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Life Of Pi Essay

 A shipwreck is a painful journey in life. This journey can reflect any painful experience, no matter who. A small boat, a lonely teenager, an adult Bengal tiger, they drift in the south Pacific. Pi is a young boy born in India who also believes in Christianity, Islam,and Hinduism. His father runs a zoo. Pi family moved to Canada, and they ship with the zoo animals, Pi’s father wants to take them to a foreign land to sell a good price. But the zoo’s director and his family suffered a Titanic-style shipwreck that killed all but Pi. Pi survived by landing on the canopy of a lifeboat with a hyena, a zebra with a broken leg, a female orangutan, and an adult Bengal tiger, “RichardParker ”. This book is of great significance to readers, both in life and in actuality, it brings readers great thinking significance. The story of Life of Pi can be divided into three different types, The first type is religious beliefs. The second type is chosen. The last one is humanity and bestiality.

 People who do not experience the night cry, not enough to talk about life, no faith, not enough to talk about faith, even if you have a pious prayer,countless gods.”You can’t be both. You must be either one or the other.” (Page 72) As an Indian, Pi was brought up to believe in Hinduism. He later learned about Jesus Christ (Christian/Catholic) by going to church to steal holy water, and then he learned about Allah in Muslim places of worship. He sent word that Godhad come to him three times. He thought that these religions were compatible, and he thought that this would bring him closer to god. But at the table, his father said to him, “to believe anything is to believe nothing.” Here, the director spoke out the exclusiveness of religious belief through the mouth of his father, and the truth was the only one. Then my father said, “science has explored the course of man for thousands of years in two or three hundred years.” This speaks for the vast majority of atheists as if science had triumphed. But mother’s sentence: “science is to know the world, but religion is to know the heart. It’s a defense of the faith. Yes, science can’t know the soul of people, science can’t solve the meaning of life, can’t bring people peace of mind. And then all of a sudden they say, “I want to be baptized,” and in all three religions, they lean toward God and Christ. For example, everybody has their own beliefs, everybody has something they believe in. But not everyone will give anything for what they believe in. “Once you saved the world by taking the form of fish. Now you have saved me by taking the form of a fish. Thank you.Thank you!” (Page 184) Pi is a vegetarian. He catches a big fish for the first time and kills it with a hammer while crying. After the crash, Pi knelt on the raft and cried over the dead fish, saying, “God, thank you for saving me by being a fish.” He does this because he is facing a crisis of starvation. Reason tells him that he can only eat fish to survive. In order to reach a spiritual compromise, Pi must find an excuse in his faith. The moral teachings of Christianity and Islam are too obvious to be exploited, so Pi chooses a god as the reason. This also reflects the religious view of Pi from a side. Religion becomes Pi’s spiritual sanctuary, and he builds a strong shell for himself. For Pi, the teachings of Christianity and Islam are too clear, the moral judgments of good and evil are too clear, and the only alternative he has — and it happens to be his mother’s — is Hinduism. Only the mythological nature of God can make a reasonable excuse for Pi to eat his mother. It’s like when people make mistakes they try to rationalize them. “This is god’s ark.”              “This is god’s cat.” (Page 209) When I couldn’t take it anymore, he told God that he created everything and that the tiger was just your cat. Pi has always believed in god until the last moment did not give up. Such as humans do not betray what they believe. Therefore, the belief process of the school is the formation of faith — the loss and destruction of faith — the reconstruction of faith.

 Whether or not to choose faith, what kind of faith to choose, and to choose to do something with faith, this is Pi in his travel in a choice question. “My  name is Piscine Molitor Patel, know to all as Pi Patel.” ( Page 22 ) PI. It represents an irrational number with an infinite number of digits. Students and teachers cheered as he wrote the product of three full blackboards in the final math class. Each increment represented an achievement. As his father said, what science and technology have achieved in the past few hundred years is equivalent to what human civilization has achieved in the past few thousand years. And on top of that accomplishment comes the product of an endless human desire, like an endless product ofthe product. The metaphor here and the myth that Pi heard when he was a child, the God who opens his mouth is the whole universe. The metaphor is also present when he sees whales eating jellyfish when he sees the mouths of tigers, or he sees the cannibalism of fish and the wide-open mouths of blood POTS in fantasyland.  “Goodbye, Richard Parker.I’m sorry for having failed you. I did my best. Farewell. Dear father dear mother, dear Ravi, greetings. You loving son and brother is coming to meet you. Not an hour has gone by that I haven’t thought of you. The moment I see you will be the happiest of my life. And now I leave matters in the hands of God, who is love and whom I love. ”   ( Page 242 ) When Pi cannot bear the pain of a shipwreck, he chooses to end his life to accompany his parents. He wanted to live, try to live, but still can not cross the heart of the way.  “Richard Parker, it’s over. We have survived. Can you believe it? I owe you more gratitude that I can express. I couldn’t have done it without you. I would like to say it formally: Richard Parker, thank you. Thank you for saving my life. And now go where you must. You have known the confined freedom of a zoo most of your life; now you will know the free confinement of a jungle. I wish you all the best with it. Watch out for Man. He is not your friend. But I hope you will remember me as a friend. I will never forget you, that is certain. You will always be with me, in my heart. What is that hiss? Ah, our boat has touched the sand. So farewell, Richard Parker, farewell. God be with you.”(Page 286) Tiger is another kind of personality of PI, wild and fierce, not affected and bound by rules. This is what PI is looking for in his heart. So when he comes back to the mainland after experiencing all kinds of hardships at sea, he has to face all kinds of rules in reality. When he sees the tiger leaving without turning back, in fact, it is the courage, perseverance, no restraint and no convention he finds in the sea. Because he knew there would never be another pie on the sea. So he thanked the tiger for saving his life, and also for his life in a shipwreck. Basically, it’s like everyone who comes into our lives has a purpose. It affects you in some way, it makes you grow and it makes you better than you were. Some people are optimistic and would rather believe the beauty of science fiction than the harsh reality. Some people are rational and would rather believe the existence of reality than believe the wishful thinking. In fact, when we analyze to analyze, we forget to ask ourselves, what kind of story do you prefer, what kind of story do you prefer to believe.

 Humanity and bestiality are interdependent and cannot live without one. It is worth mentioning that in the face of the difficulties of survival, the animal nature has always kept us alive, but human nature often appears after the loss of self. “We ’re, made it! We’re saved! Do you understand, Richard Parker? We’re Saved! Hahaha!” (Page 234)  When Pi saw the ship, his performance was extremely excited, Shouting, waving everything in his hands so that the ship looked at him, but the warehouse is often not let people. The ship appeared from Pi and disappeared with regret.“Truly I do. I love you, Richard Park. If I didn’t have you now, I don’t know what I would do. I don’t think I would make it. No, I wouldn’t. I would die of hopelessness. Don’t give up, Richard Parker, don’t give up.I’ll get you to land, I promise, I promise.”(Page 236) Pi wants to lift the curtain after experiencing the wind and rain so that the tiger can see the glory of God. But the tiger hid. Tiger is supposed to represent the instinct and sin of PI. It is because of a tiger that PI can live to the end. Finally, PI proved this when he told the second story: “it the tiger stirred up evil thoughts in my heart.” Of course, sin could not see the glory of God, so the tiger hid in the corner and did not dare to come out. This implies the hiding of the sinful nature of the school itself. God is righteous and holy, and he takes away sin. So PI chooses to shout to god: “I lost my family, I lost everything, I surrender, what else do you want?” God wants to take away sin. “So tell me, since it makes no factual difference to you and you can’t prove the question either way, which story do you prefer? Which is the better story, the story with animals or the story without animals? ”  “The story with animals.” (Page 317) Pi said he was worried about being swallowed by the cannibal island, just decided to leave, in fact, worried about the mother is eating this thing swallowed up his spirit, let him crazy, and even death. So he chose to escape the island, also chose to forget. Pi forgot all about it. When he told the second story to the Japanese, he stopped short of suggesting that he had eaten the chef. He did not deliberately hide, but he also forgot, the only residual memory, only he made up to retain the cannibal island in the first story. Pi killed the fish himself but did not eat, but fed the tiger, showing that he put the eating people to blame for his animal nature, his own human nature is still awake – but in the face of his mother, his inner panic and struggle can be imagined.

The divinity of the mind, the invisible God who guides man in reality, is both independent and part of man. Humans abandoned him a lot. But at the critical moment, he accepted his guidance, guidance, to the edge of the transition from the beast. Humanity or choice. Every step is crucial, he will become the ornament of life.

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