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In this report I am going to be defining what the macro environment is, what a trend and what a driver is and the geographical location of Asia. Also, what the key trends and drivers in Asia and what are the impacts which are having an impact on the hospitality industry. Firstly, I am going to define what the macro environment is, and the macro environment is the major outside and frantic variables that impact an organization’s choice making, and influence its execution and techniques (Business dictionary, 2018). A trend is a design of slow alter in a condition, yield, or handle, or a normal or common inclination of an arrangement of information focuses to move in a certain course over time. (business dictionary,2018). A driver is a viewpoint of a commerce that impacts a alter on another perspective of the trade. A driver is most commonly a figure that contributes to the development of a specific business. (investor words,2018). The geographical location of Asia is that it is a continent within the eastern and northern halves of the globe. It is found east of Europe, north of the Indian Sea, and it is bordered on the east by the Pacific Sea and on the north by the Artic Sea. (Geology,2018).

Trends in Asia

The Langham in Hong Kong and Cordis lodgings proceed to outperform other five star-rated hotels with unassuming RevPAR development. Remodel at Eaton ought to empower the hotelier to superior fulfil desires of advanced travellers (DBS group research,2018)

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Another trend is corporate social responsibility at the Langham hotel in Hong Kong and they interface for distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved and a, better brighter tomorrow. From the lodging, to society, to the environment, they figure it out that all the activities have responses. The Interface program is the commitment to feasible advancement in all the neighbourhoods they work in. there are four needs and they are administration, environment, community, and colleagues shape and direct the system of how we limit our natural impression and valuably contribute to communities. With the commitment to natural and social maintainability, The Langham, Hong Kong hotel has accomplished Gold Certification from Earth Check in 2015. This certification profoundly perceives our endeavours towards distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved and a higher tomorrow through third party reviews and benchmarking among lodgings within the worldwide travel and tourism industry. During your time with us, it would be ideal if you investigate our green activities in each corner of The Langham, Hong Kong. This shows that the hotel is thinking about the environment and they use several green activities such as energy productive lighting, low flush toilets and low stream taps which are a few examples they use in the hotel. (Langham hotels,2018)

Another trend at the Langham hotel in Hong Kong is that Hong Kong lodging trade has endured from the recession and other nearby variables, but the Langham Hotels Group is as of now having its best year since 1997, with inhabitants up 25 percent and It foreshadows well for long-term and it will be supported by terrain visitors and the financial development of China and Hong Kong. Whereas typically a great time to dispatch the Langham Place Lodging, territorial competition is seriously, and a major unused wander requires a competitive edge to succeed. moreover, we got to pull in innovatively smart commerce customers and show them that we have the innovation they got to do trade in today’s environment. (Cisco,2018)

Another trend is safe and secure hospitality products and the Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) is an easy-to-use, intelligent platform that coordinating and manages everything from closed-circuit television systems (CCTV) and fire alarms to vitality observing, reporting and optimization. In a busy hotel, Honeywell Energy Manager can diminish energy consumption by 15%. At the Langham hotel in Hong Kong the Honeywell Venture Building Integrator guarantees comfort, safety and security all through the lodging property whereas improving energy productivity and lessening working costs. the lighting system technology empowers property supervisors to indicate the proper lighting for each lodging region. Natural and combustion controls provide HVAC, water, combustion and other controls to oversee temperature, improve vitality effectiveness and improve security and consolation. Also, the lighting systems, smart security cameras and closed-circuit television systems help keep guests, their vehicles and their property safe and secure, night or day. Energy-efficient LED lighting and sophisticated lighting control systems also reduce operating costs. Honeywell helps makes a difference in property supervisors ensure their visitors with security and security frameworks, counting CCTV. The frameworks are too making strides operational and staff effectiveness by checking the main-entrance activity (Honeywell,2018)

Another trend is technology and at the Langham Hotel in Hong Kong presented numerous innovation headways all through the hotel and its 11 event rooms to offer a raised assembly and occasion involvement for organizers and delegates. The Langham Place is one of the few in Hong Kong to offer HD screens and one of the few in Hong Kong to offer the most recent in high-definition screens, the hotel contributed in a super-sized 21-foot by 11-foot driven screen in its dance floor room which is home to a 22 ft. tall ceiling and joined driven lighting. The Langham Place Hotel has continuously been almost cutting edge living through its individuals and innovation. Keeping the item at the best conclusion of the advertise permits us to offer the leading technical facilities all through our work space, expecting the wants and desires of organizers and bookers. Also, the Langham introduced 11 lumens projectors and two versatile touch-screens, advertising conference organizers an adaptable and intelligently communication channel customized to needs. In expansion to its work space advancements, the hotel’s recently repaired campaign revived with three computerized concierge touch screens for visitors to browse city tips, check the climate and flight plans, and observe the news or book eateries. (Exhibit city news,2015)

Another trend is laid back luxury and at the banyan tree resort, simple and inflexible are not trademarks of an extravagance lodging involvement. There has been a substantial move within the meaning and guarantee of an extravagance hotel, and one of those characteristics, as AccorHotels accurately focuses out, is laid-back living. Wearing a three-piece suit within the lodging feasting room is now not obligatory clothing; numerous visitors, who still need an extravagance encounter, need that encounter in tennis shoes. Today’s luxury buyer has the same cash as forerunners, but employments it totally different ways. This is often particularly genuine of the millennial era, which is known to spend cash not as much on fabric products but on encounters. Another trend is meaningful and sustainable travel A wide band of travellers nowadays need to draw meaning out of their voyages, whereas clearing out a spot of a footprint. They too need the hotels they remain at to lock in maintainable operations, since the environment to numerous world traveller is consecrated. AccorHotels’ 21 Planet program points to do this, sketching out particular objectives for 2020 based around four vital needs: work with its representatives, include its clients, enhance with its accomplices and work with neighbourhood communities. the two key issues to handle will be nourishment and buildings. Another trend is personalised guest services and in today’s neighbourliness scene, hotels need to know as much around their visitors as they can, so they can more enhance and customize the involvement through conveniences and administrations. Lodging companies, like AccorHotels, are superior able to do this through stages like a CRS, versatile apps and dependability programs. AccorHotels employments items like Adobe to personalize the visitor involvement with focused on offers and other statistics. Another trend is smart and wellness rooms and savvy rooms are all the seethe, and AccorHotels is hurling its cap into the ring. Back in November 2017 AccorHotels uncovered that it’s testing a savvy or associated room, depending on things like voice actuation and the Web of Things to upgrade the in-room visitor encounter. A few of the highlights being tried incorporate an associated tablet to alter the room’s light and music, near window ornaments, tilt the headboard and control varying media hardware; Driven lighting with footboard movement sensors; rest helps, such as Dodow, a brilliant metronome that gets you to drop sleeping more rapidly, or Dreem, a headband that advances way better rest; and things like Sensorwake, charged as world’s to begin with olfactory alert clock. With items like these, this room guarantees to sound and scent shrewd. (Eien,2018)

Another trend is the Banyan Tree Koh Samui, Thailand hands out mobile phones when you check-in. the mobile phone can be used for ordering food, housekeeping and when you want to rent a car. Also, customers can check for additional information such as information about the hotel, menus for the restaurant, spa treatments and speedboat rentals. (Ko,2018)

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The hospitality organisations respond to these trends by the way the customers are getting to be more mindful of their carbon footprint, and are looking to decrease it wherever, in any case they can by starting with booking rooms at hotels with the same principles. The lodgings such as the Langham grasp these principles and adjust the visitor involvement to them and not only welcome more visitors, they moreover cut down on energy waste and save money. For activities that are instantly unmistakable to visitors such as responsibly sourced toiletries, lights and air conditioning which switch off when there is no one in the room and a towel reuse approach, lodgings are going green on a few fronts. (Trivago business blog,2017)

Drivers in Asia

A driver at the Langham in Hong Kong is that they have executed a modern vision which is to be recognized as the driving and imaginative hospitality gathering within the world by advertising special brands for distinctive showcase fragments and building visitor dependability. They went through a re-positioning scheme to enhance one of the finest extravagance hotels in Hong Kong. The human resources group played a key part in communicating the modern mission articulation and contributing to the victory of this objective. One of the basic victory components of getting to be a driving hotel is having a strong framework put in to raise and maintain visitor service, hold and create abilities, ceaselessly expand productivity, and eventually construct commerce performance. In arrange to improve the frameworks and work prepare, they engaged the workers to be included within the day by day advancements through our “Langham Rationale Project”. Each division distinguishes one venture each year to make strides in their work proficiency, benefit standard and fathom reoccurring issues. The extend was led by diverse office heads and common colleagues and bosses were gathered into groups. The diverse groups had to source out investigating ranges and discover arrangements and execute change. Benefit culture is similarly imperative to raise the general measures. The human resources division were included in creating preparing programs and fortifying key messages to guarantee the proper skill-set which were connected within the operations. The learning advance was too checked by investigating the quality of benefit and taking vital activity to guarantee the execution gap was closed. (Contributer,2016). The impact this has on hospitality organisation is that it drives and motivates and encourages the workforce, also understands how the company works and what they would want to drive the company forward and to respect the company they work for.

Also, at Banyan tree resorts in Asia is that they have used social media to attract customers in coming to the hotel such as videos to entice them to come, the video is based on Sanctuary for senses and for a watcher this commercial is nearly an ambush on the faculties. Although the touch and scent can’t be communicated by means of the video, you’ll be able feel them being locked in throughout the video. Banyan centres this on attempting to put the voyager within the destination such as Asia, and conjuring, unwinding and joy basically through picture and sound. The impact on the hospitality organisation is that the video will make you go on the website and have a look at the hotel and it hopefully make the customer spend money at their hotel rather than going to a different hotel and it will encourage them to keep coming back to the same hotel, rather than going to other hotels. (Siteminder,2017)

Another driver is that at Langham hotels international there has been an association with Earth Check; the world’s biggest certifier of maintainable travel and tourism administrators. The bargain will result in all Langham and Eaton properties overhauling to Earth Check so that they adjust with worldwide measures of best practice. Langham lately determined that all its properties will presently benchmark with Earth Check and point for a bare minimum certification level of Silver. This can be in coordinate reaction to the need to address major natural challenges such as climate change, waste decrease and non-renewable asset administration. The natural advocates and partners are calling on companies to illustrate the part they must play in climate change moderation and arrangement improvement. (Breaking travellers news,2010)


There are several different trends and drivers that affect the hospitality industry and these trends and drivers will be staying for some time such as sustainability has become important to the hospitality industry and hotels are finding more effective and cost ways to make the facilities in the hotel greener.


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