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The Qualities Of A Good Manager Management Essay

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5/12/16 Management Reference this

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A good manager can be his/her own abilities to the management skills and the confidence. The managerial skills matter most. What is management skills and confidence? Actually it is a skill to set that include of a leadership, the decision-making abilities, an understanding nature and confidence.

a) The talent: talent is our most important asset, companies need staff to work in essence is not more of these with new expertise, technologies and attitudes of staff, must make them are in the company, such as at home. 

b) The open system: the characteristics of the network are opening up its success. As part of the network brought huge economic feedback to ensure that the standard follow-up is still an open system. 

c) Discipline: Website look and feel must be consistent with the physical image of the company in order to avoid customer confusion. Process standardization and must adhere to in order to use the Internet to increase productivity. 

d) Good communication: Due to the changes brought about by the complexity of the network and fast, so the communication between employees is more important strategy, but few people can grasp the full impact of the network level. Communication is no longer limited to the company, and even domestic, in the past are now considered to be outside information can also be applied within the company, and vice versa. 

e) Content management technology: for all companies with employees, customers and business partners to communicate and designed website, contains too much information, the company usually are not used to be a content provider, the best understanding of the subject site is not usually a good Web site administrator. Many company managers is not clear and concise expression. 

f) Knowledge management: communication revolution to enhance the integration of knowledge and the importance of technology. Advanced database and intranet development, so the company can build the core knowledge and global perspective. But this was not easy. To manage such staff must have the new sharp observation. Smart people are willing to make creative contributions, in addition to using outside money and intelligent software (both of course, useful), efforts must also be more costly. 

2.1 Leader

Leader can be described as “process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”. 

First, leadership involves other people- subordinates or followers. By their willingness to accept directions from the leader, group member help define the leader’s status and make the leadership process possible; without subordinates, all the leadership qualities of a manager would be irrelevant.

Second, leadership involves an unequal distribution of power between leaders and group members. Group members are not powerless; they can and do shape group activities in a number of ways. Still, the leader will usually have more power.

Thus, a third aspect of leadership is to use the different forms of power to influence followers’ behaviors in a number of ways. Indeed, leaders have influenced soldiers to kill and influenced employees to make personal sacrifices for the good of the company.

2.1.1 Traits of a leader

As a leader, engaged in a variety of services, in the face of thousands of thousands of people, not casually took turns telling a few jokes even if successful, will always have some qualities that we at the stage when the learning to note: 

a) Responsibility: to become a leader, perhaps because of external force to make it, but you also have to develop some qualities to become a good leader; The first is their sense of responsibility, both for the students, or partners in their work, only you is responsible for their own work first, in order to win their respect, and can ask them to complete the work you have to pay the negative 

b) Active mind: take the initiative to strike a new knowledge, and take the initiative to do something you do not want to do, regardless of their role in the population what to think about anytime, anywhere, they are not yet able to do their work better, to work around their own bodies and for the environment into energy. 

c) Affinity: all the time to express their concern, not opinionated, and timely communication of dissent groups, people were very happy to tell you their opinion. 

d) Creativity: Do not rigidly adhere to the words of our predecessors or behavior, to maintain their own style, but also for their own activities as much as possible into the imagination. 

e) Thinking: This is the point in front of complementary areas, keep their own views, practices to be thinking that he do so, is not intended to meet the activity design, activity the recipient is not able to feel that they want to express something; the same time Do not reimbursing against the previous approach, think of it, they do what the design activity is not considered, without the effect is not really a care bear. 

3.1 A manager and a leader

Normally, as a manager and a leader they will include the below characteristic:

A manager…

A leader…





Structured and system oriented

People oriented



Bottom-line focus

Focus on the horizontal

Does things right

Does the right thing



4.1 The characteristic between a leader and a manager

5.1 A manager and a leader – Steven Paul Jobs

Steve Jobs (born February 24, 1955), he is best known as the co-founder and CEO of Apple Computer, and also he is a leadership of Pixar. He’s also regarded as a pioneer in computing for the incredibly successful Apple II computer. c:documents and settingsadmindesktop200px-steve_jobs_headshot_2010-crop.jpg

Why he can define as a manager but also is a leader?

As a manager:

Administrates: Steve Jobs have a strong ability to manage the resources and the staff. He can manage the company very well.

Structures and systems oriented: As Apple continued to expand, the company began looking for an experienced executive to help manage its expansion.

Control: Much has been done, positive and strict personality.  Fortune wrote that he “is considered one of Silicon Valley’s leading egomaniacs.” Style comments on his temperament can be found in Mike Moritz’s The Little Kingdom, a number of authorized biography of Steve Jobs

Does things right: Steve Jobs is a person follow the rules to take the task. He will step-by-step to do the jobs and follow the well instruction to avoid the accident. With a specific task to done a job can efficient to success lead the subordinates.

As a leader:

Innovates: Jobs are classified as either primary or co-inventor of the invention or patent obtained 230 patents related to the actual computer and portable devices within the user interface technology (including touch) applications, speakers, keyboard, power adapter, on the stairs, buckles, cuffs, straps, and packaging.

Develops: Steve Jobs have develops few companies. The first company he develop is APPLE computer, after that is NeXT computer, after that, Jobs bought in The Graphics Group

People oriented: Steve Jobs could make to convince everyone with him, because he convinced the powers of the existence of a people, he can struggle to lead his colleagues together to complete a task. While Steve Jobs was a persuasive and charismatic director for Apple, some of his employees was described him as is an erratic and temperamental person.

Trust: Leaders and subordinates must have the skills to make the task smoothly. Steve Jobs has leadership ability, he can so that his colleagues believe that their ability, so that we obey him.

As a manager and a leader:

As a manager and also is a leader is conclude the characteristic of a manager and a leader. Steve Jobs also is a well example to be a manager and also a leader. He has the administrates to manage his company- APPLE, and also he innovates a lot of product such as Iphone. He is a person mixed of “Does the things right” and “Does the right things”, he didn’t follow the structure very well but also will follow the normal rules, if he thinks that the method to do something is correct he will take the action to do. Steve Jobs more focusing on the horizontal, he mentioned that a company is a family to do a big business, so it is no need to have a seriously bottom-line focus, Steve Jobs is treat the subordinates as a same level. He is a people-oriented and also is a team-oriented. He makes the subordinates follow the structure to on the business without any argument, but also if he gives an order to the subordinates to do a business also can avoid all the argument because the subordinated was trust to him.

So, Steve Jobs can consider as a good manager, a good leader and also can both together.

6.1 Mass market

Mass market is means that a large numbers of consumers for a specific industry product. It’s means the product consumers use always and change faster, example: F&B, household product, clothes.

Tesco brand product is cost leadership and it is cheaper than other company because it is using the economics of scale (EOS) to operate their company brand product.

Why Tesco brand product is cheaper than other company?

Economic of scale (EOS)

Tesco brand product is the economics of scale compare with other company such as Jusco, Giant and Cold Storage. The prices are always lowest because they are manufacture mass production. Unless the quantity is manufacture large, the cost Tesco take the product will less than other company.


Tesco brand products are using less promotion on their product compare with other company. Tesco only use the flyers to do the advertisement so it saves the cost.


Tesco brand products have their own transport to deliver, so they no need hire the transportation again. From this point it can help Tesco lowest the prices again.

The strategy that Tesco using in the product


Tesco have their owned product such as Tissue, Beverage, Food, Household product. They are making their own product similar with other brand, example: Tesco choice Coke packaging is similar with F&N coca-cola. It can lead the consumer misunderstanding with the product and to attract the consumer to buy the product.


Tesco brand products are cheaper than other brand because it is mass production. It’s taking lower price rather than other. The lower prices can attract the consumer to buy the product compare with other product. It is a strategy to assume the consumer bought it.


Tesco brand products are convenience because it can find in the Tesco in everywhere. It helps the consumer save the time to purchase and find the product.


Tesco used the own brand to do the promotion on the flyers. Tesco always do the promotion on the flyer to attract the consumer bought and try. When the consumers feel that is nice then they will know the product is from Tesco.

6.2 Niche market

Niche market is the narrow market with the specific consumer. They are seldom seen in the market but have a group of specific consumer will purchase it.

Starbucks is a niche markets, it is famous with the coffee.

Why Starbucks is a cost leadership and people willing to purchase it?

Special taste

Comparing with other brand product such as Old Town white coffee, Starbucks coffee is special than other. The café is importer from other country and it has many flavors to choose.

Services and the environment

Starbucks staff service is better than other. And there are provide the consumer WIFI functions and the environment is comfortable than other.

Starbucks in the 4p situation


Starbucks coffee quality is better than normal coffee that the consumer taste in the normal restaurant. It’s the best coffee in Malaysia. The coffee quality can attract the consumer to nonstop tasting in high quality and delicious.


Although Starbucks coffee is expensive compare with normal coffee (Starbucks coffee RM13.50; Normal coffee RM1.50) but it’s provides the consumer a high quality coffee and the consumer willingness to pay it.


Starbucks was location at the public place such as in the shopping centre so it was convenience to the consumer to purchase. And also Starbucks provide the WIFI to the consumer and the environment also is better rather then other.


Starbucks have a corporation with GO GREEN! Besides that, bring your own Starbucks Tumbler and can save RM2.00 on your favorite beverage. It’s good for you and it’s good for the environment.

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