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Comparing Governments of America and China to A Brave New World

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08/02/20 Literature Reference this

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In a world dominated by government control we must wonder if the government is controlling most aspects of our lives. One main thing that the governments in the U.S. and in Brave New World is birth control. Both offer pills and clinics to support the persons cause. A Brave New World’s government makes the citizens take the pill as soon as possible when pregnant. This shows how the government controls certain aspects of life like reproduction. Another country that implements population control is China. China had the one child policy limiting families to just one child. Thus, showing the government controlling the population.

 Advertisements about birth control pills and abortion clinics are never seen on television or even on billboards, but somehow people discover ways of acquiring birth control pills and finding abortion clinics. In a country where we can acquire certain items for free, we tend to not think about who supplies or pays for these items. In every single state of the United States, birth control pills and abortion clinics can be found just around the corner. Based on “Pro Life Actions,” there are approximately 750 abortion clinics all over the United States. Also, with the help of “Planned Parent Hood,” birth control pills can be easily attained. Both websites, that can be accessed by anyone, shows us how easy it is to get birth control pills and where to locate an abortion clinic.

The United States doesn’t force anyone to take birth control but Brave New World’s does. However, many women chose to take it. “Pro Life Actions” lets us know that 75.4% of women between fifteen and twenty-nine get abortions. Based on “Religious Tolerance’s” website, a woman cannot have an abortion after her first trimester. If she gets an abortion after the first trimester, it is considered in many states killing an actual human being. Altogether abortion clinics and pills are set in place to have a choice for women and control the population. 
 According to “Public Funding for Abortion”, clinics are paid for voluntarily by the state government and not the federal. Although the federal government does not support abortion, they let them operate to keep the peace.. By abortion clinics running continuously, the federal government is supporting abortion clinics without making it known. Ultimately leaving clinics open for the public relates to the way in how Brave New World’s government doesn’t support rebirth.

  The government in A Brave New World makes the use pills mandatory and immediate abortion if pregnant.. If a person in the new world were to get pregnant, they would have to get an abortion immediately. The new world states that children are unnecessary since they are all grown from test tubes and can be fashioned into whomever they want them to be. If one were to become pregnant and not get an abortion, they would be looked at differently and possibly not allowed to live among the people of the new world. “And I was so ashamed. Just think of it: me, a Beta – having a baby: put yourself in my place.” (Huxley 120) We know that becoming pregnant would be looked down upon because Linda who was once part of the new world became pregnant with a boy and she ultimately never returned to the new world because of her pregnancy. She was so ashamed that she was pregnant she let herself become old and ugly. By having the ability to control every single person, the new world’s government has total control over what its people wants, needs, and does. 
 By controlling every single person in the new world, the government also controls the development of its children. Since the new world’s government controls the development of its children, the government can keep a close eye on how many people are brought into the new world. In fact, the government breeds people for specific classes therefore giving them specific jobs. The new world’s government “predestine and condition” (Huxley 13) meaning the government specifically controls you for the task they prefer.. By doing so, the new world’s government has total control over the development of its children and its people. They further their grasp on their people by letting people know that having children is unnecessary since they are practically bred from test tubes. By breeding their own leaders in test tubes, the government in A Brave New World has completely made themselves apart of its own society. By controlling every aspect of the people’s lives, the new world has completely taken away their personal freedom. 
Similarly, like the domineering government in the new world, China’s government tries to control the population level, which also means that China is trying to control the development of its children. According to Matt Rosenberg, the Chinese government allows each couple to have “one child” and this policy is called China’s “One Child Policy”. This is one of many key differences between China and the new world. Rosenberg states that each family in China can have one child without any kind of repercussions from the government. However, Rosenberg lets us know that, most Chinese couples prefer a boy and that this ultimately leads couples to having abortions when pregnant with a girl. Consequently, China’s “One Child Policy” has led to the death of several unborn female infants. Based on Rosenberg’s estimates, there are approximately “114 males for every 100 females”. By controlling the population levels China is not risking over population which they are trying to avoid. Similarly, the new world does the same thing, but all of the children are developed in test tubes in a lab. Both China and the new world are doing whatever it takes to control the population levels because by having more children, the country would become unbalanced. 
 The government in A Brave New World has complete control of its people and in a way, this reflects the control our government has over us. Although our government doesn’t require us to take birth control pills or get abortions, our government lets us know that abortion clinics and birth control pills are ready for us to take whenever we need them. Unlike our government or A Brave New World’s government, China, being a communist country, wants to have complete control of its people and they do have this power by only allowing one child per couple/family. Although it is harsh to do this to the people of China, the Chinese government is trying their best to try to keep the population level low. In any country we must be able to realize whether or not the government is controlling us in any kind of way. Nobody would argue that the involvement of our government within our lives is too much but at the same time most people do not know how much the government controls our lives. 

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