Utopian and Dystopian Fiction by Octavia Butler

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Bulter’s unique and naturalistic dystopian characters are very much prominent about the overemphasized loads mostly overstressed sort of powers, with the survival of stories, with amplification and exchange, alternate of longing pain of the neglected and unfortunate pains and Earth’s load. Moreover, in the case of Wild Seed 4 portrays the story of Doro and Anyanwu, who ate two immortals. This above –mentioned novel is an amalgamation of three things like historical fiction, horror and the fantasy world.

 Similarly, in this novel, the perspective of the Biological and live, nature play a crucial role in this. However, the slavery theme and its transformation are the most important role. Wild Seed work about the conventional mechanism of science fiction that aim to discover &explore the deep depths of human nature. The novel based on personality trait study with expressiveness and serves as a thoughtful wise contemplation on power and craving. Butter’s has a dreamy picture that writes on such contentious topics such as racism, slavery, gender, power.

Vocabulary used by the Butler is unique, different, and does an excellent performance in reader jobs with how they feel Dana and traveling back a fourth time and state of confusion. Beside the explicit type of Butler writing.it has keen immense interest while readers are following Dana performance and arrival at the 1800s and thus the speeches with character who are resembling of the old Southern of the English time with dystopian Butler’s novel “Parable of the power” and also “Parable of the talent “ are set perfectly in the future zone. However, in Los Angles the character named. Lauren Olamina who is famous for the good acting and is the heroine of the novel and famous parable of the power usually written in a type of memoir.

 However, Lauren lives in a terrifying world, also loses her family while he faces the outside world for her existence and survival. He leads her own journey and his companionship in her own way. Besides this, she is very optimistic and has a companion hope in the journey. She has a deliberately approach towards the optimal character with installing a ray of hope with her companions. The novel portrays how Lauren does create and result in the new religion and this also impacts the conflict that is possible in order to recognize how to tackle the challenges of the world. Thus, the novel Parable of the talents is continuous to the extended Parable of the Sower. This is the infant case of Lauren and both the novel does portray the nearby future in a very much alluring and disappointing way.

 Butler’s projects a menacing and threatening dystopia in the future in trouble of the United States, set in time horizon 2020s. However, the country has atrophied due to the crippling effects of diverse climatic changes, huge unequal distribution of wealth, capitalistic increased greed. In the same context, the story shows the story as the center character named Lauren Olamina who lives in the small town near Los Angles. As far as the hyper-empathy syndrome posted by Lauren, which makes and allow her to feel the pain and suffering of others as she witnessed. The whole novel is based throughout, is based on truth and reality of this land evident to her, she has a Utopian philosophy which is more her own religion, which she termed as Earrthseed. In this context of the story, the neighborhood is facing the stress and poverty condition, her family all killed in the event once she grew Lauren force to flew from her home with a few survivors. In spite of this. She surrounded by the complete dystopia around her.

 The path seems effort and enduring while going through these circumstances in the scenario to these problems, make her rest on strong and survival vision called Earthseed. She keeps by following and made her own community in its name. Lauren is among those who have the mindset of a horrifying reality, Parable of the Sower that revolve around utopia., despite by surrounded dystopia inescapable circumstances that help in healing and spending a normal life in the society.

 Despite the harsh and cruel situation in relation to her, Lauren is able to face and endure with maintaining ray of hope, with all the utopian stem arises from Earthseed. However, her endure and religion surrounded by hope and it’s sustaining with the reality of ongoing changes, in such a way that leads a positive way in this world as much as possible. However, at first glance, Lauren’s company first asks about the questions about religion notion that probes with a basic understanding of it. Likewise, Lauren began to expose while companions in turning into humble followers of Earthseed. Thus, she faces and opens with her few companions, those have a strong belief, while she began via sharing to be close opening lines in the first book of Earthseed. Accordingly, few lines show everything about the theme. ‘the long-lasting truth is the survival of God and God is changing, the main thing is change and changes you (Butler 195). Lauren aims at belief challenging the main subject of God as one of the big, superior and omnipotent people, it basically portrays that God changes as change is the more powerful that cannot be most superior and powerful that cannot be stopped. This belief is poignant one and also implies that ability changing is more about an individual that has the ability to change the world at her own. It flows with a streamline of hope to get a better life as the person moving towards the dystopia. With this context, Octavia Butler pertains about challenges shown in Earthseed, a core set of belief, norms as the amongst of utopia that perfectly help in the traditional perception of some type of tangible, being organized that perfectly portray society. This character Lauren with other characters more essentially in Earthseed shows the change of positivity and striving for a better life even though in facing dystopian reality Lauren was also spending the time with a neighborhood named as Zahra and Henry both with her, who are wandered the different places especially, North moving to a safer place, in the due course encounters different aspects of dystopia revolving around them.

 Lauren is hopeful to have a faith with trust to fight and have a strong obsession to keep alive. However her neighbor named Zahra depict the harsh realities and become expressive, “Nobody is safe”. Peoples are all surrounded in the streets and cities, moving killed on freeways, it is all the same place to get murdered and robbed. Lauren and her companions are facing adverse circumstances, that become very essential for Lauren. Due to her hyper-empathy attitude, she feels the pain of those who injured and despite this she self-defense in these circumstances.

Even though the Parable and it’s a continuous adaptation to Parable of the Sower. Thus, the characteristic features of dystopian fiction are also seen. The words of the novel are dystopian in state of outlook and it gives a better orientation for the better future for the idea of utopian that laid the Earth seed-based community of Lauren’s. The condition of hyper-empathy still left over in the gratified gated community, so set in the dystopian future that shows the passive what Butler named the hyper-empathy as the remaining and leftover in Los Angles in such a way that society of civilian would face and crumble the famine and insufficient of resources. She has a journey and voyages from the north to survivors and spread the religious community in the Earth seed when her family vanished and relatives ceased and murdered.

The United States and its dystopian future with the conditions of disease, suffering, blazing and walled cities are well narrated in the novel ‘Parable of Sower’. The illiteracy and crime along with drug addiction that distinguishes between the rich and the poor that was apparent in the late 1980s and also the early 1990s that are totally exaggerated in the novel as well. The consequences of the after effects of global warming are also subjectivity in the novel and its matter. Both the novels as illustrated the Parable of the talents and the Parable of the sower have a deep spiritual concern.

 Accordingly, the novels are extracted from the imaginations so quite fabulous and have an interesting way of styling in writing. Butler was also helping in fascinating in the themes of novels and enable the reader’s important devastating lesson about the origin of life along with human history also about the diverse pitfalls that reveal in the form of human species adequately.

Bulter‘s around the troubling dystopia is written in the form of the memoir criteria and memories of Laurens. It is all about the adventure story making with the dynamic challenges of the exploration of some pessimistic origin and trends in the region of American society.

 Accordingly, Madhu Dubey explains how the Parable of the Power is helpful in the extrapolation of the current trending that will alliance with the alarming familiarity of the. McCarthy’s novel. However, in this context, Road 10 is written and is compared with the ‘Parable of the Sower.’ Thus, the main Butler’s and his novel manages is to weave ray of hope, and its sustaining role, whereas in the other its seem slightly or absence.

However, another story named as ‘the parable of the Sower’ is an emblem as a cross making between two parts i.e. the famous named as Faulkner’s Grapes of Wrath and the other famous named as the Susanne Collins’ Hunger Games. Even though many critics are there to compare the magnitude and directional motive of Parable of Sower to another named as

Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and also the Crake13 as all the above –mentioned novels concerned about dystopias and explained on grass rooted level by global warming and play a vital role in involved for the private efforts and considered as them for appraisal Dystopian fiction is recurrently classified mostly as the basis of science fiction and a also concluded as the sub-genre of speculative fiction or of considered as speculative sub-genre fictions as its defined as dystopian fictions are often set in a directional of future projected with regard to virtual time and along with the space involving the usage of technological novelties and uniqueness. However, the overall results confer that the innovations based on directional and with advanced technology are prudently controlled that is totally controlled by the powered demographic groups in the society, rather than the targeting subjugated and as well as the population is also generally limited to the context of technology in the meaning of dystopian literature.

Philips and Jerry state that “Additionally the standard of living and its demarcation among the lower income and middle-income classes and groups is show and reflection of the poorer as compared to traditional society so as to emphasize the generation wise goals of the society”. Dystopian literature and its studies have been proved often as the role of fiction that presents a significant with negative hope of society and mankind and its scrutiny Some common thematic transformation found in the trending culture of dystopian fiction such as the gigantic mastery of beautiful nature to such point that it becomes barren and moving to be infertile, or in turns go against diligent humankind plus how they come from the enslave humans to the technological advances and also to the regiment their sorting of lives.

 The phenomena of dehumanization portrays the rules encompassing of compulsory division of the diverse communities into tribal castes or known groups that forced to face the conditions of amnesia that leading to definition of mankind goals and its manipulation of goals According to Salvaggio ‘detractors, chronological circumstances that depends on that took place during the time of 20th century have been play robust role to the overall role of the flourishing role in regards to and dystopian fiction’.

 However, the distinctive prevalent characteristics in regard to dystopian fiction and its attitude include the making of dialogue in relation to the independence role. And tyranny rule from individual resistance and also technological power with transformative mode respectively. Accordingly, to science fiction, it’s a type of literary genre that has turned the infinite literary and its overall freedom to the old prevalent black writers.

.However, this has provided solution to many problems and issues that have been an utmost freedom and to the voice in the process and accountability (Chang and Huang 20),states that :”Butlers is ready and was freely in order to bounce back or to the fourth mechanism in case of African and also American topics”.. Lacey and Bulter states that: “Theses topic does affect all the races present in America. Butlers used such writing styles with racism issue that depict the politics concern and it broadens on the surface of classes.”

 Butlers frequently and efficiently used dystopia in order to be expressive in the nightmarish and threatening future in all her novels. Butler’s written work is very much in the context of the written work of other writers that usually reveal a sustaining message of a ray of hope. There is a diverse combination of Utopia and also a dystopia. Meaning is obvious there is a presence of a frightening situation is conceding with the ray of hope as well. At the same time this outfit different novels she does cramming her with the recurrent episodic pattern in the region of African and also American in the early 1800s makes her very different, distinctive and novel from the other writers.


Sub-genre of science fiction is related to Dystopia. Several authors suggested it as a particular genre. The study shows how Bulters do present the terrifying future in the fiction of Dystopia. However, the overall results confer that the innovations based on directional and with advanced technology are prudently controlled that is totally controlled by the powered demographic groups in the society, rather than the targeting subjugated and as well as the population is also generally limited to the context of technology in the meaning of dystopian literature.

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