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Reflective Journal on Leading and Managing Organizational Change

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Published: 8th Feb 2020 in Management

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The main purpose of this exercise is to write a critique based on the role play which we have conducted previously. In this simulation there were six identical roles were delegated among our team members. The role play activity experience is an essential ability for myself and colleagues to grow better organizational leadership, change adoption and communication skills which will definitely helpful for our future career. When think back on our role play activity, which was directed as group work to discuss about one of the crucial strategic decision. This document will highlight the role which I have played in this particular activity and furthermore it emphasise our execution as a group work.

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Generally, I felt our team has performed reasonably well even though we have made some minor mistakes during the role play activity. It is very important for me to progress my ability to pay attention to other members more by considering their opinions before I respond to them. When I critically evaluate myself after this exercise I have realized my current level of actively listening is lacking in regards to theory. As of my learnings it is always essential to be a good listener when it comes to a good leader.

Communication and professionalism skills are another set of essential elements that I need to further improve when dealing with these kind of situations. Even though certain critical changes and projects may success, it is always better to be considered employees inputs and feelings about the management. In most of the cases negative feedback will be a clear indication of a problem. To minimize the resistant for change it is always better to keep everyone happy as much as possible when it comes to organizational change management.

During our discussion, one of the team member has stressed on how we can increase the employees motivation about the future organization change. Hence we suggested that strategy of salary increments and various bonuses to motivate them. When think about in depth theories I have learned, that is better to consider employees work well factors under Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and Herzberg’s two-factor theory to an organization. The awareness of the requirements in these motivation methods can significantly raise support from the staff. The resistance will be reduced due to individual interest in work environment and will utterly support to the management (Luecke, 2003).

When consider the arguments we had during the exercise, I have noticed there were some conflicts due to lack of understand of core problem. Hence to resolve those gaps in the problems we can apply CATWOE analysis which is used to identify problem areas in business, how the solutions going to be affected to the business and people involved in that and what is business trying to achieve during the change.

Since the team discussed about strategic change of BCPC we have conversed the plan changed by using ADKAR modal which is provides a framework for an individuals who needs to achieve the other roles in change management. The ADKAR Model describes the five key objectives an individual needs to make a change successfully which are Awareness of the need for change management, Desire to participate and support the request of change management, Knowledge on how to manage change, Ability to implement the required skills and behaviours for their role in change management and Reinforcement to sustain change management respectively (Hiaat, 2006). A person cannot expect someone to fulfil their role by sending a person to change management training or assigning new tasks. They will need first awareness of why this is important and desire to fulfil their role.

When I give more thought about the exercise, it seems the discussion was dragged too long without determined our final decision. To reason that we went out of the track due to lack of leadership guidance. There should be a person who gain the responsibility of the meeting and lead the way to our ultimate goal which is conclude the final strategic solution to CEO. Therefore we were lacked in strategist leadership skills in there to drive the meeting towards to our goal who is deeply aware of the environments in which they operate and have a deep understanding of the structures and processes. And also able to consider frameworks critically and evaluate what could be improved.

In the latter part of the role play the team has faced the urgent change circumstance to decide whether the BCPC be able to acquire the outside company which has more technical skills than BCPC of HIP technology but they were in bad situation of financially. As per my point of view, responses to change depend upon the changing situation, if the change environment is favourable for company then we choose to accept it and feel happy. On the opposing, uncertainly changed environment is unfavourable for decision which we choose to resist the change and feel stressful. I clear this point with the support of an illustration: the given option is to acquire with the other company is beneficial to BCPC due to that company having good skill knowledge about HIP which is BCPC is lacking and the other hand BCPC has performed very well in financially past years to currently. Hence as a team we proposed the acquisition is better since the BCPC will be able to mitigate one of their major issues by acquisition and even though that is win-win situation from both the companies. On other hand, unfortunately if acquisition is not beneficial to BCPC and only beneficial to other company then we choose resist the change instead of go ahead with the acquisition.

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After learnt Leading and Managing Organizational Change subject, I deliberate that change is a state of transformation which results in a necessary shift in the way of observe and interact with the world. The concept of change is more important in our lives as it enables us to face new experiences, either it be good or bad. To resist from bad experience of change, knowledge to manage the change is important for every person.

In conclusion I gained plenty of knowledge about the concepts of Leadership proficiencies, Change Management and its implications by completing this module. The concepts covered in this module have been very valuable and I delight this subject thoroughly especially due to the class room activities. The knowledge which I gain will be valuable in future understanding of the change process in any organization I work for. The role play has given a practical experience of what all I have educated in this module by simulating a real-life situation.



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