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Causes and Solutions for Global Poverty

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: International Studies
Wordcount: 4303 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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 In this paper, we will propose solutions to reduce poverty all around the world. Understanding

where poverty rooted from and how it has grown over time, will give us a since of understanding

who poverty effects and how we can reduce it. Knowing how much of a role the government and

private intuitions play in the constant rise of communities being considered living in poverty,

will give a since of knowing who to target and what ways will help the world come out of this

epidemic that has been playing out for centuries.

Poverty is a global issue that surrounds not only the United States but all over the world,

causing families to go without food, water, and shelter, the basic necessities to survive. The

original definition for poverty is the state or condition of having little or no money, or means of

support. (Dictionary.com, 2016.) There are many communities around the world that are being

deprived of security and well-being, these communities lack safe water adequate food supply,

proper clothing and shelter, and it doesn’t end there. These communities also lack the proper

education, and healthcare needs to survive. The government plays a huge role in that.  Poverty

not only effects people physically but it has a huge mental effect also, the lack of opportunity and

hope that surrounds communities effected by poverty can be very damaging to their spirits and

what the future holds for the communities. Going into the word of the bible, we should always

lend a helping hand to our brothers and sister, in doing so; we can reduce the number of people

living below their means and in that reduce the high rate of poverty.   

Poverty has been around for centuries, and will continue to grow throughout the world.

We can link poverty all the way back to the Great Depression, when the stock market crashed in

1929. This depression was not yet labeled as being a part of poverty. The stock market

crash caused a lot of the U S population to become poor, it put a lot of people out of jobs and a

means to take care of their families. The great depression began when stocks where not rising as

expected, which caused businesses to go bankrupt and close down. The result of this ended in a

skyrocket increase in factories closing down, and putting people out of jobs, (boundless,2015)

which resulted in poverty for many families and communities, and it has become a more frequent

issue over time. Poverty even though that wasn’t the name for it then can also be linked back to

slavery days where the poor had to work for the rich just to survive. There are so many centuries

links to poverty, it’s endless. Poverty has always been around and will continue to be an issue

until there are solutions to help end this world wide epidemic. Poverty is a devastating problem

of global proportions. To be effective in fighting poverty, we need to understand the truth about

it and how long it has been around, these facts about poverty will help shine some light into the

reality of it and the severe effects it has on not only America but around the world. Poverty is a

ruthless and relentless enemy with an arsenal of weapons that will continue to grow. There needs

to be solutions to how we can put a stop or even lower this world wide epidemic.           

          As stated, Poverty is an issue that has plagued the world for centuries. Most people in the

world either live right above the poverty line or right below the poverty line. There are people

today that can’t meet their daily living needs because they have no family to support them, or

have family but they are not sensitive to their situation and do not support them at all. According

to the poverty statistics as of 2014, “there are 46.7 million people (14.8 percent) suffering from

poverty in the United States alone.” (“Feeding America” ,2014). America seems to be getting

poorer by the year; household incomes are decreasing consistently, throwing more and more

people into the line of poverty. There are so many different issues that contribute to poverty such

as lack of control over local and national resources, population density, marital instability and the

lack of access to proper education. Poverty is not only affecting communities but it has an effect

on our school systems also.

Many children that are raised in poverty lack the ability to be successful in their

education. The cognitive stimulation that is required for a child’s mental abilities to develop is

needed at an early age, the age at which you begin to think and remember. Resulting in children

of poverty receive less of this development than their well off peers. Standardized intelligence

test shows a correlation between poverty and lower cognitive achievement in kids often earn

below average scores in reading, math, and science and they also demonstrate poor writing skills. (US Department of education, 2014). This can result in low expectations from students, and affect their self-esteem, which also can have an ending result of school dropouts, and thus the cycle continues. Poverty not only effects children’s school performance but their school behavior also, which plays a big role of how they perform in school. When a child doesn’t get the proper nutrition and development, it causes that child to fall behind in school, which leads to frustration and poor behavior, in other words a feeling of hopelessness.

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Studies have also shown that health issues among lower income students lead to increased absences and high tardiness rates which results in students falling behind. Continuing to prove that poverty not only has an effect on a child’s mental ability but it also has major effects on a child’s emotional and behavioral abilities. There is so much more that people don’t realize that factors into children living in poverty, as stated in Reading Poverty in America, “when suffering from poverty children of poverty are more likely to suffer from low birth weight, food insecurities, lack of access to health care, adequate housing, and toxic stress, poverty results from a lack of opportunity, the government should step in and level the playing field for the communities suffering from poverty.  (US Department of education, 2014.) The School system has to become more sensitive to the needs of lower income students and finding ways to be active to the needs of our students and understand the constraints that poverty can place on children’s lives and abilities to learn and be successful in their education, but there are other issues that play a huge role. When thinking of poverty and low-income families, the government and private institutions also play a huge part in the assists of the welfare of these families. When assisting lower income families which is more beneficial for the communities’ government assistance or private institutions. It comes down to that can contribute the most money to poverty stricken communities. Statistics show that 75 percent of tax dollars that are targeted to welfare programs actually go to the middle class administrators rather than the poor and needy, in contrast to that, private programs give about 75 percent of their dollars to the poor and needy families thus resulting in the poor and poverty stricken receiving more when the giving is private. Understanding that the cost of living increases every year, it becomes harder and harder for people to provide for their families, one solution that would help is by making sure that the minimum wages increases are equal to the cost of living on a yearly basis, which is the government’s job. Increasing the minimum wage can improve the well being for millions of people.

Statistics show that as of 2015 the United States has not raised the Federal minimum wage since 2007, (Cena, & Chahbenderian, 2015), while the cost of living is on a steady rise every year, the result of this is a parent with a full time job making minimum wage with two children may still be raising their family in poverty. As of 2015 the minimum wage is still at 7.25, which is not nearly enough to provide for a family sufficiently at the rate the economy is going. Government assistance while it does help with reducing poverty in communities, by giving these low income families benefit such as food stamps, monthly checks (TANF), vouchers to help pay bills, and housing departments, many of these programs are not as effective as they potentially could be, because of major budget cuts and reforms by the government. The budget cuts and reforms will result in cuts in SNAP benefits (food stamps) and housing subsidies. With these major changes that will hit the government, this will cause an increase in poverty with low-income families. Finding ways to help decrease the amount of poverty in the United States such as allowing low income families access to loans and federal grants will shine some light on improving these low incomes families’ lives.

Yes, the government does provide assistance but only to a certain extent. When dealing with the welfare system and reducing poverty for low-income families, the government has all but failed. Understanding that poverty is such a big subject all around the United States, the poor is steady suffering at the hands of poverty and the children that are suffering from poverty are suffering by being well undernourished, there is a high number of children that lack the nourishment that is needed for them to develop properly. To be able to understand poverty, we have to take time to look behind the number and actual living conditions of the families that the government would consider to be poor and living in poverty. According to the census bureau, one in every seven American is considered to be poor in the United States. Instead of coming together and helping the poor, people are choosing to turn a blind eye to this situation and act as if doesn’t exist. There needs to be some serious changes on how the government provides assistances to the poor.

 Receiving assistance from the government has and still is a difficult task; the regulations on providing assistance, should be re-evaluated and improved more for the needs of the poor and people suffering in poverty. The number of families living in poverty is at an all-time high, according to the U S census bureau there are 30 million children growing up in poverty stricken neighborhoods as of 2011, ranging from a family of 4 that earns less than 23,021 a year (Census Bureau, 2011). As of 2014 there were 3.7 million families unable to provide adequate nutrition for their children, as of 2014 statistics show that there were 46.7 million families in the United States suffering from poverty and this number will continue to increase overtime. There has already been a great leap from 2007 where there were 37.3 million people suffering from poverty, (Freeman, 2013). Poverty doesn’t just end in America; it is something that is a constant all around the world. There are third world countries, suffering even more than we are, these countries have a lack of necessary material to survive, such as clean water, clothing, food, educational material and so much more. Some of the main major causes of poverty all over the world is lack of responsibility and bad government policies, Poverty is an issue in America, but it is even more of an issue for these third world countries, in America being considered poor is not as severe as being considered poor in the developmental countries, a person can be considered poor and living in poverty in America and still have access to all modern things, being considered poor in these third world countries consist of no food, clean water, shelter, access to proper education and so much more.

 According to the United Nations about 21,000 people die every day from hunger or hunger related causes, this equals out to be one person every four seconds, the saddest part about this situation is that most of these people are children. The problem is that people who are suffering from being hungry and malnourished are the people living in poverty. These people don’t have enough money to survive every day and meet their needs for food. There are ways out there to slow this epidemic down such as food for work which is a program that pay people to help in the communities such as building schools, paving roads and so much more. People should never have to live in these conditions, knowing that the government is trying to take steps to improve the poverty outbreak that is going on around the world, will give these people some kind of hope for a better life and understanding that there is so much that needs to be done, on the governments part. Finding solutions on how to end this cycle will stop the increase of families having to depend on welfare and government services to survive, on a yearly basis. Understanding that there is so much that factors into putting an end to poverty in the United States will help these families not only have the means to take care of their families but will also give them hope for a better future, ending this cycle doesn’t just stop at government assistance, there is so much more that has to be done.

There are so many solutions out there to help solve the crisis with poverty, we just have to step in and lending a helping hand. One of the major steps that needs to be addressed for poverty can even get on the road of ending is rebuilding the economy, supplying jobs for every dedicated person that wants and is willing to work, creating an economy that is willing to nurture hard working people that are able to build new businesses to replace the old business that are no longer available to them. Increasing minimum wage is another solution, increasing minimum wage so that it meets the cost of living, people who make minimum wage still are not able to survive, because as stated the cost of living is at a steady increase. The means of financial stability should be at an equal playing field as the rising economy. Although America does not suffer from extreme poverty as other third world countries or developing countries, yet America still does suffer from the ability to meet their goals and dreams. We should do a much better job of providing job infrastructure to the young people out her, trying to get an education and become successful out her in society.

 Another main solution to ending poverty is education, knowing that education is a vital necessity to become successful and yes it starts off in child hood but it rolls in to adult hood with the necessary training it takes to understand and job and Become successful at it. Poverty has the most powerful effect on children which results in them growing up without the advantages of being in a stable home, the necessary quality of a good education and necessary nutrition it takes for a child to grow up healthy, this is why it should be a priority of all people that are able and willing to help provide for these families, We all play an important role in how this world works

and with the necessary changes we can improve the rates of communities and families suffering

in poverty. The bible has many scriptures about how we should reach out to people in need when

we are able. Our duty as children of God is to help the poor. The bible states that Jesus promised

his disciples that he will always be with him this means through the tough times, by this he was

not dismissing that we won’t have struggles and go through hard times, instead it was the

opposite, he was saying that if the opportunity is there to serve the poor is constant, then we as

his children should lend a hand to the people that are in need, with this being said there are more

than 2,000 references in the bible to children and poverty. That is a big portion of God’s word,

Obviously these means children and poverty are close to God’s heart. From the beginning to end

of the bible God speaks about the importance of children through his word, because of this

knowledge it shows that children are importance to God, which means the safety and welfare of

children should be as important to us also. The welfare of children is an important and valuable

part of God’s kingdom.

          Knowing and acknowledging what the bible says about children will help us not

only connect with Gods heart but will also help us connect with the children in our lives, which

is always a great thing? In the bible god also speaks of the poor and needy, he commands us to

give to the poor and speak up on their behalf. Proverbs 31:8-9 says, “Speak up for those who

cannot speak for themselves, for the right of all who are destitute, speak up and judge fairly;

defend the rights of the poor and needy. Proverbs 22:22-23 says, “do not exploit the poor

because they are poor and do not crush the needy in court, for the lord will take up their case and

Will exact life for life.” Proverbs 3:27-28 states that “do not withhold good from those to whom

it is due, when it is in your power to act. Do not say to your neighbor come back tomorrow and

I’ll give it to you, when you already have it with you.” Therefore, it states right there that if we

are able to lend a helping hand to the people who are poor and suffering in poverty, then we as

Gods children must do just that. The bible also states that in Proverbs 19:17 “Whoever is

generous to the poor lends to the lord.” The hard data is there and it vindicates the savior’s

prediction so we need to start taking into account what the bible says and how Jesus feels about

us helping others I need, this needs to be a priority for everyone to pitch in and help where help

is needed. There are so many bible verses that teach us that we should help the people that are

going through poverty, which shows us that this is God’s law. God wants you to help a child or

family in poverty and help cast off their burdens. With the help of others joy, hope, and dignity

can still bloom in the hearts of the poor and needy. 

         Even though there have been gains and strides mad over the past to end poverty, there is

still a long way to go, because massive hunger still stalks the planet.  According to the World

Bank there are 1.22 billion people in the world that lives off of just $1.25 a day as of 2010.

Compared with the number in 1990 where there were 1.91 billion and in 1981 there were 1.94

billion, and as of 2015 there were still 1 billion people still living in extreme poverty. (Adams,

S.L, 2015) In conclusion, there are solutions out there to lend a helping hand to the poor and

needy, the government needs to make it easier for the people that are living I poverty, to receive

the help that they need. Some of these solutions are for one understanding that the countries in

the world is very divided, some of these countries are richer than others, have more

resources and opportunities than others, some of the solutions that can help end poverty are for

the poorer countries improving the training and equipment that is needed for farming, by

doing this it will help the people who do farm in these countries and provide to have a more

profitable harvest and it will also help them be able to conserve the environment in a major way.

Another way to help the poorer countries is to improve the water sources they use. This will help

them in reducing the time spent gathering these toxic water sources and reduce the amount of

illness they face on a daily basis, from the bad water sources.

         Providing them with proper healthcare will also help reduce if not prevent the constant

violent outbreak of children and elders becoming sick, yes there is so help given to the poor

countries, but it isn’t nearly enough, the poorer countries have to live through extreme poverty

on a daily basis, and without the proper assistance and resources they will never have the hope

they need to live a better life. For the richer countries such as America, one of the biggest

solutions that could help bring these people out of poverty is to provide more job opportunities,

so the poor will be able to survive and take care of their families, another solution is to improve

the education system for the poor, everyone should be entitled to the best education possible

whether you are rich or poor, and that is not the case in America, it’s sad to say the amount of

income coming into your home determines the type of education you will receive and that limits

children and families from becoming successful in life. Understanding that poverty is and will

continue to be a main cause of children not becoming successful in school.

 In conclusion poverty is a big problem, not only for America but for so many different

countries, though there have been so many different organizations built to end poverty there will

never be enough solutions to end poverty for good. We need to continue to lending a helping

hand and continue to give support to the people in need, and through that we can lower the

struggle significantly.


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