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Time. Love. Pleasure.

 Poetry is the way people find out about other people’s impressions to life or to loving. Sometimes it can turn into actually finding something out about you. Poems help develop the learning skills, it increases the way you think or come up with ideas when it comes to being creative in the real life. The most common way people express themselves is through poems. It’s a popular way People can express their multiple different emotions, and it all can be seen and read through poetry, love is the most popular in this world. I mostly focus on what’s major in this world, like for instance TIME, LOVE, and PLEASURE of life. In the poems “to his coy mistress “and “to the virgins, to make much time “communicate the different stages of a regular human being life, the poems are basically based on interpretation of love, it involves the themes like: love, time, and the pursuit of pleasure in life. The poems both have the ideas of pleasuring themselves before their young days go away known as their beauty’s days. These poems are for the young people who haven’t had sex, or for the ones who haven’t built a serious relationship with life. Why not Go out and look for something to live up because time fly’s just don’t fly with it, take control of your own time manage every moment, make it worth everything , only you see yourself in the future. These poems get into the carpe diem of the brevity of life and therefore the need to living up for something. It mostly exhorting to the public, it’s to seize the day, to make the most of life because you don’t know the outcome or when it’s your last day alive.

 In the poem “to the virgins, to make much time” by Robert Herrick, the poem gets into an explanation of growing up during your stages of a regular human life. Moreover, its focuses on the fact of Enjoying your years of life while you can, death tends to come quick now and days. Don’t find yourself stuck in the middle of a disaster. Don’t get your chances taken away while you young. It’s never too late to flip it around; in the poem it symbolizes the young people to a rosebud flower because the young people in this generation still haven’t hit the matureness stage of life. Related to the phrase “Blooming stage” that’s when a young adult starts to notice the big picture of life and take full responsibility for their actions. More about the It’s when they start to try new things like going out and meeting different places. Exploring the world helps create the mind. Traveling the world when you young make you notice the real beauty of the life and how different creatures show their ways of love to their surroundings. On line 25 its say “, when young the blood is warmer”, it means when you young you seem to warm up faster, basically saying you can catch on into new things without much of struggle. When your youth is gone, you look forward to nothing but just watching the time fly and waiting for your day to come, then it gets progressively worse. You don’t want life to take control of you; it should be you taking control of your life. So while young and still exploring the world and trying new things take advantage on how to absorb it. You can both learn from it and gain from it. Remember your just young take the passion for what you do, take advantage of all your energy you have all the motivations for yourself to try something new before it’s too late and the opportunity is gone. Don’t end up being that person who regrets their future, be the person who is proud to wake up every day and live up to what they enjoy.

To the coy mistress, by Andrew Marvell explains the true meaning of trying too hard to get someone to love you back before time runs out and it’s too late to start something.He is trying to be persuasive his lovely into getting with him because he knows life without no one means getting old and die without no one. Who wants that? So, He wants to convince his lady to love him back the same way. If not he will rather see death then being lonely for the rest of his life. Also remember that every relationship has its stages like for instance: Initiating, intensifying, integrating, bonding stages, differentiating, circumscribing, stagnating, avoiding, and terminating. All stages have ways of forming up a relationship or even breaking down a relationship.. Throughout the poem in each stanza its changes the speakers feeling towards whom he loves .he believes that everyone should have someone to, “walk together, make plans together, and let their life’s grow together.” In the first stanza he demonstrates a bit of romance like, “We would sit down, and think which way to walk, and pass our long love’s day: I by the tide of Humber would complain. I would love you ten years before the Flood.” A hundred years should go to praise Thine eyes, and on thy forehead gave; Two hundred to adore each breast, but thirty thousand to the rest;” He goes on to describe how much he would complement and admire her if time was permitted. He would pay attention to every inch of her body until he got to the main organ which is the heart. More of a metaphor for her sex organ and love towards him if he ever got her to fall for him. In the second stanza, the narrator basically explains to her: “But we don’t have time and we’re about to get old and die.” He says that life is short but death is everlasting and time is running out. In addition, the speaker warns the woman about her future, he says , she’s will be buried in her grave, and the underground creatures will take her virginity instead of him doing it himself, that’s only if she doesn’t decide to have sex with him before they die or even run away from each other. And, if she declines to sleep with him he believes all his sexual desire will burn up into ashes and dust for all time she wasted in the past years without no physical connect of love. In the third stanza the speaker implores the lady to have sex with him while they are still young and fresh. He points out a pair of birds having physical love contact, he relates it to how their lovemaking should be or will be, and I remember he says “raw, passionate, and primal” is what he thinks about it. In the final couplet, the narrator says that they can’t make time pause, but they can exchange places with it. According to him, whenever they have sex, they pursue time, instead of the other way around. Thus, sex makes the day more pleasurable and it makes the day go by much faster. More overall relates to why you should enjoy the little thing given in life.

 Elizabeth McCrorie, the author of “To Live and to Love” poem was born in Scotland, her poem expresses the reputation to live and to love or love to live. The poem is based on real-life love expressions that can relate to some, maybe everyone should have this mindset in the world that we were either given or taken away. Not everyone was given a normal life some people have to deal with illness, disability, and wealth issues. She says on a stanza “We are who we choose to be, so be careful who you choose. Love everyday like there is no Tomorrow” the world has lots to give, but we never seem to speak about the things we can’t get. Don’t wait for tomorrow to go out and get what pleases you today. Live for the moment; show Love, because love is one of the major resources on how we move the world day by day. Showing care to one another represents us as a nation it demonstrates how are country was built. We were put on this world for reason she quotes the fact, “We were put on this planet to live and to love”. To cherish the ones in our lives, and never let them get hurt.” Safety is a priority, but danger is an outcome.” It doesn’t matter where you come from what racial you are it all matters about the inspiration you have to help out a peer , give the support to better someone, even though the world is full of negativity , we still tend to make the most out of every perfect opportunity given. Elizabeth states a statement like;” Love, and love will love you back .Open your arms to life, and life will hug you back! Don’t be scared! Life is still a onetime thing” she giving a strong meaning to saying takes your chances you only live once. Never put yourself down to soon without even trying because you never know what you can achieve. And when you see someone struggling do not be afraid to put out a hand for them and help them out. Be the difference in today’s generation. Represent what are nation is will be in the next incoming years. Be that inspirational person who just gives out positivity to their surroundings. Show them that life was a gift given by god.

For the most part, we get to recognize the different types of people when it comes to loving, even actually find out more something about you. When you get into reading poems it expands the thinking skills makes you show more love into what you care about, it supports how you view this world coming from your point of mind. The main point is to seize the day, don’t waste any moment in life. Obviously the most effected poems are the ones that get more into details with speaking about the beauty of Time, Love, and Pleasure, you are just a human on this planet you create your own story by how you feel every day , you can learn something new everyday. People can express multiple different emotions through poetry. In the poems “to his coy mistress “, “to the virgins, to make much time “and also “To live and to love” all relate the ideas of pleasuring themselves before their youth beauty’s days disappear. Time fly’s just don’t fly with it, take control of your own time manage every moment; make it worth everything, only you see yourself in the future. The poems got into the carpe diem of the brevity of life and therefore the need to living up for something. It mostly exhorting to the public, it’s to seize the day, to make the most of life because you don’t know when it’s your last day alive.

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