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Findings and analysis of Managerial Implications

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This chapter provides the summary of the key findings and analysis; Managerial Implications; Limitations of the study and Recommendations for further research. The mentioned five research objectives for this study have been achieved and it was made clear that Employee Development, Rewards and Recognition; Organisation Leadership and Planning; Organisation Culture and Communications; Employee Job Role and Employee Work Environment are significantly related to Employee Engagement in Creativemine. Among all of these drivers, Organisational Leadership and Planning played the most important role and acted as the strongest driver of employee engagement in Creativemine.


The targeted Organisation consists of 340 employees among which 194 are male and 146 are female employees. The sample for this study consists of the whole staff. Among these employees, most of them fall under the age range of 26-35. Only five employees are aged more than 65. There are part time employees in this organisation besides majority working full time. Majority of the employees work in this organisation for one year to less than two years. Most of the employees are in production and service departments. Majority of the employees would like to recommend their company’s products, serviced and employment to their friends. This means that most of them are satisfied with the products and services what the company is providing.

Descriptive analysis has been carried out for finding out the means, modes and standard deviations of all the variables. The mode for increase the satisfaction and productivity as an employee is 3. Hence, this means that Creativemine needs to increase the salary for every employee for every six months. So, Creativemine need to look at their employees’ demand and has to take appropriate measures accordingly. The mode for Organisational activities that make it a better place to work for an employee is 4 which means that most of the employees preferred this organisation as their choice as they got enough freedom to express their views and opinions to their immediate supervisor.

Reliability analysis was conducted on all the variables considered for this study. For this, Cronbach’s Alpha has been found to determine whether the results are free from error and are appropriate. The value of overall α for Organisational Leadership and Planning is 0.899 which is more than 0.8 and is very high. This indicates that there is a strong internal consistency among all the seven items. This means that the respondents who selected high score for one item also be likely to select high score for the remaining six items and vice versa.

If we consider the reliability analysis for Organisational Leadership and Planning in Appendix 3, then we can observe that the value for Corrected item- total correlation for item number 1 is 0.627. This means that the correlation between item 1 and the sum of the items 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 is r=0.627. This indicates that there is a strong +ve correlation between the scores of item 1 and scores of combination of all other 6 items. This is a way to determine how well the score of one item is consistent internally with combined scores of the remaining items. If this correlation is not strong, then that item need to be removed as it is not consistent. So, with this type of test, the researcher is not only being able to come up with the reliability of the results, but also, find to manage them by improving further. It has been found that the value of α for the items under remaining variables is greater than 0.7 and hence, we can say that there is strong internal consistency among all the items respectively.

Pearson Correlation analysis has been carried out to find out whether there is any significant relationship between any two variables. From the results and discussion in the previous chapter, it can be said that all the hypotheses can be accepted. Multiple Regression Analysis has been carried out to determine the relationship between dependent and independent variables. Overall the Multiple Regression Analysis found that the model corresponds to 95.3% of the Employee Engagement. This means that 95.3% of variance in the independent variable is accounted by all the independent variables. This value is considered as good. The adjusted value of R2 is 0.949 which means that 94.9 percent changes of the dependent variable can be better explained by all the mentioned independent variables. But then, the researcher wish that further more research need to be conducted for the in depth understanding of employee engagement as other factors may also affect employee engagement in Creativemine.


This study suggests that the organisational leadership and planning has the strongest influence on the employee engagement at Creativemine. One of the managerial implications from the results and discussion is the need for the organisation to provide employees with better leadership and planning. The managers play a vital role in enhancing engagement within an employee and they should care about the employees’ well being by providing appropriate feedback to the employees’ input and suggesting them some ideas to progress in their career by using the opportunities within the organisation. The managers should also appraise their performance levels and should introduce some incentives and bonuses to the better performer so that they continue with this effort long term.

The managers need to help in creating an environment where the employees become engaged emotionally and cognitively. The managers can make the employees emotionally engaged by building strong bond with the managers, colleagues and work. The employees can be cognitively engaged by understanding the clear mission and purpose of the organisation; and by receiving information and appropriate feedback. If the employees have a strong bond with the managers, then they feel that they are being valued by their managers and their opinions are being considered. This allows them to internally develop emotional engagement which helps the organisation to succeed in its goals. Similarly, the employees who better understand the long term goals of the organisation and the importance of their job role to the organisation’s success will always feel more cognitively engaged.

In addition to this, the employees feel more engaged if the organisation provides them with the new learning and training opportunities to notice their talents. For this to happen, the organisation needs to provide enough resources for the job so that the employees would be able to meet the targeted deadlines and accomplish their organisational and personal objectives effectively and efficiently. The results from this research confirms the past perception of some organisations, managers and employers that if the employee is engaged in his/her work, then he/she would be more enthusiastic and willing to accomplish even a very difficult task.


This study is restricted by several limitations and these are stated as below:

5.3.1 Communication Constraints:

The researcher was not able to spend a lot of time at the Organisation for collecting the data from the respondents. The researcher was not even able to contact the administration staff directly for obtaining the permission to conduct the research in their organisation. This is all because of the location of the Organisation which is in India. Hence, non verbal communication was not recorded by the researcher. But the researcher finally managed to collect the data by conducting the online survey which was sent to the respondents and thereby collected the data accordingly.

5.3.2 Financial Constraints:

The researcher faced the financial problem in maintaining the budget within certain limits while finishing this project work. The researcher is left with very small amount of budget to be spent while handling a high budget study. All the expenses must be taken care of and considered to ensure the proper completion of the project.

5.3.3 Questionnaire Constraints:

The questionnaire designed by the researcher consists of both closed ended and open ended questions. These questionnaires got the risk of not being answered by all the respondents. The researcher used survey questionnaire because of the location problem and this may not allow the complete participation of the respondents. Questionnaires which are mailed may also result in low responses from the individuals (Delport, 2002). All the questionnaires were in English and the researcher supposed that all the respondents are proficient in English as most of the employees were either studying or working in a corporate culture.


The researcher felt that this research or study has provided information regarding the factors that affect employee engagement in the context of Creativemine. The researcher felt that the research can still be extended for further understanding of employee engagement. Hence, it would always be useful to keep certain points in mind which can be implemented in future and these are listed as points below:

The study need to be expanded into other industries even to improve the results of consistency.

Some other few variables may also be included along with these independent variables which provide further more in depth understanding of the research so that this might increase the accuracy of better understanding the drivers that promote employee engagement.

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