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The 5 Steps Of Communication Process

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Published: 15th May 2017 in Information Technology

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A communication is a process of the exchange of information between sender and the receiver. It was always processing around us because we are communicated to live as well as understand with each other in order to express what we are thinking. But sometime a communication may fail to present or sometimes the receiver misunderstood what the sender trying to give them the information. Therefore, it must be some skills to helps us have a better and effective communication to send the information to the other parties. In a fact that, the scholars make a research and finally search that when sender send to the receiver and receive the information comes to have 5 different steps of communication process. The step when sender started to have an idea, the message will plan how to send for the receiver, process run though the channel until the receiver got the message, as well as lastly ask for the receiver for a feedback in order to confirm whether the receiver get a correct information. Those steps are the full communication process in the assignment to explain it details with the intention of create an effective communication skills.

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1.1 The 5 Steps of Communication Process

The steps on the theory of 5 steps communication process is encoding, planning, medium, decoding, and lastly the feedback. There is the key point of explaining this assignment and the correct way to ensure the intended audient received the right massage. On the page below will have the 5 steps of communication process diagram which can refer to…

1.2 Encoding

Encoding process is involves to translating an idea to the meaning of the idea. When the sender got an idea to the other party, they must be communicating. Therefore, the idea will need to change the ordinary language into letter or symbols to past the information out to the party. However, the information of encoding is not yet sending out the message to the channel, the messages are only an idea that thinking in the sender. Beside, the sender might haven’t plan of which the sending ways are the better way for the receiver. So encoding is just an idea that came out from the sender mind and when the sender starts to plan for sending out the message, there will be turn to the second step of communication process.

1.3 Planed, Organized and Sent

The communication process come to the second step is the step of plan, organize and send. It is very distinct to show. When after encoding an idea, the sender will started to plan how to send the message, so the sender will decided a way send it. For example the sender using letter to send the message, he or she will translating the idea to an ordinary language or symbols into the words, the sender will make sure is using the direct understanding words for the receiver, therefore the receiver will easily get the correct message from the sender rather than have the communication gaps of misrepresentation and misunderstood. Thus, when the sender organizing their sending process, make sure to double confirm on the grammar and sentence meaning to be correct. When it is confirmed to be a right message, it will come to choose the types of how the sender will use to send out their message to the receiver.

1.4 Medium

In the communication process, medium is the type of choosing for sending the message out through a channel. For example, using letter, e-sources or request somebody to transfer the message to the receiver to be the sender choosing types of sending. Most of the sender will choose to send a letter for the receiver, because using e-mail, people might not checking the mail and request someone to transfer might not transferring the 100% information from the sender give, so most of the people will choose to use letter for their type of sending sources (medium). Moreover, medium is means a between to the sending and receiving, so both parties communication will base on the type of sending movement channel to understand each other. In the example told us the sender using the letter, so make sure the letter words are correctly as well as the receiver can be easily understand it. As the result, the step of medium has complete.

1.5 Decoding

The decoding will be the problem of the receiver. When the step comes to decoding, the receiver is already received the message, and sudden matter will affect the receiver to understand the sender messages, and that is decoding. For example, just like the channel choosing to request someone to transfer the message to the receiver, the person that the sender request might not concentric on listening or rush to present in fact might missing some point to transfer, there is always happening in real life, so not most of the people will choose this channel to past their message in order to avoid the communication distortion and there is the decoding processing. Hence, to avoid communication distortion make sure sender choosing a correct channel to send their message and well to know what channel that receive are always like and easily to got it people message.

1.6 Feedback

A feedback is needed to have it in a successful communication because without a feedback, the communication is failed. In the other hand, a feedback is a responding action form the receiver in the communication, therefore in the communication process, a feedback will tell to know as well as getting an answer from the receiver to the sender. In the fact of that the receiver will turn to be the sender because on its feedback. It is complete communication in the process. But sometimes a feedback will become a communication distortion because people might feedback to the sender by using a long time period. In fact, if in the business view, a business will not just sit and wait for a person to reply and not observing in others people. In this example will see the communication will fail although it was a feedback. As the result, a communication must be effectively in a progress in order to get a successful communication skill.

1.7 Body Language

Beside of the 5 types of communication process, there is another type of communication that can be success in order to ensure the intended audient received the right massage. Thus, body language will be the one of the type, it’s not using to speck during communicate but using body language to send the message. A body language can be an eye contact, head shaking to tell it yes or no, as well as other action that give message or signer to the other parties. For example a person is trying to motivate his partner to have a cup of coffee, after his partner heard, his partner shows his thumb finger to the sender, which is means good idea. See, in this example we can found out body language can use to be communicate. Or give an example with more direct to influence us, when to chat with people sometimes, our body language normally will shows in our words to come out. Therefore, a body language can be intention to audient received the right massage.

1.8 Noise

In the communication process, there is a term are showing the affection of communication, it is a noise. A noise will affect an effective communication such like when people communicate in a place that is very noisy, both parties might not receive a clearly message in such environment. Furthermore, a noise can be a third party that affecting the receiver to feedback. When a the sender sending a message to the receiver with a third party and wait for the receiver to reply, but in this time the third party are noising something to the receiver and without focus on the communication, there will influence to become a fail communication.

1.9 Conclusion

As we can see, the types of communication process are giving our knowledge to learn to have an effective communication skill. It was very detailed on the theory, when you see there might only a short period of communicate between two parties, the theory will tell us start of the communication is from an idea in the sender’s mind and turn to a words to tell the receiver as well as receive the feedback. It was very amazing. In the other hand, this theory showed us to have an effective communication skill. When we communicate with people, we are having the direct skill especially in choosing channel and analysis to give a feedback. In the communication can help us to improve communication skill and the briefness to talk as well as the technique to talk, even where we go we are actually always communicating with other people. If we are wisely using the knowledge and technique to communicate with people, surely will let us increase on the social network. In the road on business will be a important step to learn it to success.

2. As the Product Manager of a soon-to-be-launched product*, explain the methods, the mediums and the vehicles that you would use to communicate with your target audience to persuade them to buy your product. Produce one

(1) Advertisement for your product.

*student may decide on whatever product that they wish

2.0 Introduction

“Hokhomo” is the name of a Japan company. Few years ago this company continuously develops all different kinds of human fashion accessories product, like cloths, watch, ear rings, and necklace and so on. Every product has a cool design and selling in cheap prices, in order to let every people can afford. So that it can achieve to the company vision, “Better than none”. In this year of 2011, the company decided to launch a brand new product of high definition spectacle to the market. As a product manager, will needs to plan for advertise this new product. However, when a new product is trying to launch to the market, a very important thing will need to prepare, it will be how consumer know about our product. For our information, advertising can be the where to promote our product. Therefore, in this assignment will shows the process of preparation to launch the new product and how the way to make advertising for attracting the customers. It will shows the design of advertising as well as explain it why we are trying to using the method and how, in order to having an effectively and efficiency strategy to advertise the product. Moreover, we will target a correct audient in the market for giving the information of the product. It will give benefit to the sale and people to know about the product.

2.1 Promotion

A Promotion works is to advertise the product, the product itself must be have by a quality guarantee, design and fit to our consumers. So, our company decided to create this product of high definition spectacle by using the import glasses from Sweden, combine our resources to create it. After several test on the product, the product is born. According to the company vision of everyone can afford, this product will set with a fair price and ready to launce to the market. When we have the good product with a good price for consumer, the next step will be how we sell or introduce to our product for the consumers. Many times we can see in the mall had the promotion discount or sale, which is the promotion strategy they are using it. However, promotion usually considers in 4 different types which is the advertising, personal selling, sales promotion as well as public relations. In the promotion of advertising, there is non-personal communication to inform the consumer for the product. Hence, advertising can be a commercial, flyers or even internet, consumers through to the information of the advertising to know our product. That’s why we usually can see many different funny or full of characteristic commercial in the television. Those are the promotion advertising for the consumers in order to attract them to purchase their products. In our research, flyer is the one of the advertising that is people usually will do it.

2.2 Flyers

In the method of advertising, posting flyer is the one of the advertising that we will make it as a promotion. Before of that, company researcher will need to do some surveys for asking the consumer view on the product. After then that, our product department will design the flyer and trying to using our company sale person to stand in front of the mall as well as pasting the flyer for the consumers. In this movement, we will actually see the outcome of the consumer’s interest on the product, because high definition spectacle is all new in the market. For our research, pasting flyers maybe is only out of 100 people in 1000 consumers that will purchase the product. It might take a long time period to break the even point and have the profit. But, penetrate in flyers people will at least know that there is a high definition spectacle wills soon to be launce in the market and where they can purchase it. We are trying to let the consumers know about the product and use to have a consumer to consumer strategy for a free advertising effect. This will be positive effect for our company. For sure the targeting market must be right. In the product of high definition spectacle, it will more attract to the teenage as well as student. Therefore, the targeting market will be on students.

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2.3 Flyers Design

The flyers design is a breakthrough for our company because the company is usually advertising in commercial sense. So, when comes to the design of the flyer will like a caricature with story line. First of all, is the problem that student will For our research, pasting flyers maybe out of 100 in 1000 consumers will purchase the product encounter, there would be the difficulty on transcribe. Beside of that we will encounter something that will affect our visual, like the flyer words “Object showing unclearly” in our visual, so how to solve this problem? Then the flyer gives you the answer is to choose the brand new high definition spectacle, with cool design, comfortable on wearing and give you have a high definition visual. The selling cost will set on RM 399.90. For normal spectacle with this kind of design may cost you RM 300++, and this product will add on the high definition glasses that made in Sweden combine together with the brand new Hokhomo high definition spectacle. In the flyer it is already list out the made from Sweden and it with let the consumers to gain more confident on the product. Furthermore, the header and the footer of the flyers are listed out the brand and the contact area. On the header the flyers are showing the company name and the company address, in this area consumers will knows where the product came from and where they can purchase it. If the product having a great sells, the company name will soon to be famous as well as famous on the branded name. Moreover, from the footer of the flyers is preparing a contact number and it’s to let people to have a further information of the product. Beside of that, the contact number is also a hotline services to the consumer for any complain and suggestion feedback, our company will use this strategy to get the further improvement. This will be the better way to advertise and improve our products.

2.4 Ways to Posting the Flyers

In the business market, we are not just numb to pasting the flyers to everyone and that’s it. There are several we are trying to targeting our audients to get the product sale. First of all, we can letter the flyer and post to our business to business partners. They might interest in the product and get supply with us. Secondly, we are trying to get an assent from the secondary school and college as well as university for setting a booth for posting flyers and introduce the product to the students. In this movement, student will direct know about this product in their school and try to own it. This will give more benefit to our company and we are saving our time to find our targeting market and achieving our sale speedily. Thirdly, we will set a booth in the mall and posting the flyers, but this is different, in the mall we decide to give consumer have a free testing section to wear the spec, many of the consumer like to try before they buy, so this method will satisfy them and get more knows about the product. With those methods, the product must be having a well output on sales.

2.5 Conclusion

As the result, the methods to advertising the product are showing out step by step that we can do. When we develop a new product, we usually will worry about the outcomes of the product sales. But the important is how we advertise to introduce our product to the consumer? How we build the confident of the product in consumer’s heart? How we design the product and advertising to attract the consumers? Those are the very important issues that company need to know and run it. Fortunately, the company has the skill to promote and the products will soon to be launce as a stable way. However, with the flyers promotion are given the company lower cost to get the sale, although it might take a long time but it works. At last, the product will soon to be launce in the market, so as long as the preparation works is well doing and targeting a correct market as well as correct audients, the brand new high definition spectacle will soon to be see there have a lot of people is wearing it and walking on the road with us.

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