Importance of Language Development in Early Childhood

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In early childhood a child adopts their own language from their environment. A child adopts the language people tend to speak around them. Early childhood education in kindergarten usually starts to speak at the age of 6 years. Many toddlers start communicating with meaningless words. Perhaps, it is a first stage when they begin to learn how to speak. Parents help their child to learn small words with big meanings like mother and father. As a child a ward would not understand the meaning of these words. But they try their level hard to speak them and as they grow older in months, they come to know more about the things they like and dislikes. kids reach a point when they come to know that when do they feel hungry, happy, sad, aggressive, loveable or sleepy and tries to express it to there parents even though they can’t speak but with some sort of actions they could easily explain it. They stay in their own world where they just wonder imaginary things and do believe in them.

The importance of language development in early childhood

When child is growing it is very important for his parents to make him learn the native language so that in his near or far future. One does not face any problem while having an interaction with any person. The language r e also plays a huge role in education. when one person listens the world language one form up a clear term in his mind. However, a language is a concept which anyone can adapt as a baby is born and do not know how to speak any language but slowly and steadily, he learns the language just as observing it. In this world there are thousands of languages not each and every language could be written or spoken as a matter of fact   there are sign language as well. One of the facts that a baby could learn the language even before one is born as studies have shown that babies could experience or recognise different types of sound in their mother’ s womb.

Early childhood and education

Kindergarten is the very first stage or the very first step on the ladder towards the preparation for the later life. Kindergarten provides the teaching that needs the diversified needs of young ones and upgrade a positive vibe towards lifelong learning as in this stage, the child never forgets those things which he/she learn in this time period. The local schools may provide the service of full day kindergarten and charges fee for it. Beside languages a child’s mental growth also hold equal importance. If child would be mentally strong than he would have the ability to adapt anything in himself/herself around the world. On an average most of the parents send their children send their children to school at the age of 3. As child brain has learn all the basic things and now, they are ready to explore the world and learn many new different things

Language and Literacy

Most parents often do think about the development of their children in the matter of language and literacy. So, the question arises ask for the things that what aare the factors that parents need to focus on for the progress of their children. One of the studies provides the information that there is interrelation between intelligence and oral communication. Children which are found out to be a good observer and pick up the control on language as early as possible shows the high tend sign of cognitive indigence. Howsoever, this point should be always be cleared in mind before being judgemental towards those children which shows slow sign of cognitively as there could be many other factors which could act as a hurdle in the process of there learning language.


It is very important for every parent to pay attention towards their babies right from the starting. Little one needs care in every sector such as language and mental ability as these both elements play very precious role in the upbringing of a newborn. If a child would be strong in the section of mental ability, then he/she would have the ability to observe and learn from the things which goes around them. Whereas language is one of the elements which help the child first to understand basic words and their meanings and then they try to use those words in their day to day life and slowly and gradually they start finding out new words as they move out of their house and make new friends and the curiosity inside  these youth push them to explore the world.


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