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The Training System In Ufone Mobile Companys Information Technology Essay

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Wordcount: 4994 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Ufone PTML is a entirely owned supplementary of PTCL, which establish to operate cellular network in Pakistan. The company commence its operations, with the brand name of Ufone, in Islamabad on Jan 29, 2001.

When PTCL privatize, it’s 26% of shares were owned by Emirates Telecommunication Corporation (Etisalat). As part of PTCL, Ufone management has also been handed over to Etisalat. After taking over Etisalat expanded Ufone network and has launched it into different cities and motorways. Ufone is covering almost 70% of Pakistan.

Ufone successfully completed its network increase of Phase IV in accessible in different towns and cities, which estimated cost is to more than US Dollar 170 million. Result shows that asset base of the Company has amplified almost 20 billion rupees to 27 billion rupees. Ufone is now developing the policy to cut down it call and message rates and give a very simple tariff which is not including hidden charges, this action will impact positively on the procedure of subscription when a user subscribe its Ufone Top Up voucher.

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Ufone currently caters for International Roaming in different countries with more than 250 operators. Ufone also going to introduce this facility for its for Prepaid customers in KSA , UK, UAE, Singapore, China, Thailand, Hong kong, Cyprus, South Africa, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Afghanistan and USA with lowest international roaming rates as compare to other mobile service provider companies, the most exciting which is offering by Ufone is that there is no need of to the amount deposit as security and there is also no activation charges. Ufone is also offering GPRS edge Roaming which is available with more than 100 Operators almost 70 different countries of the world. Now Ufone has also been allowed to launch its cellular services in the Northern Areas of Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. And Ufone is covering almost 70% area of Pakistan.

Mission Statement:-

To become the best cellular communication option available in the country for “u”.

Vision Statement:-

‘We invigorated and revamped our figure by changing our visual identification and in order to progress with our subscribers and to keep swiftness with their needs. In Ufone we can realize the need to communicate influentially and resourcefully at all levels of society and we also knows the value of words and which is why our primary focus is on U. Ufone customers are valued because they are the strength of UFONE’.


In Pakistan almost 80 million people are using mobile Phone service, and its amount is rapidly increasing. In Pakistan Ufone is placing itself as the 2nd largest mobile service provider company in Pakistan. Ufone having around 19 million customers and its market share worth is around 25%. Till March 2010 the growth rate of Ufone customers has seen more than 150% , and almost 6 million subscribers joined since the start of 2004.

‘The main reason to join the Ufone is its Voice quality and its lowest call and message rates to other network’ (Customer)

Now Ufone is also offering late night talk packages and lowest rate for international roaming and so many other services which distinguish it with its competitors.

Business Strategy for UFONE:-

UFONE is official partner of Pakistani Cricket Team and it also organize allot of tournament regarding sports and other social actives. Like UFONE music gala Programmed which is the first ever live music programmed and got awesome appreciations for the audience which boosts the UFONE credibility.

To support the new spirit and to reinforce its commitment, UFONE offered ‘free’ nationwide calls to the people of Pakistan. This unprecedented response to free calls on 14th August was a heartwarming experience as it reassured the faith of UFONE customers in our services, making them even more aware of their responsibilities towards putting that customer comes first.

UFONE is also giving very low rates for calling to other networks and even on landline. UFONE also introduce late night packages which attract the youth to talk with their friends in late night hours.

Task 1.2

Research proposal:-

Research proposal means a number of directions, tools and techniques to a project proposal. A research proposal is addresses to a particular academic, scientific or project research.  The procedures and norms for this type of research are expressed by the field of study, it means the strategy for study proposals is normally more challenging than a official project proposal.  It hold extensive literature analysis and reviews which offer compelling support the need of research when it is being proposed.

Core value of Ufone:-

Organizations should develop and identified a brief, clear and share the sense of believers and values, the organization’s priorities and the directions through which everyone can contribute and understand. When you define, values persuade every part of organization.

Following are the main needs for having organizational values at UFONE;

Ufone values are in their interpersonal communication, personal work behavior, contribution and decision making.

Values of an organization helps every person to establish priority in their daily routine work and to manage the working process.

Values leads to every conclusion which is made once the organization has considerately formed the values and the statements of value.

Those people who works to attain the values and helps in achieving the goals of organization should be awarded.

SWOT Analysis





SWOT analysis is very important when a company analysis its management functions and while developing its marketing strategy.

We can express SWOT analysis in following way;


Firm strengths are its resources and capabilities that can be used as a basis for developing a competitive advantage. Examples of such strengths include:

Complete infrastructure available

 Strong brand image.

 Reliable business division to support their customers.

 Being the oldest international telecom company, Ufone has captured most of the potential customers by penetrating in the early stages of market development. (Now 28million).

Covers whole and key areas of Karachi with broadband services.

 Good marketing strategies

Link Dot Net DSL service provider across 22 cities of Pakistan has now

amalgamated with Ufone Infinity.


The absence of certain may be viewed as a weakness. For example, each of the following may be consider weakness.

 High equipment cost

Due to less experience of WiMAX, the Engineering department of Ufone infinity is not that well competent as compared to its competitors.

 With first expanding customer based customer care facilities need to be expended simultaneously for customer retention alongside switch capacity networks coverage.

 Ufone Infinity is only covering Karachi market where as its competitors have launched their services in many cities in Pakistan like Wateen is covering 22 cities of Pakistan.


The external environmental analysis may reveal certain new opportunities for profit and growth. Some examples of such opportunities include:

 Due to poor wired infrastructure, wireless has a lot of chance.

Potential opportunity is there as telecommunication has become the need of people all around the world.

 The fourth expend its networks in the areas where other network have been unable to reach.

 To bring in more innovative services like Ufone PCO, Mobile banking lost /stolen phone information etc. this can be done by hiring fresh and competitive staff.

 To bring business opportunity in Ufone infinity, they need strong business marketing strategy.


Change in the internal environmental also may present threats to the firm.

Some examples of such threats include:

 Increase in Rupee to dollar parity, unknown political scenario, worsening security situation.

 Biggest threats are the new competitors like Wi-tribe who recently entered in telecom market of Pakistan.

 Employees retention is also issue of concern for Ufone infinity as most of the employees get attracted by the more handsome salary paid by recently happenings multi-nationals.

 Loss of loyal customer can be one of the issues as they are moving toward the less expenses package of competitors.



This was my first experience of working with any outdoor specialist. But when I joined at my very first day I realized that there is no induction or short training before they put a newly recruit employee to the job. I was left all alone to deal with customer with even having a basic now how of the services they provide. I need to get involved and explore it all by myself.

In my point of view Ufone needs to arrange a proper induction for newly appointed employees before they put them on a job. In that induction they must give them a detail description about the services and also trained them that how they will deal to the customer.

Importance of This Research:-

This research will help the management of the company to understand that there is need of proper induction and training for newly recruit staff members.

The research topic is important because it will help the company to dig out the hidden skills of their newly appointed staff. And give their best services to their customers. This report will help the management of Ufone to trained their employees and get their best services from them. This research can be presented infront of Ufone management. It is based on the theories on importance of proper induction and training for employees. Also, very importantly, there are numerous sources to be found on the topic. Virtually every source I’ve come across (journals, books, online references) have something related to the topic.

Research objectives

Requirement of induction and training leading to employee maintenance.

Highlight the importance of induction and Training system in Ufone.

Understanding the value of Induction and Training

How persuade the lack of induction and training system on the performance of the employees working in Ufone?

Competitors Analysis:-



jazz logo telenor logo

instaphone warid


Core Competencies of Ufone :-

Ufone is situated in a very prominent location at in Pakistan.

Task 2


For each project it is very important to take into account that what resources are available for the concern organisation, what materials, equipment, labour, time, finance and other resources deemed necessary for the project. What will be the cost of that project, and justification for the use of available resources and the benefits the organisation will get after the development and implementation of that project?

Task 2.1

Required Funds for UFONE:-

Before going into details required for the proposed project we must understand the nature of Management and Training System. Through which we will discuss about how the lack of proper training system disturb the whole management and also it create hindrances to achieve the goals and objectives of a company.

Training System in Ufone:-

A company fully depends on its management & training system (UFONE) to manage organizations effectively. Training systems is regarded to be a subset of the overall internal controls procedures in a business, which cover the application of people, documents, how to deal the customers, and procedures used by management accountants to solve business problems such as how to tackle the problems emerged into the company, service or a business-wide strategy. Academically, the term is commonly used to refer to the group of information management methods tied to the automation or support of human decision making, e.g. Decision Support Systems, Expert systems, and Executive information systems.

So, for the development of Training System (UFONE) is following available resources;

Training Classes: – In Ufone there should be training classes for the new employees, while could help the company to overcome its problems.

Human Resources: – In Ufone they have skilled employees who are very use to use of different software application, so it will be easy for them to adapt the change.

Industry Tours: – As software development is a complex process which is developed in iterations and requirement remains evolve all the time as the development process goes on, so this complex activity requires long periods of time to complete, for this project the estimated time to complete will be 3 months, and it’s expandable up to 4 months.

Financial Resources:- The Ufone have enough financial resources to meet the requirement of the developing cost of developing a management Training system, they will have to develop the management and training system

Local Area Network: They have already developed wireless network in their office, so after the implementation of the training system for the internal connection they will not need to invest on developing new local area network (LAN).

Cost Associated with Resources:-

Following the analysis of cost associated with the resources available and cost that the management will have to pay for this project.

UFONE will be much less as compared to other organisation, because the already have latest technology and trained management who can teach the newly appointed employees and Local Area Network (LAN) and computer literate staff, which are the key dimension which costs the organisations much more.

Industry Tours & Training Classes:-

Training system will cover all the daily activities of the organisation, so it will contain various software modules. Following will be the main module of this training system, and it will also provide the management clear understanding of the cost associated with that project.

Cost for Training & Induction In Ufone:-

For Training Classes

Computer Labs

Tours & Visits



Auditorium for the Lectures


Honorarium for Trainees


Cost of Developing computer lab for online help desk


Industrial Tours &Visit


Total Cost

Rs.3050000/- (Annual Expenditure)

Part 2.2

Training of Staff:-

Staff training focus on ongoing skilled and training development for the employees which involved the research student management and research beliefs. Some training sessions are arranged on a more uncommon basis on topics such as preparing funding applications and presenting at conferences. These training sessions should be advertised via the Research Office mailing lists and on message of the day. The cost of training for the Management Information System will be round about Rs.10000, and the training activities can be break down into following parts.

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Maintenance of Employee’s Database:-

There is an existing database in Ufone Head Office which contains the record of all the Ufone employees nationwide. The HR Department daily receives applications, medical reimbursement forms, expense claims and other documents of all the Ufone employees.

Training Atmosphere:-

It means that training comes when the UFONE is implemented in the real world environment; means at organisation for whom the system is developed. In this phase the employees of organisation are provided first opportunity to interact with system, and the management try to solve the problems they face initially in using the system. In this phase the feedback from the employees who are using the UFONE is highly valued and that is send back to the developing team and on the basis of that feedback they try to remove the bugs from system and update the system in order to perform the organisation operation smoothly and accurately.

Highly Skilled Teacher:-

Highly skilled teacher doesn’t mean that teacher should be doctorate or highly educated. It means that the top level manager of the company should teach and trained the newly staff members and teach them how to tackle the customers and how satisfy the customers. That could reduce the propose cost of training system. Because company can get benefited from it’s already employed managers.

Collecting Informing about Internees:-

Many internees worked in the Ufone Head Office. I collected information on total number of internees in different departments, their pending stipend,

Task 3

Introduction of Task 3

In this the requirements are to discuss the plan of implementation process with proper solutions and make sure the use of all resources. The requirement from the second part of this task is to take all the stakeholders on board and design a marketing strategy for the implementation. And the requirements from the last portion of this task are to conduct proper monitoring and evaluation for the proposed project.

Task 3.1

Planning Time:-

Planning time or time management starts with the assurance to transform the structure of planning of an organization. Time administration is easy as it prolong you consign to achievement. Successful time management is planning and then to protect the time which planed and that is the main key for success. which involves rebuilding your atmosphere, and specially rebuilding the prospect of others. In conditions of time management, you are at your most competent the day before you start. Your time management and effectiveness on that day is probably overwhelming. So if you want to be like that then you should be well managed and organize your every day.

Getting values Through staff meetings:-

In any organization staff meetings should be held on a regular basis, because through this step management of organization can easily discus its strength and weaknesses in the organization. The evaluation process normally yield improvement within the organization further than those found in meetings in general.

Planning Importance:-

It gives guidelines

Planning decrease the risks of insecurity

Planning overcome the extravagant activities

Planning helps new ideas

Through planning you can take decision

Planning makes standardize quality

Timeline Chart/Gang Chart:- Every task requires some homework and practices to attain a successful result will possibly be completed better by using a some project organization methods somewhere in the progression. Project management techniques can help in the managing and planning of all types of stages, particularly multifarious activities. The chart which is given below shows the work progress.


25th May – 15th June

15th June-30th June

3rd July – 20th July

Proposal and Approval

Gathering information

Recruitment Analysis

Internees Training

Company’s Brands

Employees Training

Planning Process:-


The organization should set up its Objectives for its each unite and department. Which will help the organization to achieve the goals and aims of the management of the organization.

Identifying action:

 In this step after setting up the objectives you have to indentify the step to achieving that objectives and goals of the company or an organization.

Evaluate other courses:

 In this step you have to go through with the positive and negative angels of every other course.

Developing grounds:

The concern of  Planning is with the future which is undecided and everyone is using assumption about what is going to happened in future.

Selection of alternative:

 Selection of alternative is the main time of decision making. And the best plan has taken and implementation start on it in this step.

Take Action:

In this step when it has been decided that which plan is going to be taken then start the action and putting the plan into the action.

Monitoring of action:

 Follow up the plan is very important and it has equal importance to guarantee that goals and objectives are being achieved.

Task 3.2

Stakeholders in Ufone:-

Following are the main stakeholder of Ufone GSM.


Staff / Employees



For successful implementation of every project it is important to take on board all the stakeholders associated with the process / project.

In the propose project it is important to take all the above stated stakeholders into confidence and make a joint initiative of management, employees and SRA to develop the proposed system. Following table describes the participation of each stakeholder involve in this project.


Ufone is having second largest numbers of customers. Ufone is attracting the common man since the time of its launching. Because of this strategy Ufone is second largest mobile service provider company in Pakistan.


I have analyzed the marketing mix of the Ufone. Marketing mix includes the analysis of the firm’s product, pricing, promotion and placement. Ufone’s marketing mix can be different and it can be as under.


Ufone knows the need of its customers and the need of communication on every level. Ufone also understand the values of words. So that is the reason that Ufone focusing on U. Because Ufone know what are the needs of U and what the U wants from the company. Ufone is giving very low rate for the national and international calls and messages which encourage the customers to join the Ufone.

Now Ufone is offering ,Prepay & Postpay services in the Telecom sector.

Ufone Prepay:-

Ufone prepay is the product segmented for the youngsters. They are segmented on the basis of their age and status. They recharge through the prepaid cards whenever they feel comfortable to load the cards.

Ufone Postpay is created for the executives and business class people, who require making calls within the country or internationally for the business purposes. Business executives enjoy the benefits and value added services connected with Postpay product of Ufone.

Ufone for Everyone:-

The telecom market’s growing rate in Pakistan is higher than any Asian country. Ufone offers lower rates and better network then other already established cellular companies. All living standards have been captured by Ufone, like Students, Labor and Businessmen, etc.

Ufone aims to provide with the network coverage in the wide range of Pakistan. It has also providing better connectivity, good signals & good voice quality to their valued customers.

Task 3.3

Monitoring and Evaluation:-

Project monitoring and control provides information to support status reporting, progress forecasting, dimension, and updating the existing cost and plan of information. The implementations of plan approved changes when it occurs during the monitoring and Evaluation process.

Techniques & tools for facilitating project monitoring and evaluations control, automatically project administration information systems and earn Value are among the most commonly used. Both are also used to update information. Values can also provide a resource for forecasting the performance base on past performance.

Reports of status are using for internal communication project which shows the progress of the company status. Various Analysis reports are typically used to identify discrepancies and to point out the flows which need actions.

Human Resource Audit:-

The HR audit includes a review of the employees’ documents and his profile. The files of all the Ufone employees all over Pakistan are kept in the Head Office where I did my Internship. The files are located employee number wise in cabinets. Each file contains employee’s documents including his job offer letter, joining report, applications, termination letter etc. Even the files of those employees who have left the organization remain in the database.

Once I had to go through the files of employees who had left Ufone and checked whether their files contained termination letter and clearance letter. In case of presence of both these letter I marked a check against the names of people. I also checked if all the files were arranged in an order i.e. employee number wise. If not then I also arranged the files properly.

Maintenance of Medical Bills/Facilities:-

Employees at Ufone are provided medical benefits, thus medical reimbursement forms are received on a daily basis with attached receipt of medicines and doctor’s prescription. I recalculated the cost of all the medicines bought by the employee and I ensured that no receipt other than receipts of medicines is attached with the medial reimbursement form. My task also involved cross checking claims, to ensure they satisfied the medical history attached, if not those claims were rejected. The audited data was entered in the Ufone HR database.

Improvise The HR Process:-

Although it was stated by the HR heads that they follow a good and systematic process but when we went around asking the employees they told that the HR process is not up to the mark. They should follow the world standard or the HR 360 degree standard where not only the boss evaluates the employees but the whole panel and the colleges and sub ordinates also evaluate the employee on work performance.

Shift To Be An Employee Oriented Company As Well:-

At the moment Ufone is just a procedure-oriented company. It should shift from that to an employee oriented company so as to satisfy and motivate the HR. Ufone does not take its employees into consideration so it should also value its staff.


Again although Ufone HR management says that it motivates its employees but according to the employees there is no motivational aspect present which gives a positive impact. Have A More Professional Attitude Ufone does not follow a very professional attitude and a lot of biasness and personal favoritism is present and employees are also evaluated on the personal relations with their respective upper management without taking performance much into consideration.

Training Free Of Condition:-

At the moment Ufone does give the employees a lot of training sessions but they have a condition on that. The respective employees has to sign a bond with the organization that they will not leave the organization for a specified period of time let’s say for 5 years and if they do they would have to pay an amount of money as a fine if they have received the training. So this bounds the employees willingly or unwillingly, which can have a positive impact according to the company’s point of view only.

Redesign of Payroll Process:-

Ufone need to redesign the payroll procession for the Human Resource Department because it has duplication of steps.

Compensation & Benefits:-

A very effective way to retain an employee is to give him compensation and benefits. At Ufone following benefits are given:

Medical Facility to employee and his/her parents

Paid Vacations


A newly hired employee is oriented so that he can get an idea about the organizational setup so that he may feel at home. At Ufone orientation plan covers the following points:

Visits to different department of the company

Company’s Policies, Rules and Regulations

Human Resource Information System:-

At Ufone profiles of all the employees containing data relating their payroll, leaves, benefits etc is saved in a database known as HRIS. Ufone uses a locally procured HRIS which is to be upgraded using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Human Resource Planning:-

Planning provides a guideline to accomplish an activity. At Ufone the HR team plans everything so that the outcomes and results can be perceived before the plan is actually implemented. This makes the planning more accurate and efficient; it also saves time and money


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