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Implementing IT Systems In Hotel Management Information Technology Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Information Technology
Wordcount: 1332 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Hotel Management is one of the challenging jobs. The proper managing skills alone cannot help the industry to grow, it also needs a proper mechanism to handle and help you do this. In Nepal, majority of hotels are run in a traditional way. That is, the industry has not been able to walk along with pace of the IT industry. These days computer has been a part of every home and office, even though, hotels have rarely been utilizing this powerful and yet so simplified device.

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Majority of hotels, even today in this digitalized world, are keeping their records in a non-digitalized version i.e. using the hand written record book. The process of such record keeping mechanism is very inefficient. So, a need of proper mechanism to overcome this traditional way is felt. Likewise, some managers of certain hotels are using a digitalized version of the record keeping mechanism, through their computers. But, the efficient use has not been met. This is because, the hotel management system present till now has not been so efficient. Some find these available softwares less user friendly and some find it extremely difficult to manage their data using these. So, a necessity of user friendly and easy to use managerial software has been a need.

Our project’s goal is to overcome all these difficulties and thus design a full-featured and yet simplified software to manage hotel system. Thus, we have come forward to develop software for hotel management system named as HoManS. Our software program is a database managed package which aims to manage everything in the hotel efficiently. This is hoped that it will help the managers of any hotel to properly manage their hotels and work as their assistant.


The present condition of hotel management system in Nepal is very traditional and inefficient and consists of following problems:

The system is partially manual and partially computerized.

It is very difficult to keep records using the hand-written form.

It is also time consuming and ineffective to find the record from the record book.Any record from the past is very difficult to obtain and if found, the condition of record in the hand-written form is very difficult to understand, as the time passes.

Some computerized management system presently available in the market has not been to perform well due to low level of user friendly environment while some are very costly.


The Objectives of this project are to:

Effectively keep records of any hotel.

Help manager manages the hotel properly.

Digital and computerized system so that every necessary data can be achieved quickly and effectively at no time.

Create a full featured and yet so user friendly software.



The system requirement analysis is done in order to acquire the desired functionality of the system effectively and efficiently. Following are the hardware and software requirement for satisfactory output and functionality of the application.

Hardware Requirement

i) Personal Computer

iii) Processor above 1 GHz

iv) 128mb RAM or above

Software Requirements

System software

A java virtual machine compatible operating system(PC or Linux/UNIX)

Application software

Java development kit (JDK)

Java runtime environment (JRE)



Operational Feasibility

This module of feasibility analysis includes the operational analysis of the overall system. The following factors have been carefully studied to determine system’s operational feasibility:

The system is operational and affordable since it requires no special equipments other than a normal computer

The system is based on Java, which itself is cross platform. Therefore, the system can run on computers having Windows & several variants of Linux and UNIX operating systems installed.

The system utilizes MYSQL as database server. Since it is open source software, it will not add to extra charge. Hence, cost is minimized.

Technical Feasibility

The system is technically feasible because of the following reasons:

The system can be developed completely on currently available technology.

It is based on Java platform which is freely available to download and use.

The system is developed with MYSQL for database management. It is open source software, hence it is easy to use and modify as per the need.

Economic Feasibility

The following factors conclude that the system is economically feasible:

The system requires no specific hardware or software. The software libraries are freely available to use and can be run on normal computers.

The extra cost associated with specialized training is eliminated because the system will be very simple and easy to use.

Since there are no significant limitations for installing and using the system, it will be highly productive and effective asset.


Our software HoManS performs automate management of hotel activities. It allows manager of the hotel to manage the records effectively. Our software is useful for all the users who are more or less familiar to the computer system, because of its user friendly and easy to use environment, proposed.

The application we are planning to develop will change the way the data are being recorded in majority of hotels in the country. It is supposed that this will help to manage and acquire the records efficiently.

The general features of our software can be outlined as:

Easy room reservation system.

Separate database for individual customer to manage his/her record properly.

Login facilities for multiple users.

Easy to use restaurant management system within it to manage costumer’s fooding.

Detailed listing of daily, monthly and yearly income and expenditure sheets.


The table below shows the time schedule of our project.











Project Initiation





Problem and Requirement Analysis





Program Design










Testing and Debugging









Figure 3.4 Gantt chart






Field Visit

Rs. 2,000


Stationary and books

Rs. 5,000



Rs. 5,000


Training and Resources




Rs. 3,000


Rs. 25,000


From our research and suggestions from various persons till date, we found that this project will prove very helpful in the Hotel industry. Especially in a country like Nepal, where the IT industry is growing in a rapid pace, it is supposed that this project will be effective to connect the Hotel industry into digital world to some extent. Thus, the success of this project will obviously be fruitful.

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It is true that this is a challenging task due to the time boundary and the limitation of our knowledge, but if we dedicate our full concentration and effort towards this task, we are sure we will be succeeded. From the all aspect, we think this project is feasible. Therefore, if we are granted the permission to start this project, we will definitely reach our goal.


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