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10 Great Writing Hooks

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Marketing
Wordcount: 394 words Published: 9th Apr 2018

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We’ve compiled a top ten list of “writing hooks” – some fantastic ways to get your online content to engage better than ever before!

  1. Start with a question.
    How did Donald Trump become the US President?
  2. Start with a definition.
    Being an entrepreneur is a state of mind – to be willing to take risks in business with a view to making profit.
  3. Start with a metaphor or simile.
    Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.
  4. Start with a quotation.
    “Never look a gift-horse in the mouth” is a phrase that often precedes success, many entrepeneurs found their way to success by grasping an opportunity that others overlooked.
  5. Start with a comparison to a well-known person or place.
    While our gardens may be less impressive than those found at Kew, they still offer a truly stunning spectacle during the Summer months.
  6. Start with looking to the future.
    By the year 2030 we will all be driving, or driven by, electric vehicles.
  7. Start with a dilemma.
    I didn’t know it at the time but choosing to move to London would be the single biggest step I would make on my path to success.
  8. Begin by describing a scene.
    As the skies cleared we were faced by a landscape utterly laid bare by the ferocity of the storm.
  9. Begin with the best advice you have ever received.
    In my earlier years things didn’t go quite according to plan – that is until a colleague suggested that I “Stop living in the past and get with the present”.
  10. Begin with an anecdote.
    We walked for hours that day, town to town, street to street and door to door. It wasn’t until the last leaflet had been delivered that we headed home to the familiar sounds and smells of the countryside. 

There are many more hooks that come to mind but hopefully this list will get you started on the path to writing amazing marketing content. 


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