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Housekeeping Department In Hotel Industry Management Essay

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5/12/16 Management Reference this

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Managing the housekeeping department in hotels is not an easy business. Its very complex department that needs to be handled with care. The main challenge is to maintain cleanliness to an infinitely high standard in a budget. At this cleaning part is highly essential to choose the right supplies for cleaning purpose and efficient use. The other important quality required is organizing one really has to be aware of clutter control, storage issues, and refilling needs.

Today in the 21st century where there are huge properties like First World Hotel which has 6,118 rooms, MGM Grand Hotel which has 5,690 rooms, The Venetian Macao Hotel which has 3,000 rooms ( ) it is difficult to manage the housekeeping department economically. Either such a property needs a huge number of human resources or it can hardly manage to be in the five-star category.

The next reason for housekeeping department being tough to manage will the kind of work it deals with and the standard it has to maintain. Things tend to get dirty and cleaning them is essential but while cleaning a thing dirt tends to accumulate on other things or get stuck to the hand which can come in contact with any object leading to many diseases or problems. Cuts, bruises, sprains,

Strains, electrocution, chemical-related injuries, infections are common when performing such tasks.

So to deal with such problems the technology of the 21st century has helped. A new machine has been developed having the usp ‘TOUCH FREE CLEANING’. As it says touch free cleaning it literary means cleaning without touching anything. And it also assures that the cleaning done is 100% up to the standard.


  • To find the detailed information of the touch free cleaning concept
  • To find the details of the machine
  • To find the specifications of the machine
  • To find the profit derived by the use of this machine
  • To find the advantages of the machine



The concept of ‘touch free cleaning’ is implied by the means of a machine. This machine is known as the ‘Kaivac restroom cleaning machine’ because it’s primary function is restroom cleaning and cleaning kitchen, classrooms, and stairwells as its secondary functions. Kaivac’s science-based on No-touch Cleaning systems are designed from the start to remove the maximum amount of bio-pollution. They combine automatic chemical metering and injection, an indoor pressure washer and a powerful wet vacuum into an integrated system. Empowering workers to hygienically clean without touching contaminated surfaces, they not only clean better, but also cut labour, chemical and equipment costs while raising worker morale and image.


Kaivac enables the operator to easily and thoroughly clean around fixtures much faster than it is possible when we use wipers, brushers or mops. And, because the Kaivac is continually flushing away contaminants, the end result is hygienically cleaner facilities.

The Kaivac cleans restrooms in less than half the time compared to ‘traditional’ restroom cleaning procedures.


There are three basic cleaning steps of the Kaivac, they are as follows:-

Workers begin by simply spraying cleaning solution on fixtures and floors.

They blast the soils to the floor with a high-pressure water spray.

Finally, they vacuum the floor dry, completely removing soils and bacteria.

The Kaivac can be used on sinks, urinals and toilets, pool areas, tubs and shower stalls, locker rooms, stairwells, windows and other non-porous surface. Touch-free cleaning empowers the workers to deep clean restrooms, kitchens, stairwells and many other areas without ever having to touch soiled, contaminated surfaces.


Nowadays the number one complaint in buildings is filthy and unsanitary restrooms because mops and wipes do a poor job in removing of soil, bacteria and bio-hazardous waste. But the Kaivac completely removes these contaminations to eliminate odours and reduce the risk of disease and infections.


Kaivac also gets the grease out of the grout lines and from behind stoves equipment. And unlike mops and wipes, it ensures fresh solution and rinse water, preventing cross-contamination from restrooms to food areas. As a result we get a clean, hygienic, safe and completely healthy kitchen.


Kaivac’s are even capable of cleaning classrooms. It supports an collection of quick-connecting components to tackle all kinds of challenges, which includes vacuum-dusting, vacuuming, washing doors, wall and windows, it can even erase chalk boards and dry boards, it can pick-up vomit and spits, can clean lockers and still more.


A Kaivac can convert into a carpet care machine. It can vacuum, extract and spot. The system includes a quick-connect attachment that instantly transforms the Kaivac into a dry vacuum, extractor and spotter.


A stairwell has stair treads, hand rails, ceilings, corners which makes a stairwell a heaven for soils and bacteria. In such places Kaivac deep cleans with a spray gun, brush and blower. Then the worker just has to suck up the soiled solution at the bottom of the stair well using the suction up in the Kaivac.


The KaiAuto attachment which comes with the Kaivac is a wide area squeegee which enables the Kaivac to clean doors in a way that actually extends the life of the door finish, while it on the other side improves air quality. The KaiAuto process is simple i.e., spray on, vacuum off, then allow its finish friendly solution to penetrate and remove the soil.




Water tank : 17gallons

Spray time : 17 minutes


Flow rate : 1 GPM (3.8lrts/min)

Pressure : 500psi

Vac tank : 17 gallons

See-through vac tank : yes

Dump hose: 26”long

Toilet dumping : yes

Vac tank cleanout : 100%

Method of dumping : drain hose

Vac motor lift : 130”

Vac CFM : 112 CFM


Moulded in chemical holder : gallon (2), quart (1)

Chemical switching : dual/quick change

Safety cap system : yes

Metering tip settings : 5 settings


Volts (U.S.) :110Volts – 60Hz

Volts (Universal) :100-240V; 50-60Hz

Amps Total : 14.5 amps


Rotational mould : yes

Removable engine compartment : yes – black box technology

Weight : 123 lb. (55.8 kg)

Casters : 2(5”) (12.7cm), locking

Stair climbing wheels : yes


Vac wand aluminium : 2 pieces

14 inch squeegee head : yes

Blow nozzles : yes

Training materials video and placard : yes

Brushes : yes

Window squeegee : yes

Metering tip kit : yes

Drain hose : yes

15 gallon tote bag : yes


Body : 10 years

Parts : 3 years

Labour : 1 year


Study shows the effectiveness of Kaivac:

A scientific study recently revealed that compared to the cleaning effectiveness of the mops the Kaivac results 60 times better in the removal of bacteria and soil from the grout lines.


Restrooms can be sanitized in one-third of the time the traditional methods take. Generally it used to take three minutes to clean a restroom whereas with a Kaivac it takes only one minute.

The multipurpose system helps in elimination of the unnecessary equipment.

Automatic proportioning of chemicals reduces costly waste of the chemicals.

It speeds up productivity.


To control pollution and to maintain the optimum air quality all the Kaivac models include HEPA filtration on wet or dry vacuum exhaust.


The Kaivac has stair wheels which make moving up and down the stairs, into the vehicle or even across a rough terrain very easy.


The Kaivac saves majority of time during dumping and filling. It dumps the dirty water into the nearest toilet and it can be filled from the nearest faucet.



Parish Maintenance Supply

PO Box 185, Syracuse NY 13206



315-433-9840 fax


By considering all the points of the traditional methods and the Kaivac it is seen that as the hotel industry is developing and expanding the equipments and the systems used in the hotel industry needs to be updated.

The need of updates is because of the development of huge hotel properties which will be difficult to handle without the upgrade of equipments and the systems. Not only the hotel industry seeks help from technology but it will also require well trained staff to use such complicated equipments.

So, on an ending note it can be said that the hotel industry is entering a new epoch slowly and steadily and it is ready for the change coming ahead.









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