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Mazda 6, one group of the wonderful cars made by Mazda Motor Corporation, which is a famous Japanese car in the world now. The company was built in Japan in 1920. At that time the company name was ‘Toyo Cork Kogyo’. With 9 years improvement, the name of the company has been changed to ‘Toyo Kogyo Corporation’. In the 1931, the company produced their first three-wheel trucks, and one year late this product began to sold in China, and all the new Mazda 6 have been first put out on the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show (Mazda 2009).

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The product cycle

The product cycle is a draft which can show the different steps of the how much will sell. The cycle includes development, introduction, growth, maturity and decline. The advertising is play a important role in the introduction step, with the help of promotion, products can sell in the market (Anderton et al, 2008).

Advertisement, the main benefit of it are getting old customers back and gaining new customers, also increase the sale of products and introduce the new products to the customers (blurtit, 2009). The good advertisement is using a photo or a set of flash work for transferring the purpose of brand and to promote the product to the customers (MarketingProfs, 2009).

At the time the products will be put on to the market, the company needs to draw a plan about the market segmentation, and to decide which kind of customers they want to sell. The benefits of the segmentation are to understand what the customers want to buy, and help the company to produce the suitable product to the sub-group customers (Anderton et al, 2008).


The purpose of the report is to use the advertising to explain the market segmentation and 4Ps of how the well-known product attracts customers.


The advertising of Mazda 6 is a wonderful flash from the Mazda website. It shows a white car was running very fast in the road at night, and when people push the different buttons the visitors can move to the different section of the car.


The main function of the segmentation is to make good products to sell to the different people who have different expectations (Anderton et al, 2008). In the segmentation, there are four types: geographically, demographically, psychographically and behaviorally (Anderton et al, 2008).

Geographically Segmentation

This type of segmentation focused on where the people live, how well the transport system right now (Anderton et al, 2008). People in the UK are highly caring about their cars and in the advertising shows that the new Mazda 6 has been awarded the five star accolades by NCAP.

Demographic Segmentation

The Demographic segmentation focused on the people. This segmentation include of gender, social class, age, income, ethnicity and religion (Anderton et al, 2008).

Mazda is both suitable for males and females. The company gives 5 colors to customers to choose. The more choices for people, they can find the more suitable cars they want (Carsdirect, 2008).

The new Mazda 6 is fashionable, and the gauge units were made as the race car, and that car can drive above 200km/h. It shows to the young people that the car is not only fashion, but also fast. It is why the people who are young may choose this car (Mazda 6, 2009).

The income of people is the mostly reason to choose a car. The new Mazda 6 gives 5 different prices to the customers. The price is between seventeen thousand two hundred and ten pounds to the twenty two thousand four hundred and sixty pounds (Mazda 6, 2009). Customers may basis on their salaries on how much deposits have to pay.

Psychographic Segmentation

The psychographic segmentation focused on people’s lifestyle and personality. Mazda 6 is one of the best cheap sport cars in people’s mind. It means the customers like driving and the car very much. They want their car which has good power to increase the speed or have exact control. The new Mazda 6 is continuing to try the best to make an excellent sport car to people, and which want to give people the wonderful time when they are driving. Therefore, most customers who want to buy a sport-car may first think about Mazda.

Behavioral Segmentation

Behaviorally segmentation is for the customers who buy something on impulse. Maybe because the flash of Mazda 6 is wonderful and the car in the flash is in the best angle; therefore, a lot of people will become interested in the car. Consequently, they may go to the 4s store and buy it.


All the products are used for earning money. The market mix is one of the most important market elements. The market mix is including product, price, promotion and place (Market mix, 2009).


All the products take an important role in making the money for the company. If companies want to gain money from customers, the first thing they need to do is making a good product. A good product can make more and more people talk highly in the product, so as the brand of the company becomes to an international brand. Mazda 6 is a fashionable and sport car, so the feature of it can attract to most people who love driving and cars.

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Price is another important part in market mix. Because the suitable price always means to sell more. People always notice price before making a decision. The new Mazda 6 gives five different prices to the customers. Customers may basis on their salaries or how much deposits have to pay. In this case, it may attract more people to buy.


Companies make the products everyday. The only way of letting more people know about them is through promotion. Put the advertising on the newspapers, TV programs, or the Internet are the best ways to let the customers know the product. Mazda Company has put the advertising in TV, journals and internet. In these cases, the car may noticed by the huge number of people.


The place of where to sell the product is also important, and it is according to the type of the product. Mazda mainly sells in Japan, because it is a Japanese brand, but with the development of the technology, it is more and more popular in all over the world. Therefore, Mazda is selling all over the world nowadays.


In conclusion, according to the advertising of Mazda 6, it shows the four types of segmentation and 4Ps in marketing research. These are significant to a company. According to the analysis, the different segmentations list the products were needed in different expectations, and how the Mazda Company runs in the 4Ps.


Mazda 6 is a popular car with the low cost, but the advertising we can only see in the magazine, newspaper and website. It is not enough because some of the people only focus on the advertisement on TV. It can make more car shows and use the huge poster in plazas or the city center. The advertisement includes the marking mix and marketing segment.


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