Tsunami may affect the tourism rate in Malaysia. Not only that, it will also lead to an environmental degradation. After the Tsunami, many houses near the seas were destroyed and will lead to pollution.


Informational Objective

The objective of this campaign is to increase awareness and to improve the country’s image towards the international tourist.

Motivational Objective

The objective of this campaign is also to increase the amount of international tourist that visits Malaysia and also extend the amount of days they spend in Malaysia.

Target Audience


This campaign is targeted to general public from the age of 22 to the age of 60. It’s also targeted to families with the average family income of RM 2500 a month and targeted to Non Malaysian citizen.


This campaign is targeted to families, young adults, honeymooners. The target audience can experience the outstanding natural beauties that Malaysia has to offer. They will also experience the multi-cultural environment and learn about the different traditions and cultures. They will also get to see the historical sites and learn about Malaysian history.


Improve Malaysia’s international image

This campaign aims to change the perception of the international tourist in regards of Malaysia and to improve Malaysia’s international image.

Increase the amount of international tourist

The campaign also aims to increase the rate of international tourist that comes to Malaysia. Its aim is to attract more international tourist to visit Malaysia.

Increase the length of stay for international tourist

There are many international tourists that visit Malaysia every year and with this campaign, Tourism Malaysia aims to increase the length of stay of the tourist that visits Malaysia.



An international cooperate advertising will be done to create awareness for Malaysia in the International Tourism industry. Television advertisement will be placed in prime time advertising slots of International Television Channels to attract visitors. The television commercial will show the outstanding natural beauty of Malaysia and also show the different culture of Malaysia. A print advertisement will be done and place in most international tourism magazines and also in magazines that is placed in airplanes. This will attract travelers around the world to visit Malaysia.

Media Relations

A press conference will be held in Malaysia telling the public on the upcoming events of Malaysia and also the changes that Malaysia has done with hot sites to visits around Malaysia. International reporters of most major international news company will be invited to attend this press conference. Invites will be given to travel magazines to write a featured article about the multi-culture that Malaysia has to provide and also the outstanding natural beauties that Malaysia has to offer. An upgrade will be done to the current Tourism Malaysia website by adding more information’s about the place to visits around Malaysia. The website will also update on all the upcoming and present events that will be going on in Malaysia.


Malaysia will participate in all the Travel Exhibitions that’s held in other countries and representatives will be sent to the country to promote Malaysia tourism. Leaflets and flyers will be given to attendants of the exhibitions showing the promotion that Malaysia has to offer. A cultural show will be done by Malaysians to attract tourist from exhibitions. International sporting events will be hosted in Malaysia to attract tourist to come to Malaysia such as World Cup, PGA tour, Moto GP, World Rally Championship and World tennis series. More local events such as International Food Exhibition, International Diving Expedition and International Photography Expedition will also be hosted in Malaysia to increase the rate of tourist that visits Malaysia.

Calendar / Timeline























































































































































































Travel Exhibition














































































Golf Tour







































Grand Prix







































Tennis Series


























World Rally




















































Diving Expedition







































Food Festival







































Photography Expedition



























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