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Examining The Processes Of Data Backup Information Technology Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Information Technology
Wordcount: 3384 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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There are many problems that happen to the computers which will cause damage for it. For example, it cause lose the data and necessary information and this problems may effect to the organization whether losing the data or information and this things will cause stop working and then losing the money. Therefore, to protect your data from the hackers or nature disaster you should take a backup. The backup is making copying a collection of data, the object, from “primary” to “secondary” storage for the purpose of recovery in the event of failure. In my project discussed some point which may prevent data from losing or at least reduce the risk which may happen. For example, I indicated to the definition of the backup this will help the users to understand the meaning of the backup. Also, I talk about some reasons about needs of doing backup and some features of backup. Moreover, I mention to the importance of backup software and why we need backup software. In addition I mentioned importance of backup data and why we need backup data. Finally, I talk about backup Documentation.

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What is the backup?

Backup is the process of copying a collection of data, the object, from “primary” to “secondary” storage for the purpose of recovery in the event of failure. Its continuation is Recovery, the process invoke on failure or other requirement to return the contents of the collection to primary storage space. To be useful for recovery, the source data images needs to be in a consistent condition throughout the backup. The copy be supposed to provide a non-volatile point of retrieval. In addition a data object may have many copies or recovery points. Failure cause may be logical, physical, accidental or intentional resultant in loss or inaccessibility of the original data. The primary storage is characteristically disk. The secondary storage is characteristically magnetic tape, often called removable media because it is easy to transport to an exchange location. Today, disks/tape combinations and remote disks may serve as secondary storage in addition to other media forms. An exchange location or site is required in the event of primary site destruction or that the site becomes unavailable. In most cases, the legal or guaranty test of backup “authority” requires a combination of the ability to recover from the media and physical storage of the media at a specified least amount distance from the primary site.

In information technology, a backup or the process of backing up refers to making copies of data so that these additional copies may be used to restore the original after a data loss event. The verb is back up in two words, whereas the noun is backup (often used like an adjective in composite nouns).

Backups are useful primarily for two purposes. The first is to restore a state following a disaster (called disaster recovery). The second is to restore small numbers of files after they have been accidentally deleted or corrupted. Data loss is also very common. 68% of internet users have suffered from serious data loss.

Why using backup?

The Backup usefulness in Windows® XP Professional helps you protect your files and information if your computer fails. For example, you can use Backup to copy the data on your hard drive it on another a disk, hard drive, a DVD, a CD, or another computer. If your hard drive is erased or damaged, you can easily restore the data from the archived copy.

Using Backup when Corruption Will data.

It is definitely critical that users understand that corruption happens, hard drives will fail, motherboards will short out, and mistakes will erase data. Good conservancy and technical skills may increase the time between errors.

Also, using backup to protect your files you can create a backup by using Vista’s Backup Status and Configuration tool. A backup set is a set of copies of the files that is stored in a different location from the original files. That location can be a different partition on your computer’s internal hard disk, an external hard disk, a remote share on a different computer, and even writable media such as CD-R and DVD-R.

Type of Backup

Full Backup

The first backup in a series is full backup (the incremental and the differential backups must start with a full backup). A full backup allows you to backup the all hard drive: folders, applications, and files (or just a select part of your hard drive). A full backup reset the archive bits. Everybody who values data stored on a computer should do a full backup weekly.

Incremental Backup

This incremental Used to backup only files that have changed as the last backup, whether it was a full backup or an incremental backup. The archive small piece is reset with an incremental backup.

Incremental backups are fast and need less data storage space. Restoring data takes longer since you must restore the last full backup and each incremental backup perform since the last full backup. Incremental backups are ideal for those who need frequent backups up till now have minimal backup storage space.

Differential Backup

Differential backup used to backup only files that changed since the last full backup, but a differential backup does not reset the archive. Differential backups get longer and require more storage space, but restore time is faster because you only need to restore the last full backup and the most recent differential backup.

Differential backups are good-looking for those with more storage space and small endurance for lengthy restores.

Why Data Backup Software?

In the Information age, we can’t go a day without needing to use a computer. As a result, a lot of important information is store on our machinery. Computers are target to failure as much as any other type of electronics. And when they do, the results can be catastrophic.

Whether you’re a small business or a personality, prop up your files is an important exercise. The smallest thing could fetch everything wreck to the earth, so you have to be ready in case something happens. If your system stays secure, you can take breathe a sigh of aid knowing you would be ready in the event of a crash.

The data each person stores on their computer is different, so you need to choose the data backup software that meets your specific needs. This practicability can be a difficult and confusing. We are here to help make your attempt a little easier.

What to Look for in Data Backup Software

You need backup software that is dependable and simple on the way to use or you won’t use it. Underneath is the criterion TopTenREVIEWS used to appraise data backup software:

Feature Set

Backup software features should go further than standard copying of data files; backup software should be lithe sufficient to meet your needs. First-rate data backup software allows you to schedule both full and tradition backups; backup merely what you want and when you want.

1-Ease of Use

A computer beginner is supposed to be able to install and use the backup software without help. The control panel should be intuitive, convenient and should offer easy backup scheduling for automatic backups.

Some backup programs are designed for advanced computer users, not novices; we remark on this in the backup software reviews.

Data Backup Software Buying… Review of…

2-Backup and Restore

Your backup should be simple to set up and easy to restore. Access restore data should be automatic, and the backup should preserve original data files and path. Restore backup files that don’t preserve original file organization are almost valueless; you’ll have to reorganize all your restored data to access it expediently. Consider self-checking backup software that compares the backup to the original to verify correctness (backup confirmation). Look for backup software with a variety of backup choices: full, incremental, differential and individual file backups. A complete system backup (Image Backup) is also a precious asset, as is the ability to create a walking boot disk.

Also, consider backup software that can compress data for compact storage. If security is a cause, choose backup software that protect with passwords and encryption.

3-Help Documentation

Backing up and restore your data can be complex. Help files should offer plain, step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting tips. The language should be simple to understand and the help information should be well organized so you can find answers fast.

Whether its corrupted data, viruses, or your computer just calls it quits, with the right data backup software, you have got it covered.

Advanced Features

Backup Password protection

Backup software can use to add a password to your backup so you can delimit access.

Backup Password Encryption

Backup software encrypts your password so it can’t be cut or accessed by power.

Data Compression

Backup software can use to compress the backup file so you can store more data in the same location.

File Filtering

Backup software will can use to include and keep out certain files or file types from your backup.

Backup Verification

After the software performs a data backup, it compares and verifies the backup to the original as a self error check.

Drive Spanning

Backup software can using to use multiple CD/DVD drives or hard drives for unattended backups.

Event Logs – Reports – Catalog Backups

Backup software runs an error-check to reveal if the backup and restore were successful. If there were errors during backup, the software stores them for easy reference (useful for troubleshooting and for avoiding similar hang-ups in the future).

Burning Software Included

Backup software includes the burning software necessary to create backups to blank CDs or DVDs.

CD/DVD Erase Capability

Backup software has a feature that allows you to erase rewritable CDs and DVDs.

Create Bootable Backup

Backup software can make your backup bootable. Usually this tool is available in backup software that creates drive images and disaster recovery disks (a backup of the system in case of a crash).

Backup Capabilities

Individual File Backup

The software backs up just the individual files you select.

Files-in-use Backup

The software can backup files that are in use. This characteristic is useful to any person who requires several backups every day.

Individual Folder Backup

The backup software backs up not just the data, but files the locations and all the folders. Without this stooge, reorganize data after restoring would be not easy.

Complete System Backup (picture Backup)

(Also called Image Backup, Backup Image, Hard Drive Image and Drive Image) – Backs up the all hard drive, including the operating system, registry, drivers, and data files-in short and software applications, your entire computer system.

One-Click Drive Backup

A convenient tool that makes a full system backup with one push button click.

Address Book Backup

Can using to backup all the names and email addresses stored in your email address books.

Registry Backup

Backup software can using to backup all your registry setting and files only, without backing up the rest of your computer system.

Favorites Backup

Backup software allows you to backup all your Internet favorites, including favorite website addresses and look for engine keywords.

Backup Scheduling

Backup software can using to create a backup table-perfect for busy people who don’t have time to backup on a regular basis. Typically, data backup software can use to schedule backups at various intervals, including: during the boot up or shut down, hourly, every day, every week, every month or even yearly.

Backup software

Backup software is a computer program used to perform a full backup of the file, data, and the database system or server. Backup software enables the user to make an exact copy of everything in the original source. We must also use this program for the implementation of the process of restoring data or system in the event of a disaster.

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Why do I Need Backup Software?

Why not just copy the files of interest to a blank CD and store it in a safe place? There is a good chance irritation factor to do so again and again and will lead to the neglect of the user to do this often as it should. The backup program makes a good base the whole process a little less annoying than it would be otherwise. How?

List of features you can expect to find in any decent backup software

– Data compression. Any backup software worth its salt be able to compress your data does not take up too much space on the storage media the final. The savings can be significant. Some packages even allow you to change the values of pressure. In general, high rates of compression means the backup will take more time to implement that, if it is possible to change the compression settings, you can decide for yourself what time your favorite compression trade-off.

– Encryption. It should be the backup program allows you to encrypt your data. Some can be personal or commercially sensitive. Whether you’re a backup to an external storage device, or elsewhere on the network, when you create a copy of your data you increase the chances of it falling into the wrong hands. Encryption is necessary to make it safe.

– Should be able to implement additional backup operations, and this means that actually only supported files that have changed up. Without this feature and you have to sort the files manually from the old and new, or just copy everything

Every time you did a backup, and of course eating a great deal of time as it has done so.

 – Scheduling. Almost all backup programs will allow you to set timetables in advance. In this way, the backup can be done automatically at the time that suits you.

 – Dealing with open files. If you are working with important data on the computer constantly and we want to be backed up data as it is vital to change.

 – Control the use and CPU. You can copy the backup of the data in some cases, the processor-intensive; interfere with other tasks that you want to execute on your computer. Some backup programs allow you to throttle that will make demands on the resources of the CPU, allowing you to get your work is performed while the backup process unobtrusively in the background.

Backup data

Backup Data is information that is not presently in use by an organization and is routinely stored separately on portable media, to free up space and permit data recovery in the event of a disaster. To see the backup data, you have to reload it onto a computer from whatever storage media it is on.

Why Do I Need to Backup My Data?

The importance of data backup well, after five years of providing technical support for a variety of packages and accounting, one thing I’ve found that is sure to bring tears to call the support person is the question: “How was the last backup of the data good?”

Backup and data corruption occurs

  It is important that users understand that corruption happens, hard drives will fail, motherboards and short out, and errors will erase the data. Have good maintenance and technical skills to increase the time between errors, but in the end, Murphy always wins, you will need to backup your data.

Backup solutions for data available

  What is important to emphasize that the presence of Data Backup normal “does not need to be painful or expensive. Modern technology has brought the hard drive is very large, Zip and Jazz, DVD and CD burning, data backup tape systems within the reach of even a modest budget. Although the question of which of these items are suitable to your needs and data backup budget will depend on your circumstances, but the general need for data backup is not.

The real cost of the lack of backup data

  Almost as important as admitting that can happen to you, is to recognize the cost of data loss. Most people do not realize how much they have invested in the data on your hard drive. Forget the obvious stuff such as financial statements (receivables, payables, and tax information), which we know would be disastrous to lose. I think instead of hours of work re-install the program on the computer base and the restructuring of your environment to suit your preferences again.

Backup documentation

In computers, software and product development, documentation and information that describes the product to its users. It consists of evidence of technical products and information over the Internet (including electronic versions of technical manuals and descriptions of the annex to help). The term is sometimes used to denote the source of information about the product contained in design documents and detailed comments on the code, white papers, and notes the session of the board.

The term is derived from the idea that engineers and programmers “document” their products in formal writing. The nearest computer users in some cases, simply handed engineers or programmers “documents”. The public as output grew, it became necessary to add the professional writers and editors of this process. Today, IBM and other companies to consider the development of information product based on what users need to do when you actually use the product. In this view of task-oriented, information can be divided into the product and sometimes physically organized in these categories task: assessing and planning for the establishment or installation, and air conditioning and management, using, and maintaining the product. Now documents are often built directly into the product as part of the user interface and help pages.

Type of documents

Stages of drawing out the above approaches and usually produces different types of documents dealing with different tasks and the possibly different target groups. These types of documents, in the case of CLWG, the following:

Formal guidelines (specifications) for the area concerned (from the inventory and first proposals phase).

Operational guidelines for the practical application of the specifications (from the inventory and first proposals phase).

Consensus reports: surveys, descriptions of best practice and first proposals (from the survey phase).

Reports on validation exercises (from the validation phase).


As discussed previously in this project, data can be lost in innumerable ways. In order to stave off such loss, it’s important to have a good backup strategy. Simple Backup Suite (backups) can be part of such an effort. Also, I discussed backup software, Backup software is a computer program used to perform a full backup of the file, data, and the database system or server. And I discussed backup data, Backup Data is information that not presently in use by an organization and is routinely stored separately on portable media, to free up space and permit data recovery in the event of a disaster. In finally I discussed backup damnation, in computers, software and product development, documentation and information that describes the product to its users. It consists of evidence of technical products and information over the Internet (including electronic versions of technical manuals and descriptions of the annex to help). I should every person using computer use backup for stored your data or information so as not loss your data or information.


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