Literature on the Value of Spontaneity

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The Value of Spontaneity Among Us

  Spontaneity is a trait one might not consider in everyday life as it presents undetermined revelations performed by certain individuals. When presented with this idea, many people wouldn’t consider satisfaction and equality when facing situations in which one chooses to pursue desires due to their sudden inner impulses. Individuals expressing spontaneity in these enduring cases proves to be quite controversial among many in society. These determined individuals must endure hardships and expectations that society bestows upon them. Azar Nafisi, author of “Reading Lolita in Tehran,” demonstrates her experience of society forcing individuals to conform to an ideal reputation in order to make others feel comfortable. Susan Faludi, author of “The Naked Citadel,” focuses on the significance of a society that favors men as it deals with a women enrolling in an exclusively male military academy. These two authors delves into the overwhelming qualities of spontaneity and the consequences presented to those who acts upon this particular trait. Society would uphold expectations of what certain individuals should or should not do regardless of what those individuals want to pursue. It presents unpredictable outcomes that goes against the conformity that’s expected from everyone which forces some to give into temptation. However, despite spontaneity having many circumstances, it can be presented as a strength for underestimated individuals such as women in their society.

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 Spontaneity demonstrates surprises to both society and individuals as this trait reveals the strengths and capabilities one might possess. Many individuals would underestimate their potential to persevere among others due society enforcing expectations that everyone must endure and abide by. The subject of spontaneity enables individuals like women to have freedom in pursuing activities or actions one might not expect them to be involved in. Susan Faludi, “The Naked Citadel,” showcases the experiences of women in a society that particularly favors men. The author presents the audience of an experience of a young woman who sought to raise her standard by attending an all-male military school: “Shannon Faulkner’s determination to enter The Citadel’s Corps of Cadets was fueled not so much by a desire to trailblaze as by a sense of amazement and indignation that this trail was barricaded in the first place” (Faludi 88). Faludi demonstrates the willingness that one individual would express that goes against the boundaries and standards that’s set by society that limits the potential of women in the citadel. Individuals may be considered weak on their own due to society’s perception but some women who demonstrates their spontaneity beg to differ. When it comes to this topic, society is oblivious to the equality women stride for and instead oppresses them to not be spontaneous as it disrupts their expectations.  Azar Nafisi, “Reading Lolita in Tehran,” speaks about an individual who seeks to balance her capabilities and potential based on the needs and expectations of society. Nafisi states, “Nassrin always acted so confident that sometimes I forgot how vulnerable she really was under that tough-girl act. Of course I would respect your confidence, I said more gently. & you said, you are a big girl. You know what you’re doing” (Nafisi 287). Nafisi demonstrates the two sides of her student who is considered an individual in her society. One side presents a vulnerable girl in her society while the other presents a hopeful tough girl whom upon being able to express herself, can be spontaneous as she does not hesitate to challenge and endure society’s standards. Individuals realize that they must conform to these standrds or they shall face consequences but at the same time, this gives room for them to be spontaneous and show hidden desired qualities they are determined to express. When considering these two examples, the use of these characters would demonstrate the capability and traits certain individuals can possess through their rough experiences as it enables them to slowly thrive among others based on their potential.

 Society demonstrates its weakness to spontaneity by imposing ideas and reasoning for its actions that proves to be beyond uncertainty.  Devotion to traditional and supposed ideal views showcases that society views the world for the way it has been for countless decades rather than for what can be explored and expanded upon. It’s notable to mention the reasoning and desperate measures taken to hinder decisions and progressive actions that impacts society and its fundamental beliefs. Faludi demonstrates a notable example of society attempts to prevent such actions when opposing gender integration when she states, “Studies show-I can’t cite them, but studies show that males learn better when females aren’t there,” one cadet explained to me (a curious sentiment at a school where a knob motto about grades is “2.0 and Go”)” (Faludi 75). This quote from a cadet is utilized to reveal the degradation of societies expectations due to its abhorrence of taking risky and rash decisions. 

 Furthermore, the unpredictable impulses acted upon by these certain individuals demonstrate that society, at times, isn’t prepared to tackle such irrepressible situations.  Despite this widely believed idea, their understanding of spontaneity involve the subject of becoming self-dependent and acting upon their best interests. Susan Faludi further acknowledges these individuals when she says, “They are very timid-afraid, almost,” she said. “They are so lost, and they need a shoulder. The Art of Good Taste is silent on the subject of proper etiquette toward women who require neither deference nor rescue” (Faludi 85). In this quote, Faludi expresses that society doesn’t acknowledge the idea of women who learn to be independent and not rely on others for help. Society can be viewed as vulnerable due to their uncertainty regarding the spontaneity of women who seeks to pursue whatever they seek what’s best for them without thinking about the expectations that are bestowed upon them. Since society only acknowledges what’s best for them, they don’t recognize the underlying qualities within these groups which proves that spontaneity is a hidden strength among individuals. When considering this, the men in the city of Tehran enforces the prospects that women must abide by policies such as behaving and dressing a certain way to avoid discipline. Nafisi demonstrates the ignorance of the society women resides in when stating, “It is of Lolita that I want to write, but right now there is no way I can write about that novel without also writing about Tehran. This, then, is the story of Lolita in Tehran, how Lolita gave a different color to Tehran, and how Tehran helped redefine Nabokov’s novel, turning it into this Lolita, our Lolita” (Nafisi 279).  Nafisi presents the reader with the thought that the group enduring the tyranny of Tehran that forbids any spontaneity as women were expected to be reserved. The use of the fictional novel, Lolita, is used to emphasize the difference becoming spontaneous can achieve during everyday activities. Individuals who express their spontaneity are often discouraged from doing so due to society establishing what’s right and wrong. These two examples establish the prospect that society will forbid such traits expressed by individuals which enables certain ones to stand against it.

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 To conclude, the subject of spontaneity isn’t what society sets it up to be. It’s not a weakness but a representation of strength and determination among individuals who doesn’t always adhere to the standards enforced by society. Women who are considered highly underestimated are viewed as vulnerable and helpless individuals who must rely on others to get anything done. However, women who demonstrate spontaneity have found a way to challenge the existing conditions established by the society they partake in. Society proves that it can be inept when faced with these sudden actions due to their attempts to undermine their values and enforce what’s best for them and their morals. Determined individuals would learn many things and make impetuous choices without the interference of struggles and hardships. Thus, spontaneity serves as a sign of strength among individuals and will continue to make an impact in their society with or without their support.

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